Is Anteraja Sunday a Holiday?

Anteraja courier working hours are often asked by netizens who often shop online. This is indeed very important to know, so that the recipient of the package waits and is at home. Especially for packages sent with COD service. The recipient of the package must stand by and provide money to pay. You are hesitant to leave the house on holidays, afraid that a courier will come to your house. Don't know if the delivery courier is off on Sundays and holidays. The two problems above are problems that are often expressed by online shoppers. Anteraja working hours. Anteraja office opening hours. Answers to some frequently asked questions.

In fact, for the Jakarta area, delivery only takes a maximum duration of 8 hours.

By using the Anteraja delivery service, you can choose several services provided by this company. You can choose the service according to your needs and budget. Each service has its own features and advantages. As the name suggests, this service is able to deliver your package on the same day. In fact, for the Jakarta area, delivery only takes a maximum duration of 8 hours. That means, if you send a package at 9.00 am, a maximum of 17.00 the package has arrived at its destination. With very affordable rates starting from IDR 13,500, this service is often an option for those who need their packages to arrive on the same day. This fast service from Anteraja is suitable for those of you who want your package to arrive immediately. With this service, if your package is delivered today, it is certain that your package will arrive the next day. Anteraja Regular is the most common service used by people who want to send their packages online. The service is still of high quality, it's just that the delivery duration is different. If you intend to visit Anteraja's office near where you live, of course you must know in advance the office hours.

You can find Anteraja offices in several cities & provinces in Indonesia. The head office is in charge of serving customer services and also sorting packages to be sent to branch offices. The working hours of branch offices and agents throughout Indonesia are almost the same. However, it does not rule out the possibility of differences due to local conditions. In addition, there may also be differences in some cities due to more or less quantity of shipments. These branch offices are spread throughout Indonesia, especially the provinces mentioned above. From this branch office the courier will deliver the package to its destination. By knowing the working hours of the courier, you will easily know Anteraja's delivery schedule. That way, for those of you who are waiting for the package to come home, you can prepare yourself to welcome the courier. For that, below will write down the delivery hours of Anteraja. Satria is a term for couriers who deliver packages from branches to their destination. This knight's job is to pick up the package from the sender's place according to the international pickup schedule, then deliver it to the nearest branch office. After the package is at the nearest branch office, the package is sent to the destination address. Satria picks up and delivers packages using two-wheeled vehicles.

Expedition couriers have the task of delivering packages from one branch to another. This delivery uses a four-wheeled vehicle (box car). In addition, there are expedition couriers who are tasked with delivering packages via air by plane. That way, we can see the delivery schedule for the 24-hour Anteraja expedition courier. If you want to send a package using the Anteraja service and use the Sameday service, it is best to send it early in the day. Once you know the address and opening hours of each Anteraja office, you can visit it. But before that, you must first determine the purpose of your going there. You can send packages, ask for packages, pick up packages and make complaints, if you visit a J&T branch/representative in your city. Come to the nearest Anteraja office. Tell the staff about the purpose of your coming there. Choose a service according to your needs and budget. You will get a tracking number to check so you can track the shipment. This step only applies to those of you who want to receive the package. Check the receipt first and make sure that your package has arrived at the Anteraja office to be visited. Prepare a package delivery receipt number.

39;s your package is damaged, lost, stray and late delivery.

Come to the Anteraja office where the package is located. Tell the clerk that you want to pick up the package. You may be asked for details about your package as well as your identity card. Complaints are made if there is a dissatisfaction related to Anteraja's services. Whether it's your package is damaged, lost, stray and late delivery. The point is, if you want to complain, you can do it at the Anteraja branch office. Come directly to your nearest branch office. Post your complaints and shipping issues. Ask for solutions and instructions on what to do. When you're done, say thank you. If the problem is not resolved, continue to follow up by communicating continuously with Anteraja. Is Anteraja Saturday and Sunday off? Answer: As stated above regarding Anteraja's working hours, be it head office, branch office or courier. Anteraja can be relied on to deliver packages every day. In fact, Anteraja on Sundays and national holidays still sends packages to their destinations.

That way, you don't have to worry, if your package is scheduled to be delivered, even if it's a holiday. How do I make a complaint to Anteraja? Answer: For those of you whose package has not arrived or there are problems related to Anteraja's delivery, you can directly complain about the problem to Anteraja. Visit the nearest head office or branch whose working hours we have listed above. Make sure you have prepared your receipt number and complaint record. Convey complaints politely, briefly and clearly. Ask for solutions to your problems. Always say thank you when you are done with your needs. Customer service working hours themselves are 08.00 - 20.00 (every day). How do I track Anteraja shipments? Tracking the shipment is very important to ensure its safety. If at any time the package sent has problems, we can immediately follow up with customer service. You can use the AgogoPost website to track shipments. You can enter your receipt number on this page → check Anteraja receipt. After that, you can press the "track" button.

In addition, you can also continue to monitor the position of your package.

Anteraja's official website can also be your choice to track Anteraja's shipments. After that, please enter your code/receipt number. Next enter the captcha code and click the "track" button. How long is Anteraja's delivery duration? The duration of Anteraja's delivery of course varies, depending on the service package you choose and the distance of delivery. If you use the Sameday service, your package will be sent on the same day. If you use the Next Day service, your package will arrive at its destination the next day. If you use the Regular service, the package will arrive according to the delivery distance. To make sure when your package arrives at its destination, you can check the shipping costs, because the search results will show the estimated delivery time. In addition, you can also continue to monitor the position of your package. That way, you can estimate when your package will arrive at its destination. How to check Anteraja postage? Knowing the shipping costs before sending a package using Anteraja is very important. This is useful for knowing the amount you have to pay when sending the package.

Enter the sub-district where the package originates in the "Origin" column and enter the sub-district to which the package will be sent in the "Destination" column. We hope that this article can be a source of reference for those of you who want to know about Anteraja's working day and all things related to it. Like our goal at the beginning, when you read this article, you will find it helpful. So that you can easily get the gist of our explanation above, we will summarize it. Anteraja has Sameday service for packages arriving on the same day, Nextday for packages arriving the next day and Regular for packages arriving according to the shipping distance. Courier (satria/sprinter) working hours are generally 8.00 - 20.00. His job is to do pick-up and delivery to the location using two-wheeled vehicles. Anteraja expedition courier working hours are 24 hours. That means, Anteraja couriers work day and night to deliver packages from one branch to another. Anteraja's holiday schedule is only available during non-working hours. By looking at the data above, regular Anteraja couriers will operate every day. If there are problems with delivery, you can make a complaint to Anteraja with several options. You can track parcels sent using Anteraja on the AgogoPost website or the application. Anteraja delivery duration depends on the service and the distance of the delivery. Oh yes, in the title above we promise to write tips in the world of sending. One of the classic but frequent problems is that packages become damaged during shipping. Waterproof packaging is very important for your package. Moreover, if the contents of the package should not be exposed to water, such as electronic devices.

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