Is Ancol Beach Open 24 Hours

Ancol Beach is a tourist area which is a coastal tourist destination in the city of Jakarta. Tourists can enjoy the fresh atmosphere of Lagoon Beach, Festival, Indah, Beach Pool and Carnaval, as well as Dream Lake. Vacationing in nature is believed to have a calming and pleasant effect. The length of the coastline which is approximately 6.5 km is a place for various tourist activities. This beach tourism is a BUMD that produces the second largest Regional Original Income for the province of DKI Jakarta. To enter this tourist area, visitors need to pay an entrance ticket to the Ancol gate. The ticket price is the same every day. 2. Only visitors who have taken 2 doses of the vaccine can enter the tourist area. 3. Show the status of the vaccine by scanning the QR code that has been provided, and check-in and check-out through the Peduli Protect application. 4. Children under 12 years old can enter the Ancol area if their companion or parent has vaccinated. 5. Comply with health protocols such as wearing a mask, keeping a distance and washing hands. This beach is open every day from morning to night. Even some visitors prefer to come at night to enjoy the night atmosphere by the beach. Especially during the holiday season, the enthusiasm of tourists continues to increase to enjoy the atmosphere of this coastal tourist area. Starting from Carnival Beach, Festivals, and Lagoon Beach, it is crowded with local and foreign tourists.

A number of exciting tourist activities are also available in this coastal tourist area.

Even every weekend, the number of tourists coming here can reach 50-60 thousand people. With so many choices of recreational areas, this beach deserves to be the most favorite tourist spot in Jakarta. A number of exciting tourist activities are also available in this coastal tourist area. The presence of the Sato-sato Tourist Train makes recreation at Ancol Beach even more enjoyable. Its function is to deliver to various destinations such as Dunia Fantasi, Ocean Dream Samudra, and Allianz Ecopark. This mass transportation is also a recreational vehicle while enjoying the scenery along the coast. While the train line stretches for 3.6 kilometers, from the East Gate to Bende Beach to Ocean Dream Samudra and then to the Fantasy World. Operating from 08.00-18.00 WIB, there are three series of trains with a capacity of 400 passengers. One of the carriages is specifically for people with disabilities or tourists with special needs. All tourists can still enjoy these rides at no additional cost. Swimming is a favorite activity for tourists at Ancol Beach. Both children and adult tourists as companions, fill the shallow waters. Tourists usually swim using various forms of buoys.

Even though this coastal area of ​​Jakarta is a safe area, tourists still have to be vigilant. During high tide, tourists should pay attention to the safe limits for swimming. As a seaside tourism, the safety and comfort of tourists in recreation is a priority. The tourism manager of this tourist area already has standard operating procedures related to emergencies, one of which is in the event of a natural disaster. Security officers and lifeguards are ready to direct tourists to meeting points and safe locations. Ancol Beach has white sand that is quite long and wide, perfect for a vacation with family. This tourist beach area allows tourists, especially children, to play sand ball. The clean area is still suitable for children to play to their heart's content on the beach. Ancol Beach has a coastline of 6.5 km. The shoreline area has a promenade that surrounds the shoreline as a recreational support. This 8 meter wide pedestrian area is a relaxing walking area to enjoy the beach atmosphere. Plus the sea breeze blowing, the promenade area is a favorite place to get a relaxing effect. This land and sea boundary is also a photo spot with a sea background, especially at sunset. At some points there is also a fitness park for exercising. This beach has become a tourist choice because of its practical and cheap location. By only paying the entrance ticket at the main gate of the Ancol Taman Impian integrated tourist area, tourists can play as much as they want on the beach. The area of ​​​​the sandy beach is usually a place for tourists to lay out a sitting mat to relax. On weekends and holiday seasons, the beach area is indeed crowded and congested.

Not infrequently tourists find it difficult to find a place to sit. But tourists also understand these conditions and still make this area a favorite place. Tourists with families and children love to be able to swim in the sea. Not a few tourists who come deliberately bring their own food from home. Starting from rice complete with side dishes to pastries, puddings, and other snacks. The Ancol Taman Impian area has photo spots and decorative ornaments scattered throughout the area. These spots are usually a photo background for tourists who come. One way to do this is by exploring the area around Monument Lake, Le Bridge and Lagoon Beach. In this area, tourists can get interesting photo spots. Especially with the background of the sunset moment with a tinge of orange sea at dusk. Like every beach tour, the sunset moment is the best time. Both for tourists who want to enjoy its beauty and make it a background to capture the moment. Various culinary options to enjoy delicious dishes by the beach are available around the beach. Tourists can enjoy the seaside atmosphere while eating lunch or dinner. Several places are available such as Bandar Djakarta, Wooden House, Gubug Mang Engking and many others. In these places, enjoying a variety of menus feels more delicious with the accompanying beach breeze.

The management of Ancol Beach always has a habit of holding events at special moments of the holiday. Such as the turn of the year, Eid, the end of the school year, the anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, and others. At the moment of the turn of the year, the Ancol Beach area holds various events. From fireworks to dozens of musical entertainment stages by the capital's popular artists. Orchestra performances along the east coast of Ancol are centered on the floating stage of Lagoon beach. Welcoming the Birthday (HUT) of the Republic of Indonesia, various special independence activities took place here. Especially in the beach area, tourists can take part in the colossal areca climbing competition which takes place at Carnaval Beach. More than 100 areca nut trees are scattered with millions of rupiah in prizes for each stem. With an area covering an area of ​​552 hectares, Ancol Beach has an integrated tourism object system. With this integration, tourists don't have to bother going in and out of the area to visit other attractions. Some of the attractions in the Ancol Beach area include beach and park tours. Along its coastline lies the beaches of Lagoon, Festival, Indah, Beach Pool and Carnaval, as well as Lake of Dreams. In addition, tourists can enjoy rides to play Dunia Fantasi (Dufan) and water tours of Atlantis. Or visit the underwater aquarium Sea World, Ocean Dream Samudra, Putri, and Duyung Cottages. Tourists can also explore the Marina area, Art Market, Gondola, and so on. The Ancol Beach area already has complete and adequate tourist support facilities. Various facilities are available to support the safety and comfort of tourists who come. This beach tour is located in Ancol, Pademangan, North Jakarta City, DKI Jakarta. To reach it, you can use public transportation such as the Trans Jakarta Bus with Route 05 : Kampung Melayu - Ancol, 5D : PGC 1 - Ancol, 5E : Kampung Rambutan - Ancol, 5H : Harmoni - Ancol.

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