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When you have a private vehicle, you are obliged to pay attention to things such as vehicle taxes, the validity period of the letter, to the vehicle plate number. If some of them run out, then you need to pay for replacing the motorcycle plate and other letter renewal fees. To take care of the renewal of a motorcycle license plate that has expired, you must prepare several required documents. What are the requirements that must be completed? Check out the review below about how to take care of a new motorcycle plate and related matters. To replace an expired motorcycle plate, there are several document requirements that must be brought. The requirements for replacing the plate include the original STNK and a photocopy of 1 sheet, the original ID card and a photocopy of 1 sheet, the original BPKB and a photocopy of 1 sheet, and bringing a motorcycle.

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Prepare all the documents without missing a single one. If you miss one, you may not be able to take care of it. Just a tip, it's better to bring your own ballpoint pen so you don't have to queue up when filling out the registration form at the Samsat office. The replacement of the motorcycle plate was also followed by the extension of the STNK. This is because both are published together. In the STNK there is data in the form of an active vehicle plate number, so that the STNK and the motor plate must be in sync. Documents required for the renewal of the STNK also vary. You are required to bring a vehicle registration renewal form that has been filled out at the Samsat office. Then bring the original STNK and photocopy, original BPKB and photocopy, ID card and original driver's license and photocopy.

Wait until the process is complete.

In addition, you also need to bring a certificate of results from the physical inspection of the vehicle carried out by the Samsat officer. Then, if needed, you can bring an unblocking statement if the STNK is in a blocked status. After bringing all the required documents to the Samsat office, now you must know the steps to take care of it. This must be considered so as not to experience errors while in the Samsat office. Check out the steps below. After filling out the registration form, the first thing to do is the officer will check the condition of the vehicle. You will be directed to the vehicle check counter. When checking the motorbike, keep in mind that there is no charge for the officer. After the vehicle is checked, park your motorbike again in the parking lot. Then submit the results of the physical check of the vehicle and the original STNK to the legalization section at the physical check counter. The counter clerk will validate the results of the physical check. Wait until the process is complete. The next step is to fill out the STNK renewal form. Fill in the form completely along with the required documents for the renewal of the STNK and the replacement of the new number plate needed. If you are still confused, you can ask directly and ask the staff for help. After filling out the registration form, the next step is to register for payment of vehicle tax.

Prepare some necessary files along with the results of a physical vehicle check. Submit all the files, then the queue number will be obtained. All stages are almost complete, now you just have to wait for your name to be called to make payment. The cost of replacing the motorcycle plate is adjusted to the type and tax of the motor vehicle owned. The officer will print out the tax bill to be paid. You will receive two pieces of proof of payment, namely a white sheet and a blue sheet. The white sheet is used to take a new number plate, and the blue sheet is used to take a new STNK. The last stage is to take a new STNK and a new number plate at the STNK collection counter. After receiving the new STNK sheet, first check whether the data filled in such as the owner's name, number plate, vehicle type is correct. Here you will also receive the latest proof of payment of vehicle tax. Meanwhile, to get a new number plate, you have to go to the TNKB (Motorized Vehicle Number) counter. Get your new license plate there. Congratulations, new vehicle registration and license plates are in hand. It's not that complicated, isn't it the procedure for managing the new number plate and STNK? Normally, the length of time to take care of this is 1 to 2 hours, depending on the length of the queue. Related parties will also not collect certain fees except tax fees. If you use brokers, the costs incurred will increase. Better to take care of it yourself so everything is safe.

The cost of replacing the plate depends on the type of motor. The cost of replacing a two-wheeled or three-wheeled motorcycle number plate is Rp. 60,000, while for a four-wheeler it is Rp. 100,000. This fee does not include vehicle registration renewal fees. STNK renewal fees also depend on the type of vehicle. This will be different again if you use the services of a broker to take care of it. Usually brokers will charge a fee ranging from Rp. 200,000 to Rp. 500,000. Not to mention the time needed is not necessarily a day, especially the vehicle and documents must be deposited with brokers, so it is not recommended. Can I Manage It Online? To facilitate public services, the Samsat has provided an official platform to take care of administration about vehicles online. The public can access official portals such as e-Samsat.

Tax payments can also be made by wire transfer. For example, the payment of motor vehicle tax in managing number plates and renewal of STNK can be done through the Linkaja website. The first step you must have a Linkaja account on a smartphone or iOS. After registering, top up the Linkaja balance as needed, the important thing is to pay the motorbike tax along with the administrative costs. The next step is to re-open the Linkaja application page, then click the other menu, and select the "Taxes" menu. After selecting the "Tax" menu, then click "Payment Type". Directly select the option "Payment of Motor Vehicle Taxes" based on domicile. The application screen will display the commands that you must fill in. Enter the NIK, vehicle registration number, and vehicle engine number correctly. The last step is to check again whether the information you have entered is correct. If you are sure it is correct, enter your Linkaja pin. Pay using your Linkaja balance for the bill. SMS notification and proof of payment will be received if the bill is successfully paid. After reading the procedure and details of the cost of replacing a motorcycle plate above, now you don't need to be confused anymore if you want to take care of it. These costs also vary depending on vehicle tax and area of ​​management. The processing time is also not always the same, depending on the procedure carried out.

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