How long is OVO blocked?

What causes OVO to be blocked? Here's the full review! Basically all Digital Wallets, both Dana, OVO and GoPay, have an automatic account block feature when the system detects suspicious activity on the OVO application. This Block feature aims to maintain the security of accounts that have indications of suspicious activity such as errors in entering a PIN, transferring large amounts of balance and other activities that may harm the account. OVO is blocked, incorrect PIN is temporary, occurs because the user enters the wrong security code (PIN) when logging in / transactions in the OVO application so that the account is automatically blocked. While OVO is permanently blocked, usually due to indications of account theft, hacking or violations of the Community Guidelines when using the OVO application. OVO account is blocked based on user request. The account was detected making a suspicious transaction. There is potential for data manipulation. Violation of the terms and conditions of service. ID card data indication used by someone else. The cellphone number is detected to be used by someone else. Too many failed login attempts. Account hijacking attempts. Blocking by the user: OVO account is blocked at the request of the account owner for certain reasons such as the account being lost or stolen. Blocking by OVO system : Account blocked due to violation of OVO Community Guidelines. Blocked OVO accounts are generally marked by the appearance of an account blocking notification in the form of a code or notification via an application or email. The characteristics of a blocked OVO account can be seen due to transaction restrictions, both top up, transfer and balance withdrawal. OVO account temporarily blocked: Account access restrictions only last temporarily between 3 - 24 hours. OVO account permanently blocked: Account access restrictions last forever (permanently) until the owner verifies account recovery. Real name registered with OVO.

Email registered with OVO.

Original Identity Card (KTP/SIM/PASPOR). Active number according to OVO. Email registered with OVO. In addition, you need to attach supporting evidence so that the OVO account can be returned / restored. If it turns out that no violations are found on your OVO account, then the account will be restored and access restrictions will be lifted. How to open an OVO account that is temporarily blocked due to a wrong PIN can be done by logging in / signing in to the account after a while because basically the blocking is only temporary. The duration of OVO being temporarily blocked due to wrong OVO PIN 3 times only lasts for 3 hours after the account is blocked. After that, you can login again as usual. Before logging in again, make sure the security code (PIN) is correct so that the account is not blocked again. Overcoming a blocked OVO can only be done by contacting OVO Customer Service by requesting an account review. How to activate a blocked OVO can be done by sending an account recovery request to the OVO team along with valid supporting evidence so that the blocking is cancelled.

Photo of e-KTP must be original and up-to-date, not photocopy/printed and not edited. Selfie photos must be clearly visible (face is not cropped, not covered by a mask, not wearing sunglasses, and so on). Photos are not blurry or not in low light/dark conditions. The selfie photo must match the face on the identity card. Social Media : OVO Indonesia. Open the OVO application then select the Account Profile menu. Finally click Start Chat. After the OVO team has verified the problem and received the supporting evidence you sent, then you just need to wait for feedback regarding the report you sent. If you feel that there are security problems with your OVO account, then you can choose the option to block the account. You can choose this option if your account has been hacked by someone else so that your balance is not stolen. In addition to email, you can also contact the toll-free OVO Call Center 1500 696 so that the blocking process is carried out faster. Confirm the full name according to the identity you use in the application. The cellphone number on the OVO account that you want to block.

Another mobile number that OVO can call. Email registered with OVO service. The reason for blocking OVO account. You need to provide clear information about the reason for the blocking request. You can also complete the request by attaching a screenshot of the situation that was the reason for the blocking. You need to be aware of the various causes of temporarily or permanently blocked OVO. Ensure that passwords, PINs and cellphone numbers are not known to others. Don't share email access freely. Keep your OVO PIN confidential. Do not share the OTP code with others. Do not click on links that are indicated to be fraudulent. You must treat your OVO account as a very important personal asset so that confidentiality and access must be strictly limited. Also pay attention to the activity of browsing the internet with various devices. In today's information age, data theft mechanisms are growing.

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