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Realme is indeed a HP brand that is really diligent in releasing the latest products. After releasing various cellphones such as Realme Narzo and Realme X3 SuperZoom, now Realme C11 also doesn't want to be left behind. Entering the entry-level price market, the cellphone that was presented in Indonesia at the end of June 2020 has specs that are not commonly found in its price range. If you are curious about the intricacies of this super affordable gaming cellphone, here Carisignal presents 10 advantages and disadvantages of the Realme C11 so you don't buy the wrong one. Realme C11 is touted as a cellphone that is suitable for playing games. Is that true? Instead of being curious, just look at the advantages of the Realme C11 as follows. For those of you who know the Realme C11 as a cheap cellphone, you might not think that this cellphone has a long duration of use in one charge. Yes, Realme C11 does come with a large capacity battery, which is 5,000 mAh. You really don't need to worry when outdoors, this capacity is able to keep the Realme C11 on for up to 3 days of use in moderate use. The official Realme C11 product page even claims that the standby duration of this phone can reach up to 40 days. As for playing games, HP can last for 12.1 hours. Other activities are also predicted to be able to be done with a long duration, such as watching videos for 21.6 hours and calling for 31.9 hours. Keep in mind that the Realme C11 is a cellphone that is priced at only 1 million.

Indeed, in 2020 when this phone was released, the screen trend had changed to punch-hole.

So, from the battery sector, this phone really provides high value for money to its users. Plus, Realme C11 can also be used as a power bank using OTG. If you are looking for a smartphone whose screen is comfortable to watch, the Realme C11 is one of the best choices in the entry-level price segment. 720 x 1560 pixels. The screen that carries this IPS LCD panel has a ratio of 20: 9 and a density of 270 ppi. In order to enhance your viewing experience, this screen has been made with a waterdrop bangs design, aka bangs with a small niche as a housing for the front lens. Indeed, in 2020 when this phone was released, the screen trend had changed to punch-hole. But overall, the Realme C11 screen still occupies almost the entire space on the front body, thus achieving a body-to-screen ratio of 88.7%. Users are guaranteed to feel at home binge-watching all day. Apart from the screen and battery life, the performance of the chipset on the cellphone certainly deserves a consideration. You can be happy about this.

The gyro function still works as it should in this game.

The reason is that the Realme C11 is equipped with the support of a highly competitive chipset in the entry-level class, namely the Helio G35. Helio G35 comes with support for 8 ARM Cortex A53 cores that have a clock speed of up to 2.3 GHz. What is clear, this Realme C11 performance is much faster than some Samsung Galaxy phones in the same price segment as the Samsung Galaxy A11 and M11. You see, these two Samsung cellphones only present Snapdragon 4 series, their performance is below the Helio G35. In a test video, the Realme C11 looks quite capable of playing games like PUBG Mobile on Balance and Medium settings. In terms of performance during the game, it appears that the game is still able to run. It's just that, you may feel the frame rate falls slightly below 30 FPS. The gyro function still works as it should in this game. Good enough for the size of a million cell phones, right? Do you have a second SIM card? Want to install an external memory card at the same time? Don't worry, Realme C11 already comes with triple slot support. External memory has always been the main attraction, especially for phones in the low price segment. But sometimes, some cellphones only provide hybrid slots. This is why the Realme C11 is quite superior in this sector, because you can still attach a microSD up to 256 GB without removing the SIM card. For those of you who want your personal data to be kept safe, there is already a Face Unlock feature that can unlock the screen instantly.

One of the most common activities done on mobile phones is taking pictures.

The reason is, unlocking using a pattern or PIN is outdated. Anyone who knows our PIN will be able to unlock our phone easily. Well, thanks to the software capabilities and selfie camera on the Realme C11, the Face Unlock feature can provide a greater sense of security. Because the display is no less important, the Realme C11 is also equipped with a cool body design, you know! Comes with two color variants, namely Mint Green (green) and Pepper Gray (gray), Realme C11 looks quite aesthetic with a fairly soft color choice. On the back you will feel the build material from plastic which is quite sturdy. On the side of the body, there is a matte finish that makes it comfortable to hold. The rear camera module is not so prominent that you can place the phone on a table or any surface safely. One of the most common activities done on mobile phones is taking pictures. Fortunately, the Realme C11 comes with a dual camera that is able to display pretty good photo results. The camera module is a 4 x 4 square with additional Flash. In addition, the main lens of the Realme C11 has a resolution of 13 MP, while the other lens is a depth sensor of 2 MP. On the front, there is a 5 MP resolution lens.

The rear and front cameras are both capable of taking videos at 1080p resolution at 30 FPS. You can take bokeh photos in portrait mode, as well as take slow motion videos. There is also a night mode feature called Super Nightscape Mode to keep details awake in low light conditions. Here are some of the photos. If you look at the second photo above, it appears that the Realme C11 is more capable of producing good color results than the C3. In photo C3, the color looks a bit faded or washed out. The example of the Nightscape photo above also shows that the object of the photo is still getting good exposure, some areas that are not covered by light are still clearly visible. Indeed, some details are not so sharp, but a phone for 1 million that has been able to offer night mode quite well really deserves appreciation. Apparently Realme C11 still offers various interesting advantages. But after all, HP with an affordable price tag has some drawbacks, as below. Realme C11 with its low price tag still offers some advantages, but unfortunately you can't install too many applications on this phone. Yes, Realme C11 is only accompanied by 32 GB of internal memory that runs on eMMC 5.1 technology. Meanwhile, the RAM capacity is only available in 2GB and 3GB variants. At least this cellphone is still equipped with external memory support, so you can save a lot of files without any problems. But when it comes to apps, you may only be able to install apps that you really only need.

39;s on the back or on the side.

It was mentioned earlier that the Realme C11 comes with Face Unlock technology using the front camera lens. However, Realme phones from the C series are not equipped with fingerprint scanner capabilities. The absence of this feature is quite a question mark. Because, the fingerprint scanner is a feature that has been very popular in this year of HP's release. Even some cellphones from the realm of low prices are already equipped with a fingerprint sensor, whether it's on the back or on the side. Various kinds of cellphones on the market now use USB Type-C. In addition to being easier to plug in a charging cable, this connector also has a faster data transfer speed.

However, for cellphones that are in the 1 million price segment such as the Realme C11, the connector that is commonly used is only microUSB. In addition, this microUSB port support also does not provide a fast charging feature so that the phone can only be fully charged in about 3 hours. Realme C11 is a phone that is really worth choosing for those of you who want to play light games with limited funds. What makes this phone unique are some of its advantages that really exceed the limit for the price of 1 million, such as a large battery capacity and a fairly spacious screen. The chipset from the Realme C11 is also quite superior in its class, beating the more expensive Samsung Galaxy M11 and A11. If you want to buy your first cellphone for your child, the Realme C11 is really a great choice.

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