2. How to Restart Samsung HP without Touchscreen?

One type of HP that is well known and very global is the Samsung brand. This brand comes with various types of superior cellphones that are facilitated with advanced technology and with very attractive features. It is undeniable, Samsung is already famous for its sophistication, but just like other types of cellphones, of course this Samsung also has several problems that are its shortcomings. While using a Samsung Galaxy, Note, or Tab phone, you may find your device experiencing various problems such as applications that suddenly exit, freezing, making strange sounds or not making sound at all, not syncing with other devices, unable to receive or make calls or become slower during use. No need to worry, here Qoala will provide solutions related to the problems you are facing.

Because, these two things are similar but not the same.

From how to reset a Samsung cellphone to restart a Samsung cellphone, so that your cellphone can be used again. Please note that there is a difference between resetting and restarting HP. Because, these two things are similar but not the same. As is known, in HP devices or laptops, there are always many terms that sometimes confuse because they are almost the same terms, even though they have very different intentions and purposes. There is a restart and reset, power off and power on, and so on. 10 Most Expensive HP in Indonesia, Take a Peek! The restart process on the Samsung cellphone in question is to do a Factory Reset, with the aim of restoring the system condition on the cellphone as it was when you first bought it. Meanwhile, by resetting a Samsung cellphone, you can overcome several problems that occur such as applications that suddenly exit, freezing, making strange sounds or not making sound at all, not syncing with other devices, or not being able to receive or make calls.

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For information, factory reset has various functions, ranging from cleaning cache files or garbage that has accumulated on HP, deleting private data, removing viruses and malware, to overcoming smartphone errors. Doing a factory reset or better known as a factory reset will return your Samsung phone to its original factory settings and erase all data in the process. Therefore, it is important to back up all important files and information before performing a factory reset. Factory reset can erase all information and data on the device including all apps, settings, music, photos, and videos. You can back up or back up important data first before doing how to reset a Samsung cellphone. You can back up your data to the Cloud provided by Google. Here are some problems that occur on Samsung cellphones and how to handle them, so that you don't take the wrong steps and end up being unable to use them again. The first problem with Samsung cellphones and how to deal with them is frequent restarts. When a Samsung cellphone often restarts by itself, this usually triggers the HP to slow down how it works. To deal with this problem is to do the settings and after that do a backup and reset then select factory data reset then reset the device and after that erase everything. This method causes all data to be lost because the condition of the Samsung cellphone will be changed to new again and therefore do a backup first.

And lastly, the camera cannot be opened and cannot be used.

The second problem with Samsung cellphones and how to solve them is that the battery runs out faster or is wasteful. The way to deal with this problem is to do the settings then select applications and just disable the types of applications that are not used. Next, HP becomes slow. This very common problem often interferes with the operating activities of Samsung cellphones. The way to fix this is by disabling the S-Voice feature which often makes Samsung cellphones slow and after that just disable open using the home key. And lastly, the camera cannot be opened and cannot be used. This problem often occurs on Samsung phones and usually you will find a warning like 'warning, camera failed' when the camera cannot open. The way to solve this problem is to clear the cache on the camera application by going to the settings menu and after that select applications then select applications manager again and after that just select camera and select clear cache. In this way the Samsung HP camera can be used normally again. Before knowing how to reset a Samsung cellphone without deleting data or using a Samsung cellphone reset code, you may need to know what the benefits of resetting a Samsung cellphone are.

Reset or factory reset is the process of returning the cellphone to its original factory settings. In a sense all apps will be deleted, along with the files, settings, and factory app updates. This process is also sometimes referred to as formatting or "hard reset". Factory reset is one of the last effective troubleshooting methods for HP. Here's how to reset a Samsung cellphone in all its types. The following is the most powerful way to reset a Samsung cellphone. Usually, this method is done if you can't access a Samsung cellphone like Bootloop. Entering the Recovery Mode menu can only be done when the Samsung cellphone is off or off. 1. First, make sure the HP battery is sufficient, at least 70%. This is to avoid things that are not desirable. 2. Then turn off your android phone or tablet. Power simultaneously a few seconds. 4. Use Volume Up to select the "Factory reset / wipe data" menu. 5. Then press the Home button to start the reset process. 6. Then wait a few moments until the process is complete. 7. Then select the Reboot System Now menu again. However, please note, to enter Recovery Mode, each type of Samsung cellphone has a difference, here is complete information on how to enter recovery mode on all types of Samsung cellphones. Press the Home or center button with Power, wait for the Samsung logo to appear. Press the T button and the Power button. Press the letter T and the Power button. To navigate up and down you can use the arrow keys, while to make a selection use the Shift key. Press the Volume Up button, Home button (middle) and the Power button at the same time.

Then wait until the Samsung logo appears, then press the Menu button (the button to the left of the Home button). Press the Vol Up button, Home button, Power button simultaneously for a few seconds. Turn off HP first. Then press the Power button, when the Samsung logo appears. After that, press the Volume Up button until it enters recovery mode. If the cellphone turns on normally, enter the menu as usual, turn off the cellphone again and repeat the process from the beginning. Press Volume up, Volume down, Home button and Power button simultaneously. Press the Volume Down, Home and Power buttons simultaneously. Turn off the tablet and press the Volume Up button and the Power button at the same time until the screen turns on. Press the Vol Up, Volume Down and Home buttons simultaneously then when the three buttons are pressed, press the Power button and then immediately release it (don't hold it). Wait until you enter the recovery menu then release all buttons. Press the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons simultaneously.

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