How many GB FF MAX Full Data

Free Fire is a very popular battle royale game. This game is even claimed to have the highest number of fans in 2020. Even though it is often considered a "dodgy" game, that doesn't stop Garena from launching the FF Max Apk with a higher version. Garena has indeed made a new breakthrough that is slightly different from other battle royale games. Because when other games release separate versions of the game by lowering the quality so that it can be played on low-end class phones, Garena actually does the opposite. The term dotted game, 8 bit and so on is often intended for the Free Fire game. Even so, the success of the FF game in winning the award as a 2020 mobile game certainly cannot be underestimated. This is one proof of the existence of the Free Fire game on the world stage. Meanwhile, when talking about the graphic quality of the Free Fire game, which is often called "smeared", it's actually not quite right. The reason is that in terms of graphics, the Free Fire game is equipped with several settings which of course can be adjusted to the device used. Even so, ridicule about the quality of the graphics in the standard version of the Free Fire game seems to provide its own challenge for Garena to launch another version of the Free Fire game with high-quality graphics. With detailed graphics, the game will feel more real and alive.

Basically this FF Max game is a revision of the usual FF game. FF Max is specially designed to provide a premium gameplay experience in battle royale. In this game there are features that are almost the same as the original version of the FF game but with even higher graphics and resolution. Not only limited to the visual appearance that is increasingly stunning, the audio quality in this game is no less jarring. In addition, the addition of items to the differences in characters and weapons presented is also a special attraction that does not escape the spotlight. As for the control of Free Fire Max as usual, the movement stick is on the left side of the screen and can be used to control your character. The buttons for shooting, reloading, jumping, lying down, and ducking are on the right.

Here is the review for you.

When you find boxes, weapons, vehicles or doors, you can interact by pressing the pop up button. While the inventory box in the upper right corner of the screen is used to select the weapon you want to use. The map itself is in the top left corner. Free Fire Max is very similar to other battle royal games, where you have to parachute and land on an island. Once you land, your first mission is to find your weapon as quickly as possible, otherwise you will fall victim to other players' attacks. You also have to be careful with force fields which will reduce the size of the map so if you step outside it will be game over for you. FF Max is specifically designed to provide an unforgettable premium gaming experience with stunning audio-visual quality in it. Although all modes remain the same as the standard version of FF, there are several things that distinguish these two FF games. The player database itself will be saved so you don't need to create a new account when you want to install FF Max. Then what are the differences from the usual FF games and FF Max? Here is the review for you. The graphics quality is better than the original version is indeed the main attraction of this FF Max game. When compared to the standard version of FF where the best settings are only limited to Ultra, then in FF Max you can enjoy higher modes in Super Ultra.

If you open the settings on Free Fire Max, you will see a lot of extras that you can activate.

Graphics quality will be improved graphically, from objects, character textures to special effects and shadows. While the sound quality is also much better with more bass sound effects. If you open the settings on Free Fire Max, you will see a lot of extras that you can activate. Such as HD Texture, Visual Effects, Video Login, etc. Self-Video Login will show you an animated movie before you enter the game. Free Fire Max uses higher performance so that it can reach a wider area. This way you can see objects further away and it will greatly affect the game. With this new feature in FF Max, you can see points on the map more realistically and further away. So that the players also have the ability to detect remotely. In addition to visually pampering, this feature will also affect the course of the game. In FF Max there is a feature that allows your shots to leave bullet marks on the wall. With this feature, you can find out whether there is a battle in the area or not. This can also be a sign of the presence or absence of enemies near you.

Higher graphics quality will certainly greatly affect the file size, as well as FF Max.

In this latest version of the FF game, survivors will find a lobby that looks completely new with stunning 3D effects and animations. So that the characters in the game will look much more real and alive. In the FF Max game, there is a new weapon sighting feature with more powerful power and has a scope of up to 8x. In addition, the 3D map in this game also has better quality. In this FF Max game, there are two new characters, namely Kapella and Lucas and the pet Ottero. Kapella herself is a new female character with the special ability of Healing Song so that you can use it as support in your squad. In addition, if Kapella's character dies, teammates will only receive a small amount of damage from bullets or explosions. While the character Lucas is a soccer player with a Hat-trick ability that allows a certain amount of HP to be restored. Higher graphics quality will certainly greatly affect the file size, as well as FF Max. In this case FF Max requires more device storage.

When compared to regular FF which requires 500 MB, FF Max needs 1.5 GB more. In addition to having a larger file size, FF Max games also require more battery power compared to regular FF. So don't be surprised if the battery consumption is more wasteful. As a solution, the HP device used must be really capable. In addition to having a larger capacity, the use of resources on smartphones to play FF ​​Max games has also increased. This not only affects the extravagant battery consumption but also high CPU, GPU and RAM requirements. Therefore, to be able to run the Free Fire Max game properly, higher hardware is needed. At least have a RAM capacity of 2 GB or more, but a RAM capacity of 4 GB or more is highly recommended. Unlike PUBG Mobile, Garena doesn't divide its player base and this is probably the best part of FF Max and regular FF. All FF players from both versions can play together. Players can also use a regular FF account to login to FF Max. If the normal Free Fire game does not really need a smartphone device with high specifications, then this is not the case with FF Max. One of the causes of the popularity of the FF game itself is believed to be because this game can be played by almost all types of cellphones and even "potato" cellphones. Qualified graphics quality with ultra HD resolution in FF Max games requires minimum specifications on HP devices which are also higher than ordinary FF. Please note that this Free Fire Max game has a size of 1 GB and that does not include the installation data. So when combined as a whole, the Free Fire Max game has a capacity of 2 to 3 GB.

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