How to get permission to cover songs

How to get permission to cover songs on YouTube is an important aspect that needs to be understood by everyone who wants to do a cover. This is directly related to the prevailing norms because there are copyrights and other intellectual property rights in a song. This is also an important reason why the decision to ask for permission to cover songs on YouTube must be in accordance with official permission. In the arrangement of laws and regulations in Indonesia, it has also been regulated in detail how a work has been protected by regulations. Moreover, the interest of the cover will be carried out on social media such as YouTube. So that the quality of licensing is also important to be carried out more optimally, because in addition to copyright matters for uploading on social media. Like YouTube, automatically there will be parties who feel aggrieved.

And in fact, if the process of uploading songs on the YouTube channel generates a lot of benefits.

Because in general the purpose of uploading the video on the youtube channel is to get a big response back. If the audience response is large enough, indirectly big profits will also be obtained by the person who has uploaded the video. And in fact, if the process of uploading songs on the YouTube channel generates a lot of benefits. Then automatically the creator and the rightful owner of the song are also entitled to get royalties. If there is a copyright claim, in general there will be two losses at once. First, the quality of videos on YouTube will not get more income, both parties who violate copyright are of course also important to realize that they will get serious legal threats. The following is a procedure for obtaining a good permit. The first thing that must be done by people who want to cover songs on YouTube is to contact the original owner of the content. This is a way of making song covers with good rules and certainly not breaking the law.

As a supporting aspect, the rules for asking permission from the original owner of the content can be seen from the available contact persons. This makes it easier for users to contact the owner of the original song. However, it does not end there, the process of obtaining the permit cannot be separated from the presence of a second party, namely the record label. Because this record label has the right also in a song that will be uploaded on the youtube channel. Why does this method of licensing song covers on YouTube also have the right to involve parties from recorded music labels in production? Because if the original owner has died, apart from the victim's family, the label management can be an option to get official permission and of course in accordance with the rules. Furthermore, to get a way to upload YouTube videos free of copyright claims, apart from asking for permission, it is also important to have an aspect in the form of sending an email. Writing this email is indirectly important to pay attention to the politeness aspect so that there is good feedback. As an option to get good permission, the writing of the email must also be good and polite. For example, through the opening, the main content of the letter asking for permission, to closing the letter with a good request. It is important to note that the contents of this permit are also important to note. As one of the main goals in getting good quality permissions that there will be benefits if the owner of the account uploads videos on the youtube channel.

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Even though the benefits do not come from YouTube, the requesting party also needs to explain that there are other benefits that will be available. This is related to royalties if the quality of the upload can get enough attention. After that it is important to note that the capacity to achieve maximum results in requesting permission is also important to note that the results of the email need to be stored properly. Moreover, if there is a good response, it is very important to save the document if one day it is needed. The quality of getting a good permit indirectly is indeed important to note. How to get permission to cover songs on YouTube through the above procedure can certainly give maximum results. When you decide to cover someone else's song on Youtube, you also need permission from the owner of the song. Justika's advocate partners who have more than 5 years of experience are ready to help you with song cover permission issues. Now, chat consultations with experienced advocates only start from IDR 30,000. With this price, you can get a solution to your legal problems by telling the problems you are facing through the chat column. Later the system will look for an advocate to help solve your problem. For problems that require further solutions, you can take advantage of telephone consultation services starting from IDR 350,000 for 30 minutes or IDR 560,000 for 60 minutes.

Face-to-face consultations can be done when you really need advice directly from a trusted lawyer for more complicated cases. For only IDR 2,200,000, you can meet in person for 2 hours to ask further questions to show relevant documents to help with your problem. All legal information contained in this article is prepared for educational purposes only and is of a general nature. To get legal advice specific to your case, consult directly with an experienced legal consultant by clicking the consultation button below. Reviewer: Naila Syarif, SH Reviewer: Naila Syarif, SH Reviewer: Naila Syarif, SH Reviewer: Naila Syarif, SH PT Justika Media Indonesia, AD Premier Office Park 9th Floor Jl.

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