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Buying credit at Shopee through the PayLater payment method is often done by some people because they need it fast but there is no sufficient balance in the account or e-wallet. Even so, it is not uncommon for credit purchase transactions to fail through Shopee PayLater due to certain causes. The reason why Shopee PayLater can't buy credit must have a cause, so the solution must also be known. In addition, if you have already made a credit payment but there is an error, you should also know how to refund Shopee after the accidental transaction occurs. Here's the reason why Shopee PayLater can't buy credit, first check what the cause is! There must be a reason for the failure to purchase credit using PayLater.

This should be avoided as much as possible so as not to hamper the transaction process later.

The following are the reasons why Shopee PayLater cannot buy credit. The occurrence of a credit purchase transaction failure, one of the causes is an error in filling out the destination cellphone number. As a result, there is no incoming credit balance because it could fail to be processed, or even stray to another number. Sometimes there are people who are not careful when entering the destination cellphone number in the column, especially if they don't memorize it or maybe they are filling in credit for someone else's number. Even though it seems trivial, small things like this should indeed be considered and re-examined so as not to confuse yourself. Another error that is the reason why Shopee PayLater can't buy credit is because you entered the ShopeePay PIN incorrectly. Error entering the PIN causes the transaction to fail and the credit is not sent to the destination number. Error entering ShopeePay PIN continuously will result in your account being blocked. So if you want to reactivate it, it is necessary to carry out several verification procedures so that the account is recovered. This should be avoided as much as possible so as not to hamper the transaction process later. The reason for buying credit transactions cannot be processed using the Shopee PayLater payment method, it could be because the limit is not sufficient to pay the nominal amount of credit you bought. Usually marked with the choice of the payment method cannot be selected. Make sure you always check the limit before making a purchase. You can increase the Shopee PayLater limit if you feel that the credit limit provided is still lacking. The Shopee application often experiences server disruptions which result in inaccessibility of services in it, including games, paying for groceries, making food orders, or buying credit.

Even worse, it also hampers the transaction process to buy credit.

Users often complain about server disturbances, the article is not only 1-2 hours, it could be more than that time. The existence of these disturbances usually causes the purchase of credit through the Shopee PayLater method to be hampered, one of which is the credit does not enter. But it could also be when the transaction doesn't work with the status Still Processing. The reason why Shopee PayLater can't buy credit can also be caused by the application cache files that have accumulated too much. This e-commerce application consumes an average of tens to hundreds of mega bytes of memory. Piles of cache files in these online shopping applications if not cleaned regularly can cause slow, hot HP, and so on. Even worse, it also hampers the transaction process to buy credit. Another factor, your Shopee application has not been updated or may not have activated Shopee PayLater as a payment method. Another cause could also be due to operator interference on the destination number, so that the credit cannot enter. If you are experiencing this, the other thing you can do is just be patient and wait for the balance to come in. You can also contact the relevant mobile operator to resolve the problem. Knowing the cause of the credit not coming in when using the PayLater payment method on Shopee, there must be a solution to overcome it. Maybe there are some trivial things that are unknowingly ignored, even though they are also a factor in the failure of buying credit at Shopee.

Make sure you have followed the way to buy credit using Shopee PayLater properly. Here's how to deal with not getting credit when buying at Shopee. Maybe one of them you accidentally do. The way to deal with not getting credit when buying at Shopee, the first is to re-check the destination cellphone number before proceeding to payment. This is often ignored consciously or unconsciously, especially if the destination number is not memorized or is not privately owned. This error causes the credit not to come in, or it could even reach someone else's number as the destination. Therefore, make sure you check again on the number you want to top up with, along with the nominal amount you want to fill in.

If via SMS, make sure your number is active.

The failure to purchase credit at Shopee can indeed be caused by an error in entering the ShopeePay PIN. As a result, they cannot proceed to the payment process, even until they are blocked due to an error in entering the PIN repeatedly. Therefore, when you have made a mistake entering your PIN once or twice, you should not continue forcing to enter the same number again so that it is not blocked. Just enter the ShopeePay menu to change the ShopeePay PIN, so that an OTP code and password renewal request will be sent via email or SMS. If via SMS, make sure your number is active. However, if it is already blocked, it is quite a hassle, so you have to reactivate it to continue the transaction process.

39;t been paid before.

You need to contact Customer Service to request assistance in reactivating the ShopeePay account. Re-activating an account that has been blocked due to always entering the wrong PIN, will later be asked to do some validation such as the name of the biological mother, the RT number as stated on the ID card, the blocked Shopee account username, screenshots of the problem, and the reason for re-activating the account. The process takes at least three business days, so it's best to be patient and try not to repeat the same mistake. Limits on PayLater are one of the reasons you can't buy credit at Shopee, it could be because there are still bills that haven't been paid before. In order to increase the limit, you should immediately pay off PayLater bills that have not been paid yet.

At this stage, make sure you have indeed made a purchase.

The buildup of cache in the Shopee application often causes disturbances ranging from slow opening the application, even to transaction failures. You need to regularly clear the cache through the HP settings so that its performance is maximized. The Shopee server disruption is indeed annoying because all transactions cannot be carried out, especially buying credit. Moreover, the process is quite long, it can take hours or even almost a day. If you are experiencing this condition, you should be patient and wait for the repair process by Shopee. Are you experiencing a pulse not coming in but don't know the exact cause? You can contact Customer Service from Shopee to find a solution to this problem. How to refund Shopee when buying credit fails is actually very easy to do. Check out the steps below. Enter the credit purchase history in the Orders section. You can also go to the Credit, Bills, & Entertainment menu then click Orders in the top right corner. At this stage, make sure you have indeed made a purchase. Select the Unpaid menu tab then All Categories. Click on the unpaid credit bill, then select Cancel. Purchases are automatically cancelled. That's how to refund Shopee if it fails when buying credit. A similar method can also be applied if the purchase status is still in process. The refund process will take a minimum of one working day from the date of cancellation.

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