But, do you already know the deep understanding of servers?

Most of us must be familiar with the name server. Basically, a server is a device that has an important role on a computer network and also an internet network. In fact, when you are browsing on the internet you are not even aware that you are actually using a server. But, do you already know the meaning of server in depth? Well, on this occasion, let's study together about servers to the types of servers. So, the server is a computer system in which it is able to provide resources as a data storage center and also certain services. Data storage on the server is generally used to store documents and important information. Then, this data will be used to perform services, such as website services, email, and various other services. However, the server does not have only one type.

Simply put, the server works when there is a request from the client who is connected in a network.

Servers can also be shared for many client needs, ranging from website needs, DNS, to email. That's why a server can be combined to multiple clients. In addition, client computers can also be connected directly to several servers. The goal is to be able to back-up each other with one another. In terms of form, the server can be in the form of software, hardware, or virtual machines. Servers with hardware forms are generally in the form of a computer network that has a very large size by accommodating a number of processors and RAM with a lot of capacity. After we know in depth about the meaning of the server, then this time we will discuss how the server works. Simply put, the server works when there is a request from the client who is connected in a network. For example, the client computer requests data or services from the server.

Then, the web server will search for website identity data or IP addresses first on the DNS server.

After the request is received by the server, the server will start processing it and the results will be sent back to the client computer. For this reason, later the browser will request information related to the accurate website on the related web server. Then, the web server will search for website identity data or IP addresses first on the DNS server. If the IP address of the website is known, the server can send information to the browser so that it can be displayed. As we discussed earlier, the server is able to serve various requests from the client so that they can be processed. Whether it's from data requests or software so that it can be directly executed by the client. In order to support this function, generally the server will use a safe and fast operating system.

So, clients can work comfortably, safely and also more effectively. The next function of the server is as a place to store data sent by the client. This stored data can be in the form of types of documents and also information that is complex in nature. In order to accommodate a lot of data, of course, the server must have a large storage capacity. That way, the client is able to store and also access data simultaneously with other clients. In addition to the two functions above, the last function of the server is to be able to provide a database as a place for processing and storing data. Generally, various large companies will use this function to be able to implement big data. Furthermore, all data stored in this database can be processed and also accessed by users. With the presence of this service, many companies are able to develop their business products or services.

Then, the results will be sent again to the browser so that it can be displayed.

Web server is a piece of software that is in charge of running a website. This server is used as a central setting in processing the website and also to be able to store various data contained in the website, such as Javascript files, HTML, to CSS files. In order to display a web page, the server will receive and process requests from the website. Then, the results will be sent again to the browser so that it can be displayed. The quality of a web server that is used will greatly affect the performance of a website. There are several well-known types of servers that you can use, but the best web server that can improve the performance of a website is LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed ​​has a performance that is able to lighten the server load as much as 3 times better than other well-known webservers. Mail server is a server that is able to provide management and storage facilities for email data to each user. This mail server will accommodate and also forward email from the sender to the recipient of the email. The mail server has a certain kind of protocol to be able to send email and receive email. In sending email, the mail server has a protocol called SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Furthermore, there is also the POP3 protocol or Post Office Protocol to be able to store and also receive email. So, the mail server is like a virtual post office. When you are sending an email to someone, the mail server will identify the recipient's address.

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After that, the email will be sent to the recipient. Generally, mail servers are used for business people because they are able to send marketing emails to many recipients at the same time. In addition, the mail server also has a certain security system that is able to block incoming emails in the form of spam and also outgoing emails as spam. Application server is a device that is able to provide services or perform service processes on every access request from the client related to the network. Communication that occurs between the client and the application server can use the HTTP protocol. Generally, this application server is used to be able to execute a procedure, be it a program or a script. That way, the application can run optimally. At a glance, this application server is almost the same as a web server in that it provides services for clients and also uses a protocol in the form of HTTP. However, there is one thing that is different between the two. Generally, a web server can be used to create a static website, which is safe, the information content in it does not change. While application servers are generally used to create websites or applications that are dynamic, such as messaging services, object pooling, transaction applications, and various other things. Most of today's application servers also have a web server as an integral part of it.

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