Is Blue BCA the same as BCA?

Blu is a digital banking application that you can use for saving, making online transactions, investing, and other financial activities. BCA Digital itself is a bank that was previously named PT Bank Royal Indonesia, but was later acquired by BCA and changed its name and concept into an online savings account. Digital banks in Indonesia are increasingly emerging and offer superior features compared to conventional banks. Especially now that everything is digital, so people are used to instant things and are starting to leave the old and complicated ways. Check out the blu by BCA Digital review below. Blu is a BCA Digital mobile banking application. Like other mobile banking applications, you can use blu for transactions even 24/7 for 365 days. Blu has advantages that conventional banks don't have, such as opening an account without having to come to the office, but only online through the blu application.

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Blu can be a financial application that is preferred by millennials who are lazy and like discounts or bonuses. Blu offers free monthly admin fees, so your balance will be intact regardless of the amount. Blu also frees transfer fees and cash withdrawals at BCA ATMs and free transfer fees to other banks for the first 2 months and a maximum of 20 times per month, after opening a blu account. In the online bank review that we reviewed, blu by BCA is included in the best banking application today. From the tests we did, the features of blu are quite complete, rivaling the completeness of the features of Bank Jago and Jenius. Indeed, there are some services from Bank Jago that blu does not have, such as the "Plan Ahead" option. In the blu application you can not only save money in the main account, but you can add other types of accounts as needed.

Pay/buy is a feature to pay bills more easily.

Such as bluSaving, bluGether and bluDeposit accounts. Blu Saving is a special savings feature that is distinguished from bluAccount accounts. This type of account can be used when you have certain desires, such as vacations, upgrading cellphones, laptops, or changing vehicles. So some of your income can be set aside to your bluSaving account. BluGether is a type of joint account that can be used for group interests, such as social gathering, treasurer and other activities. The advantage is, there are 24 members who can join this account, so that everyone can add or view balances and transaction mutations. So all transactions are transparent and can be seen by all members. BluDeposito is a type of time deposit account that provides high interest rates, making it suitable for investment. The nominal deposit offered is also light, starting from IDR 1 million with tenors ranging from 1 - 12 months. Even if you have a sudden need, deposits can still be withdrawn before maturity, with the consequence of not earning interest. In addition to the transfer feature, the blu application also makes it easy to make the following transactions. Pay/buy is a feature to pay bills more easily. Because you can save routine transactions and set payment times so a notification will appear and your bill will not have been paid.

You can withdraw cash up to a maximum of IDR 7 million in a day.

QRIS is a new payment system, so you can pay for any transaction just by scanning the code, the bill will automatically appear and you can pay it immediately. With more and more traders supporting QRIS, this is a crucial advantage of blu compared to Bank Jago which does not yet have QRIS. Although BCA Digital does not have a special ATM, you can still withdraw cash through BCA ATMs spread throughout Indonesia, without any fees. You can withdraw cash up to a maximum of IDR 7 million in a day. For those of you who often use e-money, you don't need to bother to top up, because blu can top up even free of admin fees for the first 2 months. Furthermore, it can still be free with a minimum average balance per month above IDR 1 million. With the blu monitor feature, you can see all transactions that occur in a certain period.

The blu application provides financial reports and can be downloaded easily and can be used for your SPT needs. You can also filter to see only certain types of transactions, such as paying bills, buying credit and transfers. Another advantage of digital banks over conventional banks is the fast registration process and easy terms. Requirements required include KTP and NPWP (optional). From the experiments we did, the blu by BCA registration process was very easy and the verification process was completed quickly. There are no significant obstacles in the account creation process. Then you just have to wait for about the next 60 minutes, your application for opening an account will be approved. Here are some of the advantages that you will get with the blu application. Complete features for saving special savings, mutual savings and time deposits.

Not. The required document is an eKTP, while the TIN is optional.

We have reviewed the comparison between Bank Jago and Blu by BCA for those of you who are interested in seeing the advantages of each bank. Although the features provided are quite complete, according to the tests we did, blu has several shortcomings when compared to other digital bank products. Not yet supported automatic payments for routine bills. Even though you can set payment notifications. Based on our assessment, blu is a solid choice for those of you who are looking for the best online savings. Currently, compared to Bank Jago and Jenius BTPN, blu still lacks features. Naturally, he is also the youngest. Do we recommend blu by BCA Digital? Yes of course! This is a solid product from BCA. If some of the shortcomings are corrected, such as providing physical cards and providing scheduled transaction features, in the future blu can become the number 1 digital bank in Indonesia. BCA Digital, a subsidiary of BCA or included in the BCA Group. Meanwhile, BCA mobile banking is a product of its parent company. Blu can be used anytime and anywhere. In addition, there is no monthly admin fee charged. Not. You can open a blu account even if you are not a BCA customer. Not. The required document is an eKTP, while the TIN is optional. Yes, as long as you have an eKTP and are registered as Indonesian citizens. Also make sure to use roaming to activate the OTP code.

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