Is DBS Bank Safe Enough

Review the experience of using Digibank as an online digital banking application from DBS Singapore bank. Offers many features and conveniences. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this mobile banking application? Follow our experience using it. The advantages of Digibank DBS digital bank are that it has very complete features, free transfer fees for foreign currency transfers abroad (not available at other banks), open an online account. However, Digibank's drawback is the minimum balance requirement of IDR 1 million, subject to admin fees if the balance is below the minimum requirement. Advances in technology and increasingly high internet penetration have made banking digitalization a necessity. Banks are now aggressively launching mobile banking applications. The application is intended to facilitate customer banking activities through digital channels. One of them is the Digibank application from DBS Bank. Incidentally, we've been using this app for some time.

Use fingerprints on smartphone phones that can read finger prints.

The following is an experience using Digibank DBS. Starting from how to register, how to login, the features offered, to the advantages and disadvantages of this application, we will discuss in more detail from personal experience using it. Digibank is safe because it is officially registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Digibank is part of the DBS network based in Singapore and has offices around the world. DBS is also a member of the Indonesian Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS), so deposits and savings at Digibank are safe. 5. If you are in the Greater Jakarta area, schedule a time to meet with our agent to carry out the biometric verification process. If you are in the Bandung and Surabaya areas, you can visit the coffee shop for the verification process. 6. After verification, your digibank by DBS account is ready to use. Use fingerprints on smartphone phones that can read finger prints. Digibank is a comprehensive mobile banking application. All DBS savings account services are available at Digibank online. Starting from Transfer, Pay and Buy, Promo and until spending tracking. All customer accounts at DBS will immediately appear in Digibank. Customers can monitor all their accounts, including credit cards, easily in one application.

To enter the application, Digibank provides a Fingerprint usage facility for mobile phones that can read it via NFC. The use of fingerprints is very helpful because there is no need to always remember passwords and change passwords regularly. Customers can apply for KTA online via Digibank. It is enough to apply in the KTA application section in the application. However, keep in mind that the application for KTA at Digibank is by invitation or selection. Only selected customers can apply. If you are not a selected customer, a notification will appear at the time of submission at Digibank. All banks provide Rupiah transfer online in the application. However, not many banks can accept foreign exchange transfers online. Digibank can make foreign exchange transfers online in its application. Not only that, Digibank provides free foreign exchange transfer fees worldwide. Various bill payment options are available. Starting from Telkom phone bills, electricity to Game Vouchers. Paying bills on the digibank application are: General services: PAM (Aetra), PAM (Palyja), PLN Non-TagLis, PLN Post Paid, Telkom PSTN, XL; Cable TV : First Media, MNC Play, MNC Vision, Orange TV, Telkom Vision; Insurance : BPJS Health; Credit Card and Cashline. Buy and top up in the Digibank application are GoPay, Credit, Doku, LinkAja, OVO, E Money and M Tix. Many promos are offered by Digibank.

And this promo is usually exclusive, only for Digibank application holders. To help users manage finances in a healthy manner. Digibank provides a spending tracker facility. With this facility, users can monitor daily expenses and compare them with their budget. Expenditure groupings are made. So, all expenses are logged into the app. Labeled the type of expenditure. For each group, facilities are provided to make a budget. Users do not compare realization with budget. Digibank provides an opportunity for customers to invest in bonds online. Bonds are investments that pay interest on deposits. The minimum investment in bonds online is quite affordable. Starting from IDR 1 million. Bonds can also be sold when we need funds. Sales can be made through the bank where the customer buys. Customers can open deposits online at Digibank.

No need to come to the branch office anymore. Deposit interest in mobile banking applications is usually higher than deposit interest at branch office counters. Deposit interest at Digibank ranges from 3.00% to 3.50% per annum. The interest of 3% a year is equivalent to a time deposit. This means that Digibank customers can enjoy interest rates as high as deposits, but with savings flexibility. You can open a foreign currency account by just clicking on the application without having to come to the branch. Foreign Currency Account is an account with 1 (one) account number in several foreign currencies. Currently there are 10 currencies, namely USD, SGD, AUD, EUR, GBP, CAD, CHF, HKD, JPY, NZD. You can make foreign exchange conversion transactions in your digibank Foreign Currency Account. For other transactions, such as domestic transfers, foreign exchange transfers, Pay & Buy, deposit placements, and eSBN purchases, you can use your main digibank rupiah account. The latest innovation is the online KTA application in the application, with the promise of 60 seconds of approval. Click "Apply here" on this page and fill in your personal data completely. Pay attention to the URL address listed on your browser. 1. Wait for approval within 60 seconds. Make sure you don't close or move screens (website or app) so that the approval process goes smoothly. Select the loan amount and installments, then create a digibank account username and password. Security tip: Create a password that is not easy to guess and avoid using the same password with other applications. Fill in and complete your data. Then, arrange an appointment with a digibank agent for biometric verification. The loan is immediately disbursed to a digibank account. Can be used immediately. After successful verification, you will get 2 types of Credit Cards: Digital Credit Cards that can be used immediately and Physical Credit Cards with different numbers will be received no later than 14 working days.

Transfer times are also fast.

Stay in Control. Digital Credit Card whose shopping limit you can adjust to manage spending through the digibank by DBS Application. Pay Your Way. Turn transactions into installments as you like up to 60 months anytime, anywhere through the digibank by DBS application. Make sure the Physical Credit Card has been activated. Manage and Monitor 24/7 on the digibank by DBS App. Free First Year Dues. By making a minimum spend of IDR 1 million in the first 60 days since the card is approved. Your Digital Credit Card Ready to use. One of the advantages of the DBS application is the free international transfer service. Yes, customers can make transfers abroad free of charge. The free overseas transfer feature, obviously, is very helpful for consumers. Because so far, the cost of transferring money abroad is very expensive. Now, Digibank by utilizing the international network of DBS Bank can provide free transfer fees abroad. Initially, I was skeptical of this facility. I already suspected that there must be a lot of Terms and Conditions behind this feature. In fact, after trying it yourself, there are no additional Terms and Conditions from DBS Bank. I can immediately take advantage of the free overseas transfer facility at Digibank. Transfer times are also fast. No less than 24 hours, the money has entered the bank account abroad. KTA Digital. Can get a loan in just 60 seconds.

For comparison, the experience of opening an account at another digital bank, is 100% online.

Digital Credit Card. Card approved in 60 seconds. Forex account with various currency options in 1 account. Although it is stated that opening an account at Digibank is "Branchless, Signatureless, Paperless", if we are careful to read the provisions, there is still face-to-face contact. "It's not the time to open a savings account and come to the bank. All you have to do is download the digibank by DBS application on your smartphone, fill in your personal data, then verify using your fingerprint at the digibank booth or call a digibank agent to your place of residence. There is still a physical meeting process, as described above. underlined above. For comparison, the experience of opening an account at another digital bank, is 100% online. Customers do not need to meet face-to-face physically at all, everything is done in an online mobile banking application. In other banks, meetings are replaced with Video Calls with Customer Service or officers from the bank. The Video Call option is not yet available in the DBS Digibank app.

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