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When is Livin Blue Deactivated

As of January 21, 2022, Bank Mandiri has officially deactivated the Livin' by Mandiri mobile banking application with a blue logo, gradually. The state-owned bank also encourages customers to

What are the Disadvantages of SOEs?

Advantages and Disadvantages of SOEs The following are some of the advantages of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) that we can feel: SOEs are able to present goods or services to the public in the hope

What Are the Advantages of Cloud Server

The development of the times makes technology more advanced to make everything easier and faster. One of the positive impacts of technological developments is the ease of dealing with servers and

What is Bank Health?

The importance of maintaining the health of the bank aims to ensure that customers continue to trust the bank concerned. The importance of health for banks is the end of building public trust in the

What is the Function of Vacuum Rubber

First, from vacuum rubber. This rubber function lifts the skepticism up to open the venturi hole. Rubber can lift skepticism because there is a vacuum at the top of the carburetor due to the air

Then what is the server?

Then what is the server? Server is a computer system that is used to provide services, limit and also control access to clients on an existing computer network. Usually, the computer that acts as a

What is the most expensive cellphone in the world

The world's most expensive smartphone is being hunted like a treasure because it is so rare and limited edition. JAKARTA - Smartphone prices should continue to decline. Because technology is

What's the Cause of Hard Motorcycle Clutch?

This is the cause and solution for those who are curious. Located on the left hand handlebar of the motorcycle, the clutch lever can feel hard when pulled with use. In addition to making your hands

Why do you have to have coordinates?

How to register for GrabFood can now be done easily online. For culinary activists who want to join as a GrabMerchant, you must know how to register for GrabFood and complete the various

How to Choose a Good Flashdisk

Doran Gadget - A good and durable flash drive in this digital era has become quite an important device. Mainly for storing and transferring important data. Whether it's data related to your work

What to Do if Passport Validity Expires

This is because a passport is a document containing the identity of the holder, including full name, nationality, and gender. Generally passports have a validity period of five years. However, this

New Car Kia Carens Will Challenge Wuling Cortez?

Jarwo Arifin, Wuling Motors salesperson said that Wuling Almaz is one of the units that can be an attraction for consumers. For information, Almaz itself is one of the flagship SUV products from the

1 Million Pass to get a cellphone

Only have a budget of under 1 million but want to have a sophisticated phone? Don't be discouraged, because there are now many cheap mobile phones that have sophisticated specifications and

Why does the Infinix cellphone stuck on the logo

The problem of HP Infinix being stuck or stopped at the brand logo like this is not uncommon for users. The causes also vary, it can be due to cellphone rooting activities, operating the android

Troubled Anteraja & Old Packages to the Cause

Anteraja Troubled - The delivery service owned by PT Tri Abadi Bersama or better known as Anteraja is one of the successful startups in the logistics business in Indonesia. They now have various

How much is Allianz Insurance Policy

On the official Allianz website, there is no mention of the premium price for its health insurance policy. But in general, the price range for Allianz Health Insurance premiums per month starts from

* 368 For What

Select the Pay/Buy menu > Multipayment Place the dial gauge on the very center of the journal How to Overcome a Broken Android Wifi Can't Turn On The risk of late payment fines reaching 3%

Wifi Using What Network

Wi-Fi (/ˈwaɪfaɪ/, also written Wifi or WiFi) is a technology that uses electronic devices to exchange data wirelessly (using radio waves) over a computer network, including a high-speed Internet