Is HP Infinix Good For Playing Games

The increasing popularity of mobile games has made smartphone vendors compete to issue high-spec cellphones that can be used for gaming, and Infinix is ​​no exception. HP Infinix gaming is priced at a relatively affordable price with high specifications. Infinix may still sound foreign to the public, but this vendor who has started to enter Indonesia since 2015 deserves to be taken into account. The Infinix gaming cellphone is perfect for those of you who have limited funds. For you fans of HP from Hong Kong, there are at least 10 gaming cellphones that can be used as references. The price offered starts from 1 million only. No need to linger anymore, see the advantages of the following 10 gaming cellphones from Infinix. For those of you who are looking for an Infinix gaming cellphone, the name Infinix Hot 11 can be one of the recommended smartphones. This is because this smart phone is equipped with MediaTek Helio G70 which is a fierce chipset to run popular games today. The 5200mAh battery capacity will also be a plus for gamers because they don't have to deal with the charger for too long. The USB port of this smartphone is also Type-C which is the latest model at this time.

One of the uniqueness of this cellphone is the location of the fingerprint sensor on the side.

Infinix Hot 11 is also equipped with stereo speakers with DTS technology that will make the sound really high quality. Lastly, for your screen business, you will be satisfied because this smartphone is Full HD Plus with a screen size of 6.6 inches. The next Infinix gaming cellphone that we will discuss this time is the Infinix Hot 11s NFC. This smartphone uses the MediaTek Helio G88 as the engine. The ability of the chipset is already fairly good for HP-HP in the same price range. This smartphone has a 6.78-inch screen with Full HD Plus resolution and a refresh rate of 90Hz. Just as the name suggests, this cellphone also has an NFC feature that can make the smartphone connect with other electronic devices in the vicinity. Infinix Hot 11s NFC also uses a large 5000mAh battery so you don't have to bother carrying a charger if you want to leave the house. One of the uniqueness of this cellphone is the location of the fingerprint sensor on the side. One HP gaming Infinix song that uses the NFC feature as an advantage is the Infinix Note 11 NFC. On the screen of this smartphone you will find a 6.7-inch screen with Full HD Plus resolution. Turning to the Infinix Note 11 NFC runway, there is a MediaTek Helio G88 chipset with eight cores. The chipset capability is also supported by 6GGB RAM and 128GB internal memory which can make you play popular games today comfortably. To complete the performance, this smart phone is also paired with a 5000mAh capacity battery which will make gamers feel at home playing longer.

Infinix Zero 5G is also equipped with a large 5000mAh battery and has 33W fast charging capability.

If the battery starts to decrease, the 33W fast charging capability will make the battery full again quickly. Switch to the next Infinix gaming cellphone, the Infinix Note 11 Pro. The most visible advantage of this smart phone is its 6.95-inch screen. Not only big wins, but the quality of this gaming HP screen is also good because it uses AMOLED Full HD Plus panels. The chipset used is the MediaTek Helio G96 which can even compete with several cellphones with a price range above it. In addition to gaming performance, the Infinix Note 11 Pro is also equipped with a 64MP main camera which will be great for taking photos. The quality of the speakers of this smart phone also cannot be doubted thanks to the presence of 2 speakers at the top and bottom of the smartphone body. Thanks to the development of the 5G network, Infinix has also released their products to be able to compete in today's modern market. The product is the Infinix Zero 5G which also has gaming specifications so that it is grouped as an Infinix gaming cellphone. The main advantage of this smartphone is the MediaTek Dimensity 900 5G chipset with 8 cores. The ability of the chipset even got a score of 419,083 from AnTuTu v8. Infinix Zero 5G is also equipped with a large 5000mAh battery and has 33W fast charging capability. This smartphone is known to have complete features with XOS 10 as the user interface and Android 11 as the operating system.

There are two RAM options that you can use, from 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM.

The Infinix Note 12 is an attractive cellphone with the Helio G96 chipset. This cellphone offers up to 8/256GB of memory which ensures seamless multitasking and secure storage. The battery is also supported with 33 Watt Fast charging which makes charging faster. And no less interesting, this cellphone carries an AMOLED screen with a charming box design. The first recommendation for HP gaming Infinix is ​​the Infinix Hot 10s, with a choice of 4 GB and 6 GB RAM, you can choose which one suits your needs. Internal storage will also be adjusted to the RAM option you have chosen. You don't need to question this phone camera line anymore, there is a rear camera with a main resolution of 48 MP. As for the front camera, you will get an 8 MP resolution camera. The body owned by this phone is also quite elegant with a large screen size. Because it is a gaming cellphone, this phone uses a battery with a jumbo capacity in its class, which is 6 thousand mAh. Of course, it is equipped with fast charging so you don't have to bother and wait a long time for the charging process. Still one brother with the Infinix Note 10, if you are not satisfied with the features, you can use the Note 10 Pro which is much more complete and has advanced features. There are two RAM options that you can use, from 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM. For internal storage options, you can adjust the RAM capacity that you have chosen.

39;s not a problem either.

There are three internal storage options that you can use, each measuring 64 GB, 128 GB, and finally 256 GB. The next cheap Infinix gaming cellphone recommendation is the Infinix Hot 10, which is the new prima donna of Infinix in the 1 million class. In addition to being attractive with a large design measuring 6.78 inches, Infinix also embeds a fast chipset of the Helio G70 type. Infinix also provides a 5200 mAh battery to further satisfy users. The 16 MP Infinix Hot 10 rear quad camera itself is claimed to be able to take good pictures in low light conditions thanks to the Super Night Mode feature. For memory, Infinix Hot 10 is packaged in two memory variants, namely with a combination of 4/64GB or 4/128GB. So you just have to decide what fits your criteria and budget. Reflecting on the specifications it carries, Infinix Zero 8 is clearly able to meet all user needs, on the rear camera you will be spoiled by a 48 MP Quad camera, on the front camera there are Dual 48 MP and 8 MP selfie cameras. Now in the performance sector, you will also be spoiled by a powerful gaming chipset with the Helio G90T type which has an AnTuTu score of 290 thousand points. Moreover, this 90Hz mobile phone with 8GB of RAM is also equipped with a large 4500 mAh battery, complete with 33 watt fast charging support. Armed with these innards, you can clearly play a number of popular games with heavy graphics today smoothly, yes, or if you want to play games like Fortnite, that's not a problem either. That's information about the advantages of HP gaming Infinix that you can use as a reference. With qualified specifications, you can play games smoothly and without lag. Hope this information helps those of you who are looking for it.

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