Does Bank Bri Syariah have a monthly discount?

Saving at BRI Syariah is the right choice for those of you who want to save without worrying about usury. BRI Syariah has been operating since 10 years ago and is one of the largest Islamic banks in Indonesia. Every BRI Syariah product and service operates based on sharia principles and does not use an interest scheme that is feared to be usury. But, if there is no interest, what's the point of saving in an Islamic bank? Eits, make no mistake. Even if there is no interest scheme, the savings balance can still increase. In exchange for interest, BRI Syariah implements a profit-sharing system or a ratio that is permitted by Islamic teachings. In contrast to the interest scheme on conventional savings, BRI Syariah applies wadi'ah (deposit) and mudharabah (cooperation) contracts.

39;ah yad dhamanah contract.

With these two contracts, the customer as the owner of the funds will receive a reward or return in accordance with mutually agreed terms. In addition, as with all Islamic banks in Indonesia, BRI Syariah is supervised by the National Sharia Council (DSN) and the Sharia Supervisory Board (DPS) which consists of hundreds of kiai and ulama. This means that all BRI Syariah products have gone through inspections and studies from the DSN and are guaranteed to be in accordance with Islamic religious rules. Like conventional banks, BRI Syariah also has a variety of savings products that offer attractive facilities. For those of you who want to save usury free, these five BRI Syariah savings products can be your choice. Tabungan Faedah BRISyariah iB is a savings product for individual customers who need daily savings. This savings uses a wadi'ah yad dhamanah contract. In the wadi'ah yad dhamanah contract, the bank as the recipient of the deposit can take advantage of the deposited funds which are considered as safekeeping goods, with the permission of the owner of the funds, and provide a guarantee to return the deposit in full, whenever requested by the owner of the funds. The BRISyariah iB Faedah Savings account is getting a lot of attention because the requirements are quite easy, which is just a photocopy of your ID card and NPWP.

In addition, the Faedah BRISyariah iB savings account also has a number of attractive advantages. 1. Initial deposit is lighter than conventional savings, which is IDR 100 thousand. 2. Free monthly administration fee. 3. Free monthly ATM card fees. 4. Low cash withdrawal fees in all BRI, Bersama, and Prima ATM networks. 5. Free replacement of the savings book because it runs out. 6. Low transfer fees through the BRI, Bersama, and Prima ATM networks. 7. Low fees for checking balances at BRI, Bersama, and Prima ATM networks. 8. Low debit fees on the BRI and Prima EDC networks. If before the transaction your balance is equal to or above IDR 500 thousand, you will get a 50 percent discount for e-channel transaction fees, such as SMS Banking, Mobile Banking, and Internet Banking. Minimum deposit of IDR 10 thousand. The minimum deposited balance is IDR 50 thousand. The cost of replacing the savings book due to damage or loss is Rp. 5 thousand. The cost of making an ATM card due to damage or loss is Rp. 15 thousand. The fee if the balance settles below the minimum, is IDR 12,500 per month. The account closing fee is IDR 25 thousand.

  • Photocopy of the policyholder's passbook/account
  • Press "Send" to send the Invoice
  • Type of Refrigerator Freon R410A (Rp100 thousand)
  • Collection Process

As the name implies, BRISyariah iB Hajj savings are intended for prospective hajj pilgrims to meet the needs of hajj travel expenses. BRISyariah iB Hajj Savings uses a mudharabah mutlaqah contract, which is a form of cooperation by giving full flexibility to banks as managers to use funds for good and profitable businesses. Profits from the business will be given to the owner of the fund based on the agreement of both parties. Interestingly, BRISyariah iB Hajj savings can also be opened to prepare children for Hajj. Assuming the waiting period for Hajj departure is 20 years, if you open a Hajj savings account since the child is 10 years old, then when the child is 30 years old, he or she has sufficient capital to go to the holy land. 1. A light initial deposit, which is IDR 50 thousand.

4. Free regular deposit auto debit fees.

2. Free monthly administration fee. Ministry of Religion, making it easy to register as a candidate for Hajj pilgrims. 4. Withholding zakat automatically from the profit sharing received. 5. Facilitate the planning of Hajj preparations. 6. There is a choice of regular pilgrimage and special pilgrimage. If you want to open a BRISyariah iB Hajj savings account, you only need to prepare a photocopy of your ID card, NPWP, and family card (for opening for children), and pay an initial deposit of at least IDR 50 thousand. Minimum deposit of IDR 10 thousand. The minimum deposited balance is IDR 50 thousand. Free life and accident insurance. Free savings book replacement due to out of stock. The cost of the savings book due to damage or loss is Rp. 5 thousand. The account closing fee is IDR 25 thousand. Have a financial plan that you want to realize immediately? Take advantage of the auto debit facility on the Impian BRISyariah iB savings account to make your dreams come true. Starting from dreaming of holidays, preparing education funds, making sacrifices, and so on. Like the BRISyariah iB Hajj savings, the BRISyariah iB Impian savings also use a mudharabah mutlaqah contract. 1. Get a passbook and insurance certificate. 2. Free insurance up to IDR 750 million. 3. Free monthly administration fee. 4. Free regular deposit auto debit fees. To open a BRISyariah iB Dream savings account, you must previously have a BRISyariah iB Faedah savings account as a master account. The BRISyariah iB Dream Savings account offers tenors ranging from 12 to 240 months (multiples of 12 months), or until the saver's age at maturity is a maximum of 65 years. If the account is closed before maturity, the saver must pay a fee of IDR 50 thousand.

Simpel is a savings program initiated by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) to encourage parents to inculcate the importance of saving, as well as to teach financial planning to children. Simpel is issued nationally by banks in Indonesia, including BRI Syariah. 3. Free administration fee. 4. Free transactions through ATMs with BRI, PRIMA, and Bersama networks. 5. There is a bonus according to bank policy. 6. There is an auto debit facility for routine bill payments, zakat, infaq, alms, and so on. To open a Simple BRISyariah account, the prospective customer school must have a cooperation agreement with BRISyariah. Next, the prospective customer fills out the complete account opening application and brings a family card, as well as the ID card of the parent or guardian. Withdrawal limit of IDR 500 thousand per day. If the account is not active for transactions for 12 months, a fee of IDR 1,000 per month will be charged. The cost of replacing a savings book due to loss or damage is Rp. 5 thousand. The cost of making an ATM card is Rp. 5 thousand. The cost of replacing an ATM card due to loss or damage is Rp. 15 thousand. With Simple BRISyariah iB, parents can teach children independence in managing finances, while making it easier for parents to monitor their children's expenses.

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