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From time to time, more and more various kinds of USB Flashdisk have appeared. USB Flashdisk users are faced with a variety of choices ranging from varying capacities, shapes, prices and capabilities. It is undeniable, with this increasing number of choices, USB Flashdisk users are also confused about making the right choice. Here are five things to consider, when choosing a USB stick. Casing is one of the elements that must be considered in choosing a flash drive. Not only are the colors and shapes attractive, but you have to pay attention to the strength of the case. A good Flashdisk case is a case that will be firmly attached to protect the inside of the Flashdisk.

We recommend that you choose a cover that connects to the body of the Flashdisk.

Flashdisk casing must be really strong, especially because in its use it will repeatedly have to be plugged in and unplugged. In addition to the strength of the casing, the size of the casing must also be considered. Do not let the size of the case that is too large so that it blocks the adjacent USB port so that it cannot be used. Slim flash drives are easier to carry and easy to plug into adjoining USB ports. Still related to the casing, an important part of the casing that you need to pay attention to is the Flashdisk cover. We recommend that you choose a cover that connects to the body of the Flashdisk. Because the lid is easy to loose because it is often opened and closed so that it often happens, the Flashdisk cover will be lost because it has been used for a long time. If the lid is missing, the Flashdisk is vulnerable to damage due to foreign objects that enter the mouth of the Flashdisk.

Now more and more diverse Flashdisk capacities are available in the market. Capacity that is too small is increasingly difficult to find, while larger capacities keep popping up. In addition, the price of Flashdisk is increasingly affordable. Well, the capacity of the Flashdisk that you should choose depends on its intended use and also your purchasing power. As an illustration, for the purposes of transferring documents it takes a capacity of 1-2 GB, for the purposes of transferring photos and music it takes a capacity of 2-6 GB, for transferring movie files it takes 4-12 GB, then to run portable programs a capacity of 1-2 GB is required., to keep your USB flash drive safe, 1-2 GB of space is required. Data transfer speed is the speed that the Flashdisk has to read data and store data. Data reading speed is usually higher than storing speed. The highest reading speed on the Flashdisk reaches 34 Mbyte/s (272 Mbit/s), while the maximum storage speed reaches 28 Mbyte/s (224 Mbit/s). Meanwhile, the data transfer speed of USB 2.0 ranges from 14 Mb/s to 24 Mb/s.

The unique sensor allows only one person to access this security system.

But the speed will decrease if you use a USB cable or USB hub. In general, Flashdisk has a feature of storing and displaying data only. For Flashdisks that have basic features like this, users have to make modifications by adding some software so that the Flashdisk has additional features. For example, the addition of security software to add data security features on Flashdisk. Well, if you don't want to bother about data security on the Flashdisk, you can choose a Flashdisk that is already equipped with security features. In fact, currently available Flashdisk with a fingerprint system that is able to provide a high level of security for stored data. To access the data in the Flashdisk with this fingerprint system, a fingerprint is needed. The unique sensor allows only one person to access this security system. For those of you who have the necessity to travel with important data and face many risks on the way, then you should choose a Flashdisk that is specifically designed for situations like this. This type of flash has a strong and sturdy design. This design is made to withstand extreme conditions such as high heat temperatures, excessive friction or high humidity levels.

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