Is Bootcamp the same as Course

The content API key is missing, please read the theme documentation. Many say being a programmer is difficult. Those who are interested in the IT field must study at a university for approximately four years. This makes the supply of quality digital talent limited. Meanwhile, technology is developing rapidly in the digital era. For this reason, coding bootcamp is here for ordinary people who want to become programmers in a short time without having an IT background. With the bootcamp, it is hoped that it can build a good ecosystem for the growth of digital talents that can accelerate digital transformation in Indonesia. The name bootcamp comes from a military term that aims to prepare individuals to carry out their duties.

If you feel bootcamp is a challenge for you to develop.

It is the same with TC or training center for athletes who want to enter the arena of competition. Bootcamp is a new way of learning that is different from courses, tutoring, tutoring and lectures because it has an intensive learning schedule with a relatively shorter time of 2-6 months. Even so, it is not easy to follow the training in bootcamp. In addition to having to be able to study under pressure, you also have to be able to complete the tasks and challenges given by the instructor as a teacher in coding bootcamp. If you feel bootcamp is a challenge for you to develop. Here are some things and tips that you should do before entering coding bootcamp from Hacktiv8 Co-Founder Riza Fahmi. Before deciding to enter a coding bootcamp, make sure you are not in college, school, or work.

Because in bootcamp it takes full commitment and concentration to be able to focus on participating in all activities. You also have to complete any unfinished business or work debt so as not to disturb your concentration while studying. If it is not possible to complete it, you can ask for the dispensation to be postponed or temporarily suspended. In essence, clear all schedules to avoid interference from both internal and external. Don't forget to tell the people around you that you will be joining a coding bootcamp that requires concentration, time and energy commitment to complete this program. If you are married, make sure your partner fully supports what you are doing and what you want to achieve. Empty the 'glass' of your mind, forget all the learning methods you've ever learned. Then absorb all the things you get in bootcamp. Because at bootcamp, you are not only taught programming skills, but also equipped with a growth mindset to train communication and empathy. The growth mindset is a mindset that believes that all abilities that are currently not possessed can be learned.

All shortcomings and mistakes can be a lesson to make you grow. The point is to open your mind and heart as wide as possible to learn new things. You must actively communicate in every activity. If you feel you don't understand, you can ask the instructor or group mates. The coding bootcamp requires students to ask questions as often as possible because it basically uses the learn by doing method or self-study. No question is silly or wrong, if asked the right way. Moreover, the instructor at bootcamp acts more as a mentor and not like a teacher. Instructors will help if needed. Therefore you must communicate all the difficulties you experience during the learning process. You can find out the material that you will learn before following the lesson directly. In this way, you can find out the outline of the material from the syllabus to be studied. Read some books that give an overview of the material. Some materials in coding bootcamp include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, Express, PostgreSQL and MongoDB Databases, GIT, VueJS, React Native, Heroku, Aws, and so on. You can find out about these materials and their uses first. JavaScript is the main material used throughout the learning in coding bootcamp. JavaScript is used on the backend as well as on the frontend. You can learn JavaScript fundamentals from books, online courses or articles like the one below. Make sure you are ready to build a new habit consistently to study every day. You can arrange a schedule on the calendar and commit to following the schedule that has been created. Add the created schedule into a calendar application such as google calendar or the like if necessary.

Expand discussions with mentors or instructors.

Use methods like don't break the chain. An example of compiling a simple schedule. There are some important tips that you must do to be able to follow the learning at bootcamp well. The material received is understood and understood, not memorized. Coding does not need memorization. Avoid copy-pasting solutions. Searching for solutions on google or stack overflow is not wrong. Doing a copy-paste solution that is obtained that is not appropriate. Read and understand the code then rewrite the code according to your understanding. Expand discussions with mentors or instructors. Invite friends for discussion. Discuss how to solve a problem or challenge, not copy solutions or give cheats. Don't compare yourself to other people. The way of learning, the learning process and the understanding process are different for each individual. Avoid comparing your learning process with others. Focus on yourself, not on others. The laptop specifications and software that you need to learn at coding bootcamp are as follows. Those are some things and tips that you should do before entering bootcamp. Are you one of those who are able to study under pressure? So get ready to become a reliable programmer by joining a coding bootcamp.

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