How is the Car Over Credit System?

Promo Buy a Mitsubishi Car September 2022, Want? Best Used Pick Up Car Price List! OLXers Ask, Auto2000 Reply: Can Water Wipers Use Shampoo? Types of Lines Or Road Marks That You Must Know! Jakarta - At the beginning of the year like this, car manufacturers usually compete to offer their latest models to consumers. Some of them will also provide attractive packages so that you are more interested in replacing the old car with a new one. But unfortunately this intention was hindered by the status of the old car which is still in the credit process and has not been completed. In the end, many have canceled changing cars for various reasons. Afraid that later a new problem will arise that makes your head want to burst. On the other hand, not a few car owners with credit status also want to release their vehicles on the grounds that they are unable to continue the installments. This is definitely a condition that makes it difficult for the owner of the car to sleep well at night. But actually the status of the vehicle that is still in the credit process is not impossible to transfer through the over credit process. It's just that this method is still not widely known.

Runs two years later the car in over credit.

Let's discuss the correct way of over-credit so that OLXers' desire to be able to replace the latest model car will soon come true. Simply put, the process of overpaying a car loan is transferring the responsibility for the vehicle installments from the first creditor to the second hand. This means that the recipient of the over-credit is willing to continue the rest of the car installments of the person offering the over-credit. Various reasons are the background of someone wanting to do over credit. It could be because of financial factors, aka not being able to pay the installments, or because there is a sudden need that must be resolved. Instead of getting the car pulled over because the credit is bad, it's better to over credit. The advantage is that the owner of the first car is not included in the BI Checking blacklist. Another reason is because they want to replace the old car with the latest model. It could be because the latest model comes with better features than the previous generation car. Or because it is more 'comfortable' to see the latest generation of design forms. Well, over credit is one solution to the problems or desires of OLXers above. On the other hand, recipients of over-credit offers can also benefit. For example, a car that is over-credited after being calculated, the price becomes cheap. It is enough to change the down payment of the party offering over credit, then continue with the remaining installments. An example of a car on credit with a low down payment is around Rp. 15 million with an installment tenor of 4 years. Runs two years later the car in over credit. The recipient of the over-credit offer may simply replace the Rp 15 million down payment and then pay the installments for the remaining two years, the car is paid off without any problems. But this all depends on how the negotiation between the party offering over credit and the party receiving the over credit offer.

What you need to pay attention to is insurance.

Another advantage of accepting a car over credit is that the condition of the car is still relatively new and the warranty is still there. Usually a car warranty lasts up to three years of ownership. There are even those who dare to provide a guarantee of up to five or even seven years. This means that if the credit car has only been running for two years, there is still one year of warranty remaining. In case of damage, the warranty is still valid. What you need to pay attention to is insurance. Every car whose purchase contract is by way of credit is usually already packaged with insurance. But for insurance matters, it will not immediately apply to the hands of the over-credit recipient. So it's best after the deal to take over the vehicle that is still in the credit process, you should report changes to the data to the insurance concerned. Do you understand what the over credit system is?

The problem in question is being late in paying installments.

Now if OLXers are finally determined to decide to take over a car that is still tied to credit, it's just a matter of listening to the proper and correct over-credit procedures from the beginning until the deal process takes place. The first procedure for over-crediting a car is to make sure that the seller (first creditor) doesn't have installment problems as long as the credit is running. The problem in question is being late in paying installments. Look for information from the leasing party for the track record of paying the installments for the car you want to buy. Don't arrive at the BPKB collection process when the car is paid off, OLXers still have to pay a late installment fine, amsion! If you have, now it's your turn to check the completeness of the car such as administrative documents and other documents. Pay attention to one by one, don't miss anything. Make sure the Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK) tax is still alive so that OLXers are comfortable and safe when driving. The most important thing is when you receive an over credit offer, be sure to involve the leasing party. This is mandatory, because the leasing party or credit provider must know if there is an over credit transaction process. Many cases of taking over cars under the hands of aliases are carried out without involving leasing companies which eventually lead to legal problems.

So once again, OLX reminds you, bring a leasing party if you want to accept a car over credit. Try to be honest with the car leasing party and the bank that provides credit facilities. Explain in detail the reasons why you do over credit. If the reason is because of financial ability, let them analyze the reason. Likewise, if the reason for over credit is because you want to take a car with the latest model. As long as the reasons are right and in terms of the installments that are already running, there are no problems with delays and others, it seems that the intention to change to a new car will not be a problem. If you are still unsure about the price set or the cost to acquire a car by way of over credit, OLXers can also do the calculations themselves.

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If from the beginning the price offered was fairly cheap, it's still better to review it. The negotiating power of OLXers is very much needed in this case. Find information about the price of a used car, a car that will be over-credited, starting from the type and year, recalculate and compare the price of a car that is over-credited with the market price of a used car. If in doubt, don't hesitate to ask someone who knows better. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Now advertising and searching for items on OLX is very easy and fast. Enjoy buying and selling online anywhere with the OLX Indonesia mobile app! Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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