How Servers Work and Examples

Understanding Server - Server is a computer system that has special services as data storage. The role of the server is very important in sending or receiving available data and information. Data storage is used for internet sites, science or just storing documents or information. Furthermore, the data is used to perform various services. Such as, receiving or sending emails, displaying websites and others. With the server, the resources that must be controlled are many. So, computer servers must have high specifications so that the server can work optimally and optimally. These servers run administrative software, thereby controlling access to resources and the network they contain. Server Type1. Web Server. Web Server is a computer network that serves HTTP and HTTPS requests. The web page sent by the web server in the form of HTML and CSS documents will be processed by the browser which will be easily read by the user. The main function of a web server is to send or transfer files at the request of the user through a predetermined communication protocol. Users can access the form of images, text and videos through the browser. In addition to publishing websites, the benefits of web servers are also widely used in other devices such as routers, printers, and web cameras that serve http access on a local network.

Post Office Protocol 3rd version/ POP3 is sending messages received by PC Local Hard Drive.

It is intended to facilitate review and management tools. The quality of the web server used will affect the performance of the website. There are several types of web servers that are used, but the best web server that is able to maximize website performance is LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed ​​itself has 3 times better performance compared to other web servers. 3. If available, the web server will send the intended data to the browser. If the client request is not found or an error, the web server will send a notification / notification to the browser. Mail Server serves users in exchanging messages to fellow users electronically. Mail servers are able to accommodate and forward email from the sender to the recipient of the email. There are two categories of mail servers, namely incoming mail servers and outgoing mail servers. Incoming mail servers are POP3 and IMAP. Post Office Protocol 3rd version/ POP3 is sending messages received by PC Local Hard Drive. While the Internet Message Access Protocol / IMAP copies of messages sent and received into the mail server. Mail servers are mostly used by business people, because they can send more marketing emails at once to recipients. In addition, the mail server also has a special security system that can block incoming and outgoing email spam.

In a different line, the function of the mail server is to exchange messages to other users in the form of images, text and videos through the browser. Database server is a computer network that provides services in the form of database management and accepts client requests to access data on the server. There are four types of database servers, namely, flat file databases, object databases, relational object databases and relation databases. The database server function provides users with regular big data services so that they will be easy to search. In addition, the database server also serves access to a data simultaneously. To access the database server the user needs to use a query language, one of the query languages ​​is SQL (Structured Query Language). File Server is a computer network as a central file storage. Storage of these files such as videos, pictures, music, documents, databases and others.

All data can be accessed by network-connected devices. The file server has a main function, namely as the heart of a fast and precise computer network with hard disk capacity and high RAM. So it is easy to control information and communication between network components. File servers are usually used on local networks such as computer networks in schools, offices, internet cafes, homes and elsewhere. An activity carried out so that the server works as efficiently as possible without any problems that allow a server to fail / down. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Server is a network that runs IP address rental services and TCP/IP information to clients automatically. The main function of DHCP Server is to provide IP address services automatically to clients/computers/hosts on the requesting TCP/IP network. So that the administrator role does not need to be preoccupied with manually creating an IP address. 4. DHCPACK: DHCP server responds to client requests, then assigns an address and updates its database database. Printer Server is a type of server that can connect the printer to all computer devices in one network. Thus, users do not need to move data from one place to another to print a single document. In addition, it can minimize expenses/costs if you use the printer together.

WAIS is a computer system used to search indexed data on remote servers. From this search WAIS gets a list of sequential pages or files that have been retrieved from the server. In addition, Wide Area Information Servers are also systems that allow tracking of documents containing current information. Thus, WAIS is referred to as a search engine in an individual website. A proxy server is a computer network that has a positive role as an intermediary between users and web servers. The main function of a proxy server is to secure the user's IP address while surfing the internet. Proxy services are used to secure user identities from accessing to blocking access to sites and social media. So, we can also use a proxy server to control the website. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server is an internet protocol that provides server data access on a network. FTP will connect directly to the file server and provide transfer services, upload files, download using the internet. The main function of this server is to provide services to clients and visitors to access data transfer stored on the server.

39;s computer. The game server that many users do is Steam.

This game server is specifically for gamers. Used to connect players with other players. This server creates a sensation of playing for users because apart from the server itself, it can be established from the client computer playing the game. There are two categories namely, external game server and internal game server. External game servers are game data storage provided directly by the game developers themselves. While the internal storage server itself through the user's computer. The game server that many users do is Steam. Streaming Server is a server that provides services to be able to play videos directly. Like, netflix, viu, youtube and others. With this server, you can access, enjoy large volumes of sound and videos without downloading them first.

Application Server is a device that provides services for any access requests from clients related to the network. The communication uses the HTTP protocol. The difference between an application server and a web server is that the web server is used to create a static website, where the information in it does not change, while the application server is used to create dynamic applications such as transaction applications, messaging services, object pooling and others. Examples of application servers include WebSphere, GlassFush, WildFly and WebLogic. Virtual Server is often called virtualization technology where a physical server is converted into a non-physical or virtual machine that can run a different operating system. Users do not have to worry about resource sharing and server costs when using this virtual server. Server Platform is a system that works as a server engine. Chat Server is an application that handles chat where client and user, where not only two users but several users more than two can be done. They make requests to be connected and take advantage of existing facilities.

List Server as an open discussion for people who will provide announcements, bulletins or advertisements. The list server can also be via email, where the sender can send one email and it will reach several people. Home server is a server used by home users who need services such as home entertainment. The services provided include web services, printing services or file services, so that this computer has various functions. The way the server works is simple, that is, it works according to client requests. For example, the computer we run is working to find the information we need. So, the server will get any information that suits our needs. So, we can access the contents of the website. Broadly speaking, all types of servers work by performing their respective functions. Starting from data storage to serving protection on client computers. It's just that, the type of server that is carried out is different, the service is also different. Computers that serve as servers other than the others, are usually designed to be more different from the client computers.

The device specifications are also different, the specifications used for the server are much higher because they process quite large data, while the operating system uses a special server operating system, namely Linux Ubuntu Server or Windows Server. The server will serve all client requests, both application and data requests to run. The operating system is fast, easy and secure so that clients can work safely and more effectively. As a place to store data sent by the client, in the form of types of documents and information. The server must have a large capacity in order to accommodate a lot of data. So, one client with another can access at the same time. Many large companies use this function to implement big data, all stored data can be processed and accessed by users. This server device has a capacity such as RAM and high hard disk, to manage communication and transfer of information to the client.

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