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YouTube has become the world's largest video streaming platform, which provides users with a new experience of enjoying videos online with unlimited free content. Although it looks free and without access fees, in fact YouTube itself also takes some advantages from its users. For example, such as presenting Adsense or what we are familiar with calling ads. Of course, for some users, the ads milling about at every pause in the duration of the video feel quite annoying and annoying. To anticipate this disturbance, a mod application called YouTube Vanced was created. To know more about what YouTube Vanced is, let's look at the following discussion. See Also: What is PowerShell? What is YouTube Vanced? YouTube Vanced is a non-official application that has been modified in such a way with the addition of several features that the official application does not have. From this explanation, we can see that YouTube Vanced is classified as a Mod application. However, the changes that occur technically do not change the entire content of the YouTube site itself.

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But it is more inclined to modifications on the side of the device that give users special access such as YouTube Premium. With free frills it doesn't mean without risk, YouTube Vanced itself also has several security holes that can endanger users, for example, such as a blocked account. So it's like this, every time you access an online media, you usually need an account in order to fully enjoy its features, so users need to log in to get access. In the process of logging in you must provide an email and password as the key, the problem is when you provide login data on mod applications such as YouTube Vanced that have been modified, Google will detect that the application used is illegal and violates Google policies and terms. This is the reason why Google blocks the account permanently. See Also: What is IMEI? As a connoisseur of streaming video ads milling about every duration is an annoying nuisance, especially since the ads are layered and cannot be skipped, of course, this will lower the user's mood in enjoying the content of the video. But with the Adblocker feature of YouTube Vanced you can freely enjoy every video you play without ads like premium services. Sometimes we want to browse while listening to our favorite music or streaming shows at the same time. However, this does not seem to be able to be done by mobile phone users, because when the user opens another application, the apps that we previously opened will stop running. But with the features on YouTube Vanced you can do both things at the same time.

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The comfort of a person's eyes is different, because of this difference sometimes a user feels at home or not at home when looking at the screen for too long. However, the dark mode and light mode available on YouTube Vanced will ensure the comfort of your eyes when enjoying YouTube content. You can save and switch accounts (Switch Account) freely on YouTube Vanced, without having to log out and log in if you want to access videos with different content collections on each user account. If the content is good but the quality of the video presented is poor, it will certainly reduce your viewing atmosphere. YouTube Vanced presents Force VP9 in order to give users the sensation of watching HDR-quality streaming videos for free. It is for this reason that users choose to use YouTube Vanced. If you don't feel relieved with a small screen display, YouTube Vanced can pamper users with its cast system that can be connected to various other electronic devices such as monitors, LCD TVs and the like. If you want, you are also free to use the Zoom in or Zoom out feature to see the details and quality of the videos you watch with YouTube Vanced. See Also: What is Malware?

As explained above, no matter how perfect an application is, there will still be drawbacks and risks. The following are the weaknesses found in YouTube Vanced. When using official applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, we never worry about errors or bugs caused by imperfect program code because these applications are official and can be updated at any time. However, this does not apply to modified applications such as YouTube Vanced where the possibility of an update from the developer is uncertain. We all know that the biggest digital technology company in the world like Google has its own rules and policies regarding mod apps. This is also true with YouTube Vanced, if your Gmail account is detected using an illegal application, it will be difficult for you to avoid being banned from Google. If the Google account that you have is your main account that is used to log in on various platforms such as Gmail, Google Drive, Online Shop, E-Wallet, it will definitely be something you really want to avoid.

There are also other issues you need to consider such as the update service. Every application certainly needs updates to improve performance and improvements, but this seems to be difficult to obtain for YouTube Vanced users who incidentally are mod applications whose updates depend on the creator of the modification. Not to mention if the application you want to update is not available on the Google Play Store, of course it will be more complicated because it can't auto update. This requires you to use a third-party application to update the application you want. In the Google Play Store application update system, there is Play Protect, which functions as a fortress that protects users from the threat of malware and spyware that roams the Internet. However, if you update non-official applications, of course, you will not be able to use this service.

This means that the application you are updating may be infected with a virus, which can increase the security risk on your Android device. Like other mod applications, YouTube Vanced has the opportunity to break into your personal data through the username and password entered by the user carelessly without thinking about the risk of losing your account permanently. However, this doesn't seem to bother the Indonesian people too much. Google account security and the like are not a priority, but a free tool that can be created at any time. See Also: What is Phishing? YouTube Vanced is available for free and can be downloaded by anyone for those who want to enjoy all the features offered by YouTube premium for free. But of course the name is free, there must be risks, any application that is released unofficially must have low security guarantees to its users. It's even possible that users can become a very disadvantaged party if they are wrong in sorting and installing non-official applications that are not verified by Play Protect from the Google Play Store. Share the article to your social media to make it more useful and useful. If you have questions or opinions that you want to convey, write them in the comments column below.

Yes, YouTube Vanced is a legal application. This application is non-official from YouTube which of course has a low level of security and violates Google's policies and provisions. YouTube Vanced can be used safely if users are wise and careful in accessing it. For example, log in to an account on this application using a backup account. So if something happens then your main account will remain safe. You can use and enjoy services like YouTube premium for free without incurring any costs. There is no guarantee whether there is a virus or not on YouTube Vanced. However, this application belongs to the mod category and is available non-officially from YouTube.

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