Is the Redmi 9 HP Including a Gaming HP

As a giant mobile phone brand, Xiaomi is quite attached to the identity of cheap quality cellphones. What makes it so interesting? You see, the Redmi 9 is predicted to be a budget gaming phone with its fierce performance. Is that right? Well, if you're curious about the Redmi 9 for IDR 1,749,000, please see the advantages and disadvantages of the following Redmi 9. After seeing the specifications of this phone, now is the time to see how attractive Redmi 9. Check out the 8 advantages of Redmi 9 that Carisignal has presented to you. Xiaomi Redmi 9 has again managed to represent the name of Xiaomi as a mobile phone with high value for money. Despite being in the affordable price segment, Redmi 9 is equipped with a really large battery capacity of 5020 mAh.

39;t need to worry because Redmi 9 already includes 18 W fast charging capability.

The official Redmi 9 website itself says that this phone can last up to 185 hours when used to listen to songs, or used to call for 31 hours. Large capacities generally take a long time to be fully charged. Well, in this case you don't need to worry because Redmi 9 already includes 18 W fast charging capability. Even so, you need to buy an 18 W charger separately. If you are looking for phones that are in the 2 million price range, most of them feature Snapdragon 6 series chipsets, be it Snapdragon 660 like the Redmi Note 7 or Snapdragon 665 like Realme 5S, OPPO A5 2020, or Redmi Note 8. The Redmi 9 being discussed right now? This phone relies on the Helio G80 chipset with 12 nm fabrication and the Mali-G52 MC2 graphics processing card.

While SD 665 only presented a score of 142810, the Helio G80 of Redmi 9 was able to reach 197294 points. This means that the Redmi 9, which costs 1 million, is even able to outperform phones with a price range above it. 2340 x 1080 pixels. The screen that uses an IPS LCD panel is able to provide a clearer and sharper display, making it comfortable to use binge-watching all day. If you just look at the resolution, at first glance the Redmi 9 camera looks standard. This Xiaomi phone features a four-lens configuration with a resolution of 13 MP, 8 MP (ultrawide), 5 MP (macro), and 2 MP (depth sensor). You can take panoramic photos with a wide angle of 118 degrees, and capture close-up objects. Not only that, you can also take selfies with palm gestures so you don't have to bother asking other people to take photos when you want to take group selfies. Not to forget that Xiaomi also includes HDR, slow motion, kaleidoscope, Google Lens, and short video recording features. That was the resolution and some of its features, is Redmi 9 able to produce good image quality? Based on some of the sample photos below, the Redmi 9 camera is able to provide good sharpness and color accuracy for its price class. Internal memory is good to use to accommodate applications only. Luckily again, you can use a microSD without sacrificing a second SIM card.

With just a touch of a finger on the sensor, the screen opens instantly.

This phone provides a triple tray that can accommodate two SIM cards and one microSD at the same time. Meanwhile, the maximum capacity limit is 512 GB. Again, Redmi 9 managed to offer convenience to its users. Are you tired of entering your pattern and PIN every time you want to unlock the screen? Well, the advantages of Redmi 9 on this one are guaranteed to be useful. It has a fingerprint sensor on the back of the body as well as Face Unlock. You can also freely choose which method you prefer to quickly unlock. With just a touch of a finger on the sensor, the screen opens instantly. The Face Unlock sensor is also very fast, but it doesn't seem so safe because the screen will open even if the user doesn't see the front camera directly. Overall, the presence of these two features on the Redmi 9 is quite worthy of appreciation. In this day and age, the activity of streaming movies and TV series has become very widespread. Widevine L1 itself is useful so that the cellphone can watch a collection of Netflix movies and series with HD resolution. One thing that is quite common in the 1 million price range is the presence of a microUSB port. This port is actually quite obsolete today, because there is already a USB Type-C which is more capable of delivering better data transfer speeds. Redmi 9 apparently got the USB Type-C port. In addition to transferring data faster, you can also plug in the charging cable without having to care about the upside down position of the cable. Even though it comes with all its tantalizing advantages, the Xiaomi Redmi 9 still cannot escape its identity as a budget phone. Check out the shortcomings of the following Xiaomi Redmi 9.

The Redmi 9 camera is indeed capable of producing good quality photos in sufficient lighting. But if you are looking for a phone that can be used to take pictures at night, Redmi 9 is not the right choice. The reason is, Redmi 9 does not offer a night mode feature. Photos taken in low light will lose detail and many areas will not get enough exposure. Here is a sample Redmi 9 at night. If you live in big cities, the NFC function on your phone is quite helpful in your daily activities. The Xiaomi Redmi 9 has actually been presented with NFC, but the models that entered the Indonesian market did not get this feature. This is not the first time, there has been a Redmi Note 9 which also provides the NFC feature in only a few areas. If you are among those who are looking forward to the NFC feature, this deficiency is quite unfortunate. But for the Redmi 9 price segment, it's actually natural that there is no NFC. With such a low price, Redmi 9 turns out to have a myriad of advantages that will surprise anyone. In addition, the battery is very durable. For those of you who want a cheap cellphone, Redmi 9 is no longer in doubt. Indeed, the camera performance is less reliable at night, as well as the NFC feature which is absent in the Indonesian market. But these two shortcomings are quite understandable considering the affordable price range.

  • Later, several options will appear, select Upgrade 4G card or option 1
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