How to Report a Shopee Scam

The rapid growth of e-commerce has made a lot of people now divert their buying and selling activities through the marketplace. Although this development brings advantages, the development of the online shopping system provides an opportunity for individuals to commit fraud. Then, are there scams in marketplaces like Shopee? How do I report fraud on Shopee? Therefore, every individual who will conduct buying and selling transactions online is expected to be more thorough in transacting online. If you find any discrepancy in the transaction process, don't hesitate to report it to the party who has the authority to resolve it. Is there a scam on Shopee? All places can be used as a medium for individuals to carry out their actions when the target is negligent. Therefore, let's see how to report fraud on Shopee in this article to avoid losses from both the seller and buyer side. Maximize business efficiency and create personalized experiences for customers from various Multi-channels in Online and Offline sales. How to Report a Shopee Scam? Phishing or attempts to gain access to your account by stealing important information such as personal data and passwords.

39;s an official account or not, you can also contact Shopee Customer Service first to ensure.

Fraud cases like this often occur, especially the Shopee Pay scam over the phone. Have you ever received a call or message from an unknown number that more or less claimed to be from Shopee informing you that you won a raffle prize? You need to be aware of this type of fraud, because usually the perpetrators will urge you to immediately send your credit card or ATM number information or ask you to mention the incoming OTP code. To avoid scams like this, it's a good idea not to be easily tempted by lured gifts, make sure to always check the link or social media used to contact you whether it's an official account or not, you can also contact Shopee Customer Service first to ensure. In addition, starting from November 2018, Shopee provides a page containing a form intended for fraud victims to be able to report a chronology of fraud incidents that they experienced when making transactions. You can report the fraud mode through the Shopee call center at 1500702. Customer Service via telephone is a 24-hour service from Monday - Sunday including national holidays so you can call whenever needed.

Fraudulent Messages on behalf of Shopee (include a brief chronology).

You can file a fraud report via the short message service or SMS. This method is more practical, but the message format must be appropriate so that the case can be handled by Shopee more quickly. Fraudulent Messages on behalf of Shopee (include a brief chronology). Example: SMS 08xxxxxxxxxx (message content / SMS fraud). Make sure your email title and email content are relevant so that your report can be followed up by the Shopee team more quickly. In addition, there is also a Shopee Pay Later scam where the perpetrator will think about how to get the OTP code from the user, after gaining access to the user's account, the perpetrator will make a purchase using Pay Later which then the installment is charged to the owner / user of the account that has been successfully hacked. Is Shopee Liable for Fraud?

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Shopee also urges its users to be aware of fraud that has been rampant in recent times. Through the Shopee Education Center page, it has also emphasized users to always maintain the confidentiality of the verification code (OTP) because OTP is the last defense of the system at Shopee. Hassle Set Up an Online Shop? Ginee is the solution! Join Ginee to get the latest promo. Come on, immediately increase turnover! The fraud mode in general has almost the same pattern. For example, fraud via telephone calls by individuals claiming to be from Shopee, promising prizes, and asking for verification codes from users. Quoted from a reader's letter in the Consumer Media forum, a user became a victim of the 2 million Shopee Pay scam, chronologically, the user received a call from an individual claiming to be Shopee and informed that the user won a cashback prize of 2 million rupiah. To convince the user, the person will usually mention some information about the user's personal data such as address and phone number.

In the end, the person will use aggressive persuasive sentences that force the victim to immediately provide confidential information such as a 16-digit ATM number, CVV number, or OTP verification code. Therefore, users are advised to remain vigilant and more thorough before accepting any offers from unknown numbers. Keep in mind that the OTP code is confidential which Shopee itself will never ask you when they want to process something. Change your Seller Balance pin. Every official Shopee WA number has a green check mark next to the number used as proof of verification that the WhatsApp belongs to a registered Shopee party. 1 (3 digit number) 7 digit phone number. In addition to fraud with the mode of giving big prizes because you were chosen as the winner, cases of fraud can also occur in the marketplace by irresponsible fellow users. If you find a shop in the Shopee marketplace that you think is suspicious and looks like it has an indication of violating Shopee rules, don't hesitate to report the account so Shopee can review and make a decision. Want to know how to quickly manage an online store in the marketplace? Just with Ginee, managing a marketplace store is getting faster! From product management to analysis of data reports, Ginee can help! 1. Submit your report.

You can report suspicious shops or shops selling counterfeit or imitation goods. Not only sellers, if you suspect a Shopee/buyer user account that has indications of committing fraud, you can also report it. How to report a buyer on Shopee is also more or less the same as reporting a shop/seller account. Fraud cases can happen to anyone, to avoid losses, make sure you are always vigilant, especially in terms of providing your personal information and data including the OTP verification code which is the protection of your account access. If you have already provided the OTP code to the fraudster, immediately contact Customer Service so that Shopee can help you freeze or block your account. Keep in mind that Shopee will never use a personal number to convey information to its users. Not only fraud on behalf of Shopee who often contact you via telephone, there are also naughty elements in the Shopee application. If you find a suspicious store (seller) or user (buyer) account, you can contact Shopee by using the "Report User" feature in the application. You can also report a Shopee Food driver-partner if your order is having problems using Shopee Food services. Provide information on the Driver Partner's mobile number and don't forget to attach evidence in the form of photos or videos.

That's how to anticipate and how to report Shopee user accounts that are suspicious or have indications of committing fraud. Always be vigilant in every transaction you make to avoid unwanted losses. So, how do you report a store on Tokopedia? Do you sell on Shopee? Want to sell more in demand? Don't be a cheater! Just sell honestly on Shopee and in other marketplaces. If you can open an online store in many marketplaces, the benefits you get can be very abundant, you know. Don't be afraid to be overwhelmed by managing an online store in many marketplaces because Ginee Omnichannel will always be here for you! Why should you sell online with Ginee? Because Ginee has many features that can support the success of your online business in many marketplaces. Ginee's advanced features, of course, will help you manage your online store easily and efficiently. Come on, register for Ginee now and get a full 7 day free trial! Having trouble managing an online store that is registered in various marketplaces? Say no to worry, Ginee Indonesia is here for you! Ginee is an Omnichannel Cloud-based business system that provides a full range of reliable features to make it easier to manage all your online stores in just one dashboard! Ginee's features range from product management, sales reports, Ginee WMS, which means you can manage warehousing management more easily, to Ginee Ads to manage all your ads across multiple platforms. Come on, register for Ginee Indonesia now for FREE!

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