How to Restore Lost 4G Signal

Therefore, in connection with the many complaints from users who experience incidents like this, in the following article the editor has prepared a discussion on how to overcome the sudden loss of 4g signal from the user's device. Hopefully, after practicing the tips that the editor will provide below, the lost network or signal can reappear and the connection will return to normal as usual. Before we discuss how to solve this problem, it's a good idea to learn first what are the causes of this sudden missing 4G signal problem. 1. Your area or area has not been covered by a 4G network. Usually if you go to a certain area or for example go to a remote village then this 4G signal will be lost from the device. 2. The weather is bad, for example, when the signal is lost, the weather conditions are heavy rain. 3. The user is in a closed room, for example in an elevator, in a building or under a basement. Even in some cases when the user is in a location and is blocked by a tall building, the signal or connection will be stuttering and slow. 4. The next cause is due to a power outage that affects the BTS tower usually also experiences blackouts. 5. There is maintenance from the operator.

Furthermore, to overcome this, the editorial will discuss in the continuation of the article below.

This cause very often occurs because of the maintenance or repair process to improve network quality. 6. The underwater cable breaks, although it rarely happens, in several previous cases when the 4G signal was lost, one of them was because the underwater fiber optic cable was disconnected. 7. The last cause, due to hardware or device damage. From the explanation above, there are quite a few reasons why this 4G signal can be lost from the device in use. Furthermore, to overcome this, the editorial will discuss in the continuation of the article below. After you know what is the cause of this problem, the following editor will provide tips or solutions to overcome the missing 4G signal from the device you are using. There are several steps you can take to solve this problem. For more details, see the review on the following points: 1. Turn on Airplane Mode The first way you can do when the 4G signal is lost, is to try to turn on airplane mode for a while, then turn it off again. The reason is, when you activate Airplan Mode or airplane mode, the device will not automatically connect to the internet. Then, when airplane mode is disabled or turned off this will refresh the network so that it can restore the lost 4G signal.

3. Switch Network Mode The next tip that you can try is by trying to switch the network mode used.

2. Restart the device As with the previous method, this method also aims to refresh the network on the smartphone device that is used. The way to restart the device is also quite easy, just press the power button and then select the restart or reload option. In addition, you can also do this by turning off the device and then turning it back on. 3. Switch Network Mode The next tip that you can try is by trying to switch the network mode used. The goal is to lure the lost 4G signal so that it can appear again on the device you are using. To do this, go to the Settings Menu, then select Connections and then select Cellular Network Options. Change Network mode to 3G mode for a few minutes.

Next, you change the network mode from 3G/HSPDA to LTE network mode, aka 4G. In this way, the signal captured by the smartphone will change and the lost 4G signal can appear again. 4. Find an Open Place If you are in an enclosed space and this problem arises, then the best solution is to move from the closed room to a more open area or place. For example, when you are in a building or buildings that are closed or surrounded by thick walls and the signal is lost, usually when you go out and are in an open area the signal will return to normal. 5. Check SIM Card If all the steps that have been given to overcome the missing 4G signal above are still unable to restore the lost signal, then the next step you can do is check the SIM card used.

Use a pencil eraser, then rub it on the brass area of ​​the SIM card. Be careful not to damage the SIM card. Usually in this way the signal will be normal, because the method above works to remove dirt on the brass plate which sometimes causes the SIM card to not be read. 6. Try Using Another SIM Card Next, to make sure if the SIM card you are using is not the problem, try using another SIM card to make sure. If using another card a 4G signal can appear, then the damage is on the SIM card. But if it still doesn't want to appear, this could be due to damage to the hardware or device you are using. 7. Other Options The last step to overcome the lost 4G signal, if all the tips above have been done and have not worked, it is highly recommended to bring the device you are using to a trusted smartphone technician in your area. Especially if this problem appears after your smartphone has been dropped or water has entered, then there could be a short circuit in the connector. So to make sure you have to take the problematic device to a service center or an experienced cellphone technician. In addition to the tips and solutions that have been explained above to overcome the problem of missing 4G signals, when this problem arises due to maintenance from the operator, bad weather, power outages, underwater fiber optic cables break, then there is no other solution than waiting for repairs from the party. operator. Thus information about some of the causes why the 4G signal is lost and also solutions or tips to overcome the problem. Hopefully this information is useful for you and good luck.

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