Does the printer have to be used every day

Printers have become an important part of modern human life. The existence of this device is very helpful for those who have to print photos or documents related to their work. Including printing entrepreneurs who definitely really need a printer in completing orders. However, not everyone knows and can take good care of the printer. Most only know how to use it, but don't know how to take care of it. They think that the matter of maintaining and repairing the printer is left to the printer service technician. Whereas caring for the printer should be done by the owner or user. Moreover, how to care for the printer is relatively not difficult. You just need to have the will and patience. Here we review ways to take care of the printer so that it does not get damaged quickly and its performance remains optimal in the long term.

This maintenance system is generally owned by every printer.

Keeping the printer clean is the first thing you should do so that the printer can last a long time. When you are finished using the printer and do not plan to use it in the near future, cover it with a soft cloth or a special printer cover. Especially in the area of ​​placing paper which is prone to entry of dust and dirt. Dirt that enters this section and has accumulated, can block the paper. At least, the dirt is carried in and sticks to the printer head. This condition will obviously interfere with the quality of the prints and make the printer head damaged quickly. Therefore, make sure you clean the printer regularly. At least once a week. The frequency may be less if you use the printer less often, but the printer should always be closed. The next way to take care of the printer is to routinely do a "clean head". This process is the most common way to maintain printers. The goal is that the printer head is not clogged and is able to absorb ink well. To then channel it onto paper to the maximum. This maintenance system is generally owned by every printer. You just have to reread the manual that came with you when you bought the printer. Because, different brands of printers are usually different ways to do a clean head. However, don't do clean heads too often. Just about once every 1-2 weeks. If it is too often can result in the ink tank can not accommodate the ink or experience flooding.

Printers that are used regularly will actually be more durable than printers that are rarely used. Because, a printer that is used regularly will have a more optimal engine condition. Of course as long as the use of the printer is not excessive. Meanwhile, printers that are rarely used tend to be damaged more quickly. When the printer is rarely used, the ink can dry out. This condition is not ideal for the printer head, due to the lack of liquid ink to be channeled onto the paper. In addition, a printer that has not been used for a long time can be fatal to the condition of the printer head. Rust and dried ink will be difficult to clean if it has been attached to the printer head for a long time. As a result, the ink cannot come out optimally because the holes in the printer head are covered with rust or dried ink. So, it would be better if you always use the printer regularly. If not every day, at least once a week the printer must be operated. Like a machine, printers also need time to rest. Therefore, when you have no plans to use it, you should just turn it off. In this way, the printer can be a little distracted from its task of printing the documents you need. With the recovery period, it can actually make the printer more durable. Also pay attention to how to turn off the printer. Do not immediately unplug the adapter cable that is attached to the power line. Turn it off by pressing the on/off button until all the lights on the printer are off.

Press this on/off button for 2-3 seconds and wait for the light to turn off. Only then you unplug the power cord from the printer. It also includes a USB cable that connects the printer to the computer. How to care for the printer like this will avoid short circuits. Although this rarely happens, but it never hurts you to take precautions and anticipate. When you need it again, just plug the cable back into the power grid. There is one thing that printer owners often forget, namely overprinting. Forcing the printer to go the extra mile will only shorten its lifespan. The printer head actually has a working time limit. When you force a large number of prints quickly, then the condition of the printer head will definitely be exhausted. This is what will then make the printer's performance decline. Even if you have to print in large quantities, such as printing 200 sheets, do it gradually.

The first stage prints 25 sheets and then rests the printer for a few minutes. Continue to the next stage, and do it step by step while still giving the printer a break. This method is ideal for printers that already use an infusion system. The presence of an ink tank that is outside the printer and is connected by a hose also requires a break. Because the printer head will work harder to take ink that is a little far away in the infusion system. Do not underestimate the use of printer ink. Always use printer ink as recommended by the manufacturer. The use of original ink will give maximum results to each printed page. Use only one brand of ink. The use of ink from various brands will only make the printouts not optimal. Why? Because usually the level of color density of each brand is different. You should pay attention to this when using a printer with an infusion system. This system makes it easy to fill ink. However, mixing one brand of ink with another will result in a color that is not solid. In addition, mixed ink will make the cartridge performance less than optimal. Cartridges that are still reading brand A ink color levels suddenly get different color levels from B ink will definitely be confused. The result, of course, the color on the print will not be perfect. Do not forget also how to care for the following printer. Regularly check the condition of the ink in the cartridges. Do not let you do not realize that the ink has run out while still using the printer. If you use the printer with the ink running out, the printer will definitely experience an error.

Your delay in refilling the ink will result in an abnormal condition of the cartridges. When things like this happen frequently, over time the cartridge will no longer work. The latter method can be rarely done. However, it is quite effective in maintaining optimal cartridge performance. First make four circles with yellow, green, black, and red colors. You can make these four circles easily through insert shapes in Ms Word. Continue by printing the image with the highest resolution. Do this method once or twice a month so that the cartridge performance can be maintained in optimal condition. This method can also be used to check the condition of the cartridges whether they can still print colors correctly or not. Those are 8 ways to care for a printer that you can immediately practice. No longer rely on the services of a printer service technician to make the printer work properly.

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