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The term PayPal is now a term that is not too foreign to hear. However, there are still quite a lot of people who are confused about how to register for PayPal. In fact, PayPal has long been a convenient online payment tool. One of the reasons many are confused about how to register for PayPal is having to use a credit card. PayPal itself does enforce the use of credit cards as a stage of user account verification, but this rule does not apply in its entirety. You can also register an account on Paypal without having to verify with a credit card. Before discussing more about how to register for PayPal, here's a brief explanation of PayPal itself. There are many ways to make digital payments today, one of them is by using PayPal.

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PayPal is an alternative that you can use for online transactions. PayPal is an online financial service that allows you to make online buying and selling transactions using an account. PayPal is not limited to transactions in one country only because it has a wide network and can be done between countries. In addition, transactions using PayPal have a fairly good level of security such as buyer protection, seller protection, data encryption, and fraud prevention so that many online marketers use PayPal as a virtual payment tool. This is also what makes many people use PayPal for the online businesses they manage, because PayPal makes it easy to send money and also provides convenience and security for online businesses wherever they are. Yes, apart from making online payments, PayPal can also be used to receive money online. If you have friends who have PayPal accounts too, then you can receive money from your friends via PayPal. There are several benefits that you can get by registering with PayPal and making transactions here.

39;t have to worry about the security of your PayPal account.

Here are some of the benefits you can get by signing up for PayPal and using it. Fast As explained above, with a PayPal list, transactions will run quickly between sellers and buyers. Because the transfer from a fellow PayPal account or from a PayPal account to a bank account only takes 24 hours. Affordable pricesAlthough paying with PayPal will incur administrative fees, but the fees are fairly cheap and affordable. The administration fee when using PayPal is 30 US cents per transaction, plus 3% of the total transaction amount. Safe TransactionsWith a PayPal list, transactions are fairly safe because the level of security is quite good, such as transactions that are monitored 24/7. For buyers, they can contact PayPal if there is a problem with their order, such as not matching or the goods do not arrive within the specified timeframe. For sellers themselves, PayPal provides a sense of security because they don't need to be afraid of fraud that will be done by buyers, because PayPal will also notify you and ask you to delay delivery when problems are found in the transaction process. Transaction History When you sign up for PayPal and use it, you can see what transactions you've made over the past month or even a week. Currently, PayPal is a payment method that is easily accepted by various online shopping sites around the world. Thus, PayPal is global because it is able to make buying and selling transactions between countries. Secure PayPal Account Privacy As a buyer you don't have to worry about the security of your PayPal account. Because PayPal maintains the confidentiality of your personal data so it doesn't spread everywhere and cause account abuse.

How to register PayPal actually does not take a long time. Make sure that you have an active and valid email account and that you are over 18 years of age. Look at the top of the website and choose whether you want a personal PayPal account or a PayPal business account. After making your selection, click the "Register" button at the top right of the page. For the next PayPal registration step you will be directed to a new page. Select the desired account type, for example a "Primary" account that can be used for various online shopping transactions and also accepts online remittances. The next PayPal sign-up step is to fill in your personal data in the available fields there, make sure you fill in all the data correctly.

Then click the "Agree and Create Account" button at the bottom. After the PayPal registration step, a verification page will appear that will ask you to enter the code into the column provided there. Click the "Continue" button located there, then click the "Sign in to My Account" button. You find your PayPal account page after the above step. Don't forget to confirm via email. Check the email and find the email sent by PayPal. Click the link contained in the PayPal email, so you can confirm to the PayPal website automatically. You will be directed to a new page on the PayPal website, where you will be asked to login and enter the email and password that you previously registered. After logging in, you will be directed to a page regarding security questions. Fill in the field with a question that is easy for you to remember, then click the "Submit" button at the bottom. The PayPal account has been created.

However, to be able to use this account in various online transactions, including purchases and withdrawals of funds, you must first verify your credit card. Currently registering for PayPal and creating an account can be done through a gadget, namely by downloading the application on the Play Store or App Store. The steps for registering PayPal using the application are the same as through the PayPal website. In addition, the current PayPal list does not require credit card verification. So that anyone who wants to register for PayPal is not required to have a credit card and can connect to a regular savings account as well as a debit card. Once you have a PayPal account, you must activate it in order to use it to send and receive money. Click 'link a debit or credit card'. Make sure you have sufficient balance because a minimum balance of 1.95 USD (approximately IDR 30,000) is required to activate your account. After entering that information, you will be asked to wait about 2-3 days. After that, your PayPal account is ready to use. The following are tips on how to register for PayPal that you can learn and practice. How to use Paypal is very easy, especially for you prospective and CIMB Niaga customers by using VCN OCTO Clicks. For more information about OCTO Clicks, please check here.

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