How to Apply for an Online Loan at UangMe?

How to apply for an online loan at UangMe? We discuss the process, requirements and tips for an application on UangMe to be approved. The application for UangMe begins by downloading the application on the Play Store, filling in data, taking selfie photos and uploading an ID card, sending additional documents, providing access to personal data on mobile phones, submitting an application, waiting for the verification process, receiving notification of approval and disbursement of loans to a personal bank account. 16. Failed Billing, DC Comes to the HouseA. Go to the Google Play Store, please download the UangMe application. Once downloaded, enter the application and an option appears to apply for a loan. Note that the application has the OJK logo listed which indicates that this company is registered and supervised by the OJK. The OJK logo is important to note because currently there are many illegal online loans.

Data access is needed to analyze loan applications.

It is very dangerous to apply for credit at an illegal loan. After downloading the application, consumers are asked to fill in the cellphone number, which is used to apply for a loan (this is mandatory), then UangMe will send a verification code to that number which the consumer must enter the code into the application. Consumers must use the same mobile phone to apply for credit and not change - change. Cell phone replacement may result in rejection of the application. After opening the account and verifying, the application on UangMe displays the ceiling and tenor that can be taken. Begin the submission process in the application. However, at this stage, the borrower cannot be certain that he will get the proposed ceiling and tenor. The process at UangMe asks customers to fill in complete data, then the Artificial Intelligence (AI) credit scoring system will process and then determine how much the ceiling is and how long the tenor can be. The application asks prospective borrowers to agree to access to mobile phone personal data. Data access is needed to analyze loan applications. UangMe asks us to provide access to location data (based on GPS) and cameras. By accessing this data, UangMe can monitor the location of the phone.

The system in the application will read the contents of the data on the ID card.

Fill in and complete the personal data according to the form in the application. The next stage is filling in job data and the amount of income per month. This section is the most important because based on this information, fintech determines whether the borrower has the financial ability to repay the loan or not. Read and understand the loan agreement. Fill in and complete the emergency contact data, such as mobile phone number, name and relationship with the customer, according to the form in the application. Required to write down at least 3 emergency contacts. Take a photo of your e-KTP with the camera on the phone used to open the account. Make sure that the photo of the eKTP is clear, not a photocopy, that the entire KTP is included in the frame and the system can read the contents of the KTP clearly. The system in the application will read the contents of the data on the ID card. Make sure the ID card data read by the system is correct. How to Borrow Money at Danamas Online Loans 2022How to apply for an online loan at Danamas?

Take a selfie with the phone camera where the UangMe app is located.

We discuss the process, requirements and tips so that… How to Borrow Money at KrediFazz Online Loans 2022 How to apply for an online loan at KrediFazz? We discuss the process, requirements and tips so that… How to Borrow Money at Danafix Online Loans 2022 How do I apply for an online loan at Danafix? We will discuss the process, requirements and tips so that the photo ID that has been taken will be read by the UangMe AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine. The results are displayed and the borrower must confirm the correctness of the data. Take a selfie with the phone camera where the UangMe app is located. Not allowed to take with the camera from another cellphone. Make sure that the selfie photos are clear, not blurry and according to the guidelines from UangMe. The selfie photo is important because it will be read by the UangMe AI system for analysis. For disbursement purposes, the bank account must be filled with the name on the same account as the name of the submission. The goal is to avoid the possibility of fraud or misuse. To ensure that, the UangMe application automatically takes the name of the application (name on the ID card) as the account name. The account name cannot be changed again. This will be a problem for those whose name on their ID card is different from the name on their account.

The UangMe system doesn't allow that. After all data is entered, the UangMe credit scoring system will process and generate recommendations for ceilings and loan tenors that can be taken. The verification process at UangMe simplifies and increases the likelihood of credit being approved. Customer problems will be contacted or not, depending on the credit policy at UangMe, most of which already use a credit scoring system. Credit scoring decisions are final, namely approve or reject, approved or rejected. The recommended ceiling for the application can be lower than the initial ceiling displayed when opening the application. Probably because this is the first loan. Later, after paying off the first loan, the borrower can apply for an increase in the loan limit. This increase allows the borrower to take out a larger loan amount at the next opportunity. Applicants whose application is rejected can re-apply. When the re-submission can be made will be stated in the application.

UangMe applies a fairly high late payment penalty.

UangMe will give approval in a short time of less than 24 hours and disburse the loan within 2 working days. Consumers will receive notifications through the application after the funds are transferred to the registered bank account. Withdrawals are made to the registered bank account. UangMe will send an SMS to your mobile number 1 day before the due date to remind you to make a payment. Borrowers can make repayments via ATM, Mobile Banking and Internet Banking. UangMe supports early repayment. Field Collection Visits, namely collections that are carried out directly, through visits to the area/place of domicile of the Borrower. Generally, fintech emphasizes the billing process by telephone at the collection desk. However, billing for visits will be made if needed. If the customer has lost contact, then the process of field collection visits to homes and offices is carried out. A third party, agency collection or known as a debt collector can be used, especially at the field collection stage. Done as part of the operational efficiency of fintech, so that fintech can focus on main operations such as the underwriting process. So, if a debtor takes UangMe, it must be ready to be visited by debt collectors when credit payments are in arrears. Especially if the payment is more than 30 days late. UangMe applies a fairly high late payment penalty. The amount of the late penalty can be seen in the credit agreement when the loan is approved.

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