Is it possible to charge dry batteries?

Dry Battery Needs To Be Charged Or Replaced? Dry battery is a development of wet battery. This type of battery uses gel so it has a long lasting power. Then, can the dry battery be charged? Dry batteries are not like wet batteries which are easy to evaporate. Wet batteries need to be refilled when the battery water has run out. Meanwhile, dry batteries are not recommended for recharging. This is because the plug or dry battery cover is designed not to be disassembled. However, can dry batteries be charged? The answer is yes. Dry battery charging is even highly recommended as one of the maintenance of this spare part. Dry Battery Needs To Be Charged Or Replaced? Not a few vehicle owners wonder about dry batteries, whether these can be charged or not. This ignorance is natural because generally charging is only applied to wet batteries. The battery or accumulator is the electrical system in the vehicle. The main function of the battery itself is as a supplier of electrical power to the vehicle. This component is also useful for voltage stabilizers.

Battery replacement is generally done once every 1-2 years.

Dry batteries are often referred to as maintenance free (MF). From the name, it is not surprising that many ask whether dry batteries can be charged or not. If the vehicle uses a dry battery, Pins no longer needs to check the battery level. That's why dry batteries are more expensive than wet batteries. Prices start from Rp. 200,000 to above Rp. 1,000,000. In addition to the dry battery, whether it can be charged or not, other questions arise. For example, when should a dry battery be charged or replaced? Dry batteries can be charged only when the car is rarely used. When the vehicle is used regularly, it will automatically be able to charge the battery voltage again. Battery replacement is generally done once every 1-2 years. With a note, the vehicle's electrical system is in good health. If there is a modification or problem, the battery replacement will be faster than the time duration.

After answering the question whether dry batteries can be charged, now is the time to know the characteristics of the batteries that need to be charged. First of all, check the voltage. If it is still above 10 volts, Pins can recharge the dry battery. Meanwhile, the characteristics of a dry battery that is damaged or needs replacement are as follows. The vehicle does not start quickly when it is started because the gel in the dry battery is too low or too high. The horn sound is not so loud or getting muffled. There is an unpleasant odor when the vehicle is started. The headlights began to dim. As previously explained, the battery functions as the vehicle's electrical power. This means that vehicle features such as lights, horns, and starters will also be disturbed if the battery is damaged. In addition to knowing whether a dry battery can be charged or not, also identify the characteristics of a quality charger and dry battery. Avoid buying a reconditioned battery and consider the size, dimensions, voltage and amperage of a dry battery. In addition, buying a battery charger also needs consideration. Pins may need to choose a battery charger that has only 2A charger capability. Large amperage does speed up the charging time, but makes the battery easy to damage. Choose a charger that has a cut off feature. The function of this feature is to cut off the electric current when charging is complete.

Voltage that is too small is not able to charge the battery, especially in four-wheeled vehicles.

Overcharging is also not good for the vehicle. It is recommended that the charger has a charging level indicator. For example, when charging is complete, there is a light indicator that lights up. Buy a charger that has a complete cable. The battery cable usually has a special branch for charging. There is also a cable clamp that serves to connect the battery terminal plate. Adjust the battery charger to the battery voltage. It is recommended to choose a battery charger with a voltage of 12-24 volts only. Voltage that is too small is not able to charge the battery, especially in four-wheeled vehicles. How to charge a dry battery can't be arbitrary. There are steps that need to be implemented to avoid errors. Remove the battery from the vehicle so that the engine does not overheat. Make sure the power source is stable and not in rotating blackouts. Charge the battery in a dry area to avoid splashing water. This is because charging the battery with 2A power takes a full 6-7 hours. Connect the charger cable to the battery you want to charge. The red wire is the plus terminal, while the black wire is the minus terminal. Avoid connecting the wires upside down to prevent an electrical short.

Dry batteries will be burdened because they need to supply electricity for these accessories.

Immediately unplug the cable when charging the battery is complete. Check the indicator light that indicates the battery charging process has been completed. Caring for dry batteries is actually not that difficult. If the vehicle is rarely used, it's a good idea to warm up the car or motorcycle for 10 minutes. The goal is to keep the battery working optimally as it should. Clean the surface of the battery from the dirt that sticks. This debris can clog the valve and interfere with the evaporation process. Do not add accessories that require large electrical power. Dry batteries will be burdened because they need to supply electricity for these accessories. Make sure the battery strap remains tight and does not shake when the vehicle is moving on the road. Clean the battery terminals and keep the alternator and regulator in good working order.

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