How much is a visa to Germany

The Schengen visa is valid for visiting the Schengen area for tourism reasons, visiting friends or family, traveling on business, attending trade fairs, or other purposes other than getting a job for a maximum of 90 days in a 180-day span. If you wish to apply for a German Schengen visa with a stay longer than your intended trip because you have to visit Germany regularly for business or personal purposes, you must state this clearly on the application form and provide sufficient evidence (e.g. a letter from the employer, explanation of personal reasons, etc.). Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain. Germany is the first country to visit for a trip with the same duration of visit in other Schengen countries. Please double-check which Schengen country is authorized for your visa application! Obtaining a Schengen visa by providing false information to the Embassy of a Schengen member country that is not authorized to apply for your visa according to the list of criteria above may result in refusal to enter the Schengen area and criminal prosecution. The German Embassy in Jakarta also as a representative accepts applications for a Schengen visa with Latvia as the main destination of travel. Processing time is approximately 15 days from receipt of application at the Embassy. Please note that there is a courier delivery process that may take a few days for a visa refund. Please contact the VFS Global office directly for an appointment. Utilization of VFS Global office services is not mandatory; any additional fees arising therefrom are paid directly to the VFS Global office at the time of appointment. Apart from that there is a Schengen Visa fee of 80.00 Euros (reduced to 40.00 Euros for visa applicants under 12 years) which is also payable at VFS Global at the time of appointment and is paid in Indonesian currency, Rupiah.

Fill out the visa application form in full here..

The fee will be submitted to the Embassy. Diplomat passport holders, which basically after making a previous appointment can directly apply for a visa in the near future at the German Embassy in Jakarta. Please contact the visa department by e-mail to make an appointment. The Embassy would like to inform that other applications for short stay (eg husband/wife or children of German or EU nationals, business persons) must apply through VFS Global. It is not possible to submit an application directly at the Embassy. For better preparation we advise you to first read our FAQ in preparing your application. We hope that the collection of the most frequently asked questions/answers will help in preparing for the visa process and clarifying if there is any ambiguity. Make an appointment at VFS Global to submit a visa application. You can submit your application no later than 6 (six) months before your planned trip and visa applications can be submitted at least 15 days before your departure date. Fill out the visa application form in full here.. Collect the required visa application documents in advance.

Lack of required documents or evidence may result in visa refusal. Make sure you have a travel health insurance policy for the entire duration of your trip. See list of Health Insurance Companies. If your fingerprints were submitted at the time of applying for a Schengen visa five years ago, you can submit your application through an authorized individual at VFS Global - even if the fingerprints were given at the German Embassy in Jakarta, at German representatives worldwide or at a representative from another Schengen member country. Please note that an appointment is still required. However, there is a possibility that fingerprints previously stored in the VIS system cannot be used for your new application due to poor scan quality or other technical issues, so your in-person presence is still required.

In addition, we can invite your direct presence to clarify a number of questions through direct conversations with you. If one of the parents/guardians resides abroad, the parent/guardian can give permission for the child's visa application at the German Embassy/Consul in the country of residence. Caution: Beware of Untrusted Visa Agents! German state representatives do not cooperate with any particular intermediary or agency. For the visa process, only a visa fee is charged as requested by the Embassy. The collection of passports, application forms or information sheets, as well as making appointments, is free of charge. Please do not submit unsolicited documents to the Visa Department. These documents cannot be saved and/or categorized. You are required to bring all the required documents at the time of the appointment. To submit your visa application, please come personally to your appointment at VFS. At the time of your appointment, you can submit all your complete visa application documents, pay the visa fee and answer questions about your planned trip. In addition there will be taking photos and fingerprints. The German Embassy will examine and make a decision on your application. Basically it takes at least 15 working days. If there are additional documents required, the visa processing process will take longer.

Rejection - What to Do?

Please understand that questions regarding your visa status which are still in progress will essentially not be answered. Then it applies: questions must come from the visa applicant in person, his legal representative or a person who has been authorized to get answers. If your visa application is approved, you will get your passport back through VFS. Basically, you collect your own passport in person, if this is not possible, you can send a representative to collect the passport. For this, a written power of attorney is required and the letter must be brought by your representative. Rejection - What to Do? If your visa application is rejected, we will state the reason for the refusal in the refusal statement, which we will submit together with your passport. You are allowed to submit a new application that has been completed, strengthened, and can be re-verified. The visa applicant or the party authorized by the applicant may file an objection (appeal) in writing to the visa refusal within the specified time limit. Information on the appeal process is only provided to the applicant himself or to parties authorized by the applicant. The appeal process is free of charge. Visa Issuance - What's Next? Pay attention to the data information on your visa! You are required to check the data information on your visa after receiving the visa.

If there is an error you are asked to notify us immediately, so that a new visa can be printed immediately. The embassy cannot be held responsible, if there are errors or incomplete data on the visa sheet which results in travel delays. Your visa includes your full name, passport number and your photo. There is also the length of validity of the visa, which means the period of time, during which the trip can take place. In addition, there is the number of days of residence permit, which means the number of days the residence permit is valid, where you can be in the Schengen area maximum. The granting of a Schengen visa does not constitute a guarantee for inbound travel. The final decision to be able to enter the Schengen area is at the border checks by the border police. So there is a possibility, that the border police at the time of entry will also ask for other documents, such as information regarding finances, duration and purpose of the trip as well as health insurance coverage, in addition to a valid passport and visa. Therefore you should bring a set of other visa documents (among others: invitation from Germany, hotel reservation, travel health insurance) when traveling.

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