Does Poco X3 Pro have Liquid Cooling

Sold at a starting price of IDR 3.5 million, actually the Poco X3 Pro doesn't just rely on fast specifications, but also an abundance of features that shouldn't be missed. Just so you know, Poco X3 Pro is sold at a very attractive price. This smartphone is sold in Indonesia in two memory variants, namely 6GB/128GB and 8GB/256GB. Meanwhile, the highest variant of 8GB/256GB is sold in Indonesia at an introductory price of IDR 3,999,000. As for the normal or regular price, it is sold for IDR 4,099,000. There are three color choices, namely Phantom Black, Frost Blue, and Metal Bronze. The Telset team has compiled at least 10 excellent and best features on the Poco X3 Pro. All of these features are of course very useful and can improve the user experience in using this 3 million HP every day. Poco X3 Pro stores excellent features in various sectors, ranging from the screen, operating system, design, kitchen runway, to the camera section. We have summarized the 10 best features of this latest Xiaomi cellphone.

The smartphone is also designed with good build quality.

Interestingly, this latest Xiaomi cellphone screen supports HDR10 which makes the video content you watch is presented in a better resolution. However, as reported by Telset from GSMArena, Wednesday (21/4/2021), the HDR10 certification on the Poco X3 Pro screen does not support Netflix or Amazon Prime. However, users can still watch HDR quality videos if they use the YouTube app. The 120Hz High mode here is adaptive. The system will determine which applications or games are suitable and appropriate to run at a 120Hz refresh rate. This is also useful for saving battery power, even though this smartphone battery is quite jumbo. Poco X3 Pro doesn't matter if it gets splashed with water, because this smartphone already has an IP53 rating certification for dust and water splash resistance. However, never take this smartphone into water or submerge it. Of course the smartphone will not withstand and potentially damaged. The smartphone is also designed with good build quality. The screen is coated with Gorilla Glass 6, the back panel is made of high-quality plastic with a good color coating, and the frame is sturdy. Other features in Poco X3 Pro are stored in the security system. This latest Xiaomi cellphone is equipped with a complete security system, from the lock screen to securing user privacy. Poco X3 Pro has a biometric fingerprint sensor mounted on the side of the body. This sensor has a fast response with good accuracy. There is Face Unlock with 2D facial recognition which is also fast, but no more secure than the fingerprint sensor. Running on the MIUI 12 operating system based on Android 11, the Poco X3 Pro also gets several additional security privacy options.

Now, users can delete location info and/or other metadata in photos or videos taken using their phone's camera. MIUI 12 also offers a Security application whose job is to scan the phone for malware threats, manage applications that have been blocked by users, limit internet data usage, adjust battery behavior, and free up RAM load. Through the Security application, users can also manage the permissions of the applications installed on the smartphone. More RAM. The Snapdragon 860 processor itself is designed with an octa-core CPU configuration. There is one Kryo 485 Gold CPU core clocked at 2.96 GHz, three Kryo 485 Gold cores clocked at 2.84 GHz, and four Kryo 485 Silver cores clocked at 1.78 GHz.

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The GPU it uses is the Adreno 640 which is quite powerful for a cellphone priced at Rp. 3 million. Poco X3 Pro has two variants of RAM and internal memory, namely 6GB/128GB and 8GB/256GB. Like a gaming cellphone, the Poco X3 Pro is also equipped with a cooling feature called LiquidCool Technology 1.0 Plus. This cooling system prevents the phone's body temperature from rising significantly when used for strenuous activities. LiquidCool Technology 1.0 Plus is a cooling system in the form of enlarged copper heat pipes and has multiple layers of graphite for efficient heat dissipation. This smartphone is powered by a jumbo battery capacity, to be exact, 5160 mAh. The battery supports 33W fast charging with the adapter provided in the purchase package. Xiaomi claims that 33W fast charging is capable of charging 5 batteries. 160 mAh phone in just about 60 minutes. Like its brother, the Poco X3 Pro has also been embedded with NFC. This feature is very important now, especially now that it is cashless. For your information, NFC allows users to do several things. For example, transferring data via Android Beam, to checking and filling e-money balances directly from smartphones. Poco X3 Pro already has speakers with stereo features that provide good sound quality. There is a speaker hole at the bottom, and a speaker in the earpiece or the top as a secondary speaker.

This smartphone already carries four cameras on the back with various configurations.

These stereo speakers definitely enhance the audio experience of the users. Moreover, the stereo speakers are also the right combination with a good screen and amazing performance. The last excellent feature of the Poco X3 Pro is the EIS embedded in the main camera and ultra wide camera. This smartphone already carries four cameras on the back with various configurations. There is a main camera with a 48MP sensor, an 8MP ultra wide camera, a 2MP macro camera, and a 2MP depth camera. While the front camera, only 20MP resolution. EIS or electronic image stabilization itself helps users to record videos more stable. It can't match the image stability produced by the combination of OIS (optical image stabilization) and EIS, but at least this feature has been very helpful for videography fans. Those were the 10 best and excellent features of the Poco X3 Pro which were just officially released in Indonesia. Which feature do you like, friend?

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