Difference between Paylater and Credit Card, which one should you choose?

The best PayLater applications are applications that provide low interest, long tenors, high limits, and can be used to buy various items. Using the PayLater application (buy now pay later) with an installment system without a credit card can ease purchase transactions, because users can get the items they want and pay later. The interest rate is also low when compared to online loan applications. This convenience makes PayLater an effective solution for many people, who must meet urgent needs. The following is a comparison and a list of the best PayLater applications in 2022 based on interest, limits, and features. Shopee PayLater or SPayLater is a digital credit financial service from the Shopee application. SPayLater is the best PayLater application with a low interest rate of at least 2.95% and a handling fee of 1%. Shopee also often provides 0% installment promos and cashback.

Shopee enforces policies according to user ratings (Silver, Gold, Platinum).

So if you shop for products at Shopee for IDR 500,000, you will pay IDR 519,750. You can even credit your cellphone at Shopee using this feature. Shopee PayLater's initial limit is from IDR 750 thousand to IDR 3 million. However, for some users, it can be even higher, which is up to IDR 50 million. Shopee enforces policies according to user ratings (Silver, Gold, Platinum). For more details, read the Shopee Paylater review which we have discussed in depth. GoPayLater is a PayLater service from the Gojek application. Here, you can get an installment system without the need for a credit card. You can use it for shopping and transactions for all services in the Gojek application. We have fully discussed the features and advantages and disadvantages in the Gojek paylater review article.

The GoPayLater limit is quite large, up to Rp. 500,000, depending on usage and repayment history. GoPayLater also offers a low interest rate of 0%, if the payment is made within the next 30 days. However, you will be subject to a fine of IDR 2,000 per day after the grace period of 5 days after the due date has passed. The advantage of GoPayLater is that no additional registration is required and you will still get attractive promos such as cashback and discounted prices. Kredivo is an instant credit platform that allows installments without credit card conditions with a limit of up to IDR 30 million. The interest offered is also very attractive, namely 0% for repayment in 3 months and 2.6% per month for installments of 6 and 12 months. The ease of interest and tenor makes Kredivo one of the best lending platforms in Indonesia.

Kredivo really offers convenience in shopping for goods, because almost all well-known online stores and offline stores can use the Kredivo PayLater service. In the marketplace category there are Tokopedia, Lazada, Bukalapak, Blibli and so on. The offline category includes MCD, Samsung, iBox, Alfamart, Erafone and so on. There are many other categories such as Travel & Hotel, Fashion, Lifestyle, Credit and so on. Indodana PayLater is one of Tokopedia's partners in the payment method for shopping now, pay later or PayLater. Indodana is also an official platform and is supervised by OJK, so you don't have to worry about transactions through Indodana. Indodana also provides many attractive promos, such as discounts and cashback for new users. Indodana offers credit features with a limit of up to IDR 25 million. You will not be charged interest if the tenor is only 1 month, while the 3-12 month tenor will be charged a flat 3% interest every month. Julo is an official digital borrowing company and registered with OJK since 2016. Through the Julo application you can pay BPJS, buy credit and data packages, postpaid cards, PLN electricity. Unlike other types of PayLater, Julo credit can be withdrawn through the withdrawal feature.

In addition, the credit limit offered is up to Rp.

To buy goods with a credit payment method, you can open the Julo application and select the desired E-commerce. Julo credit limit is up to IDR 15 million with 6-10% interest per month. Home Credit PayNanti is a PayLater service that provides easy monthly installments to customers. You can use Home Credit for transactions at online or offline stores that have a QRIS code (standard QR Code payment by Bank Indonesia). So you only need to scan the QRIS code through the My Home Credit application to buy goods. Home Credit offers a flexible tenor of 1-9 months, with a flat interest rate of 3.49%. Another advantage is that you can make a minimum transaction of IDR 10 thousand and you don't even incur any transaction fees. Akucicil is a PayLater service from Akulaku as a digital financial platform, which can be used for shopping payments at online and offline stores. To use the installment feature at Akulaku, you don't need a credit card. Akulaku is one of the best PayLater applications because it provides a long tenor of up to 15 months. In addition, the credit limit offered is up to Rp. 15 million. Akulaku charges a monthly admin fee of 1% and interest of 1.5% of the total loan principal. With Akucicil from Akulaku, you can shop for Electronic, Health, Food, Education, Household and other necessities on credit. Blibli as a well-known e-commerce application in Indonesia has launched PayLater service since 2020. The advantage of Blibli playlater is that it does not have a monthly subscription fee like other PayLaters.

The PayLater application process only uses an ID card and fills out a form of personal data information, such as name, address, occupation, monthly income and emergency contacts. For the loan limit, Blibli PayLater provides credit facilities of up to Rp. 8 million. Traveloka PayLater is the best PayLater service for those of you who like to travel. The reason is because Traveloka provides complete services regarding travel needs. Moreover, with Traveloka PayLater, you can travel comfortably, because you can pay for travel needs such as renting a hotel, renting a car, paying for plane or train tickets and other types of traveling needs on credit. The installment interest on the Traveloka application is also quite light, namely 2.14%-4.78% per month with a flat or the same interest system every month. The limit offered is quite fantastic, which is IDR 50 million, provided that you make frequent transactions and make payments on time at Traveloka PayLater.

Check out the full review in the Traveloka PayLater review article. Bukalapak PayNanti is a PayLater service from the collaboration between Bukalapak and JULO (a digital credit platform). You can use the PayLater feature to pay for physical goods. Currently, the Bukalapak PayNanti feature can only be enjoyed by buyers from areas such as Greater Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. To use Bukalapak PayLater, you can register through the Bukalapak application, then select the PayLater menu and complete the existing form. You will be charged 5% for each transaction. The credit limits provided every month are Rp. 1 million, Rp. 2 million, and Rp. 3 million. Lazada PayLater or LazPayLater is one of the best PayLater applications because it provides high limits and applies a credit scoring system. The credit limit is set from IDR 1.5 million to IDR 5 million. The number of credits obtained by each user is different, because it is determined by credit scoring. For those whose credit scores are still good, they can get a maximum credit limit and vice versa if the customer's credit score is declared inadequate, it can cause the LazPayLater application to be rejected or have a small credit limit. The interest provisions on LazPayLater are 0% or free if the repayment is within 30 days, or 2.95% per month for credit tenors of 3.6 and 2 months. OVO PayLater allows you to shop at Tokopedia, Grab and several other merchants on credit. OVO PayLater provides installment tenors starting from 3, 6 and 12 months. The first limit value that users get is IDR 1 million, but over time the limit will increase to a maximum of IDR 10 million. The OVO PayLater service fee is a maximum of 5% of the total transaction. Meanwhile, the late penalty fee is 0.1%. Ovo PayLater also does not charge a monthly or annual fee. It's just that this service has been on hiatus for a long time without any clarity on when it will be reopened to the public. Hence, you are better off choosing another service for shopping. Unfortunately, the OVO PayLater service is temporarily unavailable, so we recommend that you use other services for the time being. The Difference Between Paylater and Credit Card, Which One Should You Choose? Melvern Pradana is an investor who actively invests in the stock market, cryptocurrency, P2P lending, and mutual funds. His idols are Warren Buffett and Peter Thiel.

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