How to File a Complaint on Shopee?

Mistakes when shopping online are sometimes difficult to avoid, especially if the mistake was made by the seller himself. As a buyer, it will be difficult for you to avoid such risks, because everything depends on the accuracy of the seller. Sellers who are not careful can, you know, forget to send goods for some reason. So, as a smart buyer, you must know how to complain at Shopee that the goods were not delivered. Even though Shopee has many users and is known as an e-commerce with integrity that puts the interests of customers first, until now, Shopee fraud for goods not being sent is still common. These irresponsible people make people discourage shopping at Shopee. How to File a Complaint on Shopee? When you experience something odd when shopping online, you must immediately file a complaint to avoid losses. Problems such as why Shopee orders have not been sent can potentially harm you, you know. At Shopee, there is such a thing as a warranty period. Shopee Guarantee is the period of time during which the seller must deliver the goods to the customer. If you find out why your Shopee order hasn't been shipped even though the seller's warranty period has expired, you can immediately file a complaint. There are several ways to file a complaint that you can do.

How to complain through Twitter is fairly unique, you know.

Come on, see here. Shopee provides customer service that will serve customers 24 hours. When you send an email containing a complaint that the item was not sent, you will get a friendly and fast response from Shopee customer service. How to complain through Twitter is fairly unique, you know. You only need to tweet your complaint by mentioning @ShopeeID or @ShopeeCare. After that, you just have to wait until the queue is finished and your complaint will be responded to. Even though the queue of complaints is quite a lot, the Shopee admin is also not losing a lot. So, you don't have to worry about your complaint being answered in a long time, okay? The solution to your problem will be responded to directly by telephone, because you can interact directly via voice with Shopee customer service. To be able to make calls to this number, of course you need credit. So that your credit is not sucked up a lot when calling CS Shopee, you immediately complain about your problem so that CS can immediately provide a solution. In the Shopee application there is, you know, a Live Chat feature with customer service. This feature allows you to submit a complaint via the Shopee application.

With this feature, you can chat directly via chat with customer service. To be able to use this Live Chat feature, you can click the "Help" button and you will be given the option to read the guide or directly chat with Shopee customer service. If you choose to use Live Chat, there will be a CS on the other side who is ready to serve and resolve your complaint. Through Live Chat, you can also be given a guide on how to complain about missing items on Shopee. Quickly, the Shopee Live Chat admin will help with all your problems. If the goods are not sent by Shopee, is the money back? The rules for selling on Shopee are actually simple. Sellers only need to ship the goods before the Shopee warranty period ends. The responsible seller will deliver the goods on time and the customer does not need to extend the warranty period. However, the buyer must extend the warranty period if the shopee order has not been shipped by the warranty period.

You can extend the Shopee shipping guarantee by clicking the "Extend Shopee Warranty Period" button on your order menu. Next, you will get a notification "Shopee Warranty Period has been extended". For how many times you can extend Shopee's warranty period, you can only do it once and the warranty period will usually be added 3 days from the time you apply for an extension. The important thing is that you haven't clicked on the "Order Received" button on your order menu. If your order has arrived and you have already extended the warranty period, you don't need to cancel the Shopee warranty extension. If you have received the goods safely and in suitable conditions, then you only need to click the "Order accepted" button. If the Shopee warranty period runs out, the item has not arrived, then you can cancel the order and apply for a refund. You will get your money back if the item has not been shipped provided you have not confirmed receipt of the order.

3. Select "Reason" and click "Not accepting orders".

If you wish to get a refund, your order must still be within the warranty period. Now, for how to apply for a refund at Shopee because the item was not sent, you can apply for it with the following steps. 1. Click the "Submit a Return" button on the "Order Details" page. 2. Select the product you did not receive. 3. Select "Reason" and click "Not accepting orders". 4. Fill in other details such as a seller who cannot be contacted or others. 5. If so, click "Submit". What If Seller Refuses Refund on Shopee? One acceptable reason when you apply for a refund is when the seller didn't ship the item and the customer actually didn't receive the item.

As long as you haven't confirmed your order within Shopee's warranty period, your funds are still safe because it's still being held by Shopee. However, the seller must still receive a refund. If the seller refuses the return request and sends a complaint to Shopee, the Shopee team will ask for several documents related to the return for further processing. These documents are in the form of chat history with the buyer, proof of delivery of goods, and photos/information that can prove that the package has been sent. If Shopee considers the proof sent by the seller is valid, then the refund you submit will be automatically rejected. On the other hand, if the proof sent by the seller is invalid, then you will get your funds back.

As an online business at Shopee, you must be able to sell smartly and avoid complaints from buyers.

One of Shopee's successful strategies to become the best marketplace in Indonesia is to provide convenience and security in online buying and selling activities for both sellers and buyers. So, with all the ease of filing a complaint, Shopee is committed to continuing to provide the best service for all its users. Also read: Find out 5 Shopee Success Strategies to Become a Trending E-Commerce! Those are some things you need to know to avoid losses because Shopee sellers don't ship your order. If this happens to you, Shopee will be ready to serve you for the convenience of shopping online at Shopee. As an online business at Shopee, you must be able to sell smartly and avoid complaints from buyers. If there are buyers who complain because of your carelessness, your Shopee store can be subject to a Shopee penalty, you know. To avoid Shopee penalty points, manage your online shop efficiently with Ginee Omnichannel! If you open a store in many marketplaces, you will have no more trouble managing everything by using features from Ginee. There will be no more late delivery of orders because one of the benefits of Ginee is to make it easier for you to manage orders. Come on, join Ginee now and get a full 7 day free trial!

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