Is Fintech a Startup?

Talking about startups, there must be something new from this type of business, both the sector being worked on and the work system always innovating. There is one category of startup that is increasingly being occupied by Indonesian businessmen, namely fintech, aka financial technology. Indonesian fintech startups give people from various regions and backgrounds the opportunity to make transactions easily because the system is completely digital and can be accessed from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet network. On October 5 2017, IDC Financial Insights also announced 10 Indonesian fintech startups that were included in the 101 FinTechs in Asia/Pacific in the 2017 FinTech Innovation Summit at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Pacific Place Jakarta. Even though Indonesia is not yet well-known as the public's introduction to the concept of a bank which is quite clear, it turns out that Indonesian FinTech business activists have proven their achievements and roles in the international environment, you know! Let's take a look at 8 Indonesian fintech startups that have successfully made an impact and convenience for their users.

Initially, GO-PAY was called GO-JEK Credit and could only be used to pay for driving transactions.

In the Indonesian fintech sector, you can say that DOKU is one of the senior ones because it has been operating since 2007. The services provided by DOKU are aimed at 2 groups, namely consumers and businesses. When you enter the main page of the website, you can read in more detail the 4 business category service products. Medium or large-scale e-commerce entrepreneurs can also use DOKU products that help receive or collect payments. Meanwhile, for the consumer category, Indonesian fintech, which is identical to the color red, offers services that will help you transact online more easily. For those of you who like to shop online, DOKU is very helpful for you for transactions while also monitoring the amount of your expenses. The sophistication of Indonesian fintech allows you to separate money for shopping and create savings that can be stored in your time deposit or savings account. With such diverse and user-friendly facilities, it is only natural that DOKU is included in one of the 10 successful Indonesian fintech startups. Indonesian fintech products are increasingly being used, one of which is also because of the increasingly high mobility of citizens of big cities. Since the existence of a startup company engaged in the transportation sector, the need for Indonesian fintech has also increased to facilitate transactions while you are driving. GO-PAY is one of 10 successful Indonesian fintech startups that indirectly have an impact on the lifestyle of many people. Initially, GO-PAY was called GO-JEK Credit and could only be used to pay for driving transactions. Until finally they acquired PonselPay to support the operation of GO-PAY.

Well, these traders will be met with individuals who want to start investing small.

GO-PAY users are also not just young people, parents or teenagers even use GO-PAY to pay for food, buy credit, and most recently you can use it to pay electricity or telephone bills. It is evident that Indonesian fintech is no longer an item that is too rare and the public has also begun to be ready to enter the technology era through the gradual introduction of fintech. Established in 2010, Amartha is part of the Indonesian fintech industry which penetrated the peer-to-peer lending sector for the first time. Amartha provides loans starting from 3 million rupiah for micro and small traders to start their business. Well, these traders will be met with individuals who want to start investing small. The loan and investment system at Amartha also has a social impact that may not have been thought of before.

This startup is part of the Malaysian C88 Financial Technologies Group.

Amartha's mission is to reach out to partners who live and open businesses far in remote areas. This is also an important reason for you potential funders to invest through Amartha. In addition to opening up opportunities for those who want to invest and are in need of capital, you will also create more job opportunities, of course. This Indonesian fintech startup is indeed quite creative in approaching the needs of many potential customers. The team from Amartha will also help provide an estimate of the return on capital that you can get later. For those of you who have just started working or are even still in college but already have income, you can try this one fintech as well as an initial investment. The Indonesian fintech industry also has mutual fund services or products like those usually owned by banks. You will be presented with a display of features that will tell you more about mutual funds, the importance of investing in the future, and investment managers arranged according to the needs group of each potential user. This startup is part of the Malaysian C88 Financial Technologies Group. Do you like being lazy to take care of office reimbursements and take care of expenses that are used every day, especially on weekends? You need to get acquainted with Jojonomic, one of the Indonesian fintech startups that will help you take care of your personal finances. For use per person until now the application fee is still free, but if you want to use it with a team at the office the fee is only 54 thousand rupiah. There is also a choice of products for the largest-scale business and enterprise categories. Jojonomic also does not run out of ideas to attract new users and make old users last use this application even though there are many other Indonesian fintech competitors who can help manage personal finances.

Jojopoints is a weapon as well as a gift designed in such a way by the Jojonomics team so that users are more diligent and use applications that have been searchable on iOS and Android devices since 2015. Another additional feature of Jojonomics is JojoAttendance which can be used by startup or other conventional companies to simplify the attendance checking process. In the early days of its release in the community, TCASH succeeded in making many food outlets and the queues of cinema studios crowded because the promos were always tempting. The shape of the card is more like a sticker affixed to your cellphone or other item that you always carry with you even if it's just to eat at the building next door. So, TCASH is the result of the Indonesian fintech industry managed and developed by one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country. How to use TCASH can be through a QR Cide scan or by bringing the NFC device closer so you don't need to panic if your TCASH sticker is left behind or lost. Given the long-lasting euphoria with all the promos and benefits of using TCASH, it seems quite natural that IDC chose TCASH as one of the Indonesian fintech startups that has proven its success. You can also find out the subscription price for the application directly through the website, complete with an estimated subscription price per year and FAQs that can help potential users if they are still hesitant to ask directly via the hotline or social media. You can also access financial information related to insurance, Old Age Security, and BPJS freely through their website. Isn't it fast, the current development of Indonesian fintech products? From the list above, which fintech products have you used? In addition to providing tips to develop your career, Glints can also help you find a job that matches your interests and talents. Sign up at Glints now and find various job opportunities in internships, part-time, to full-time.

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