Kredinesia Pinjol Review 2022 Strengths Weaknesses, What

The Kredinesia Review is an online loan with a registered permit supervised by the OJK that offers fast cash disbursement provided that an ID card is sufficient. The advantages of Kredinesia are the fast application process and easy requirements. However, the weakness of Kredinesia is that borrowers need to pay attention to the high cost and amount of loan interest. The development of Fintech technology makes people now able to apply for credit online quickly and easily. This is very different from a few years ago, when the credit process could only go through the bank, which was not only long but also difficult. Online process without face to face. There is no need to meet and do not submit physical documents. However, the convenience of fintech has been injured by the rise of illegal fintech which has caused a lot of harm to borrowing consumers. Both from very high interest and billing methods that are not in accordance with the provisions.

39;s office and call center addresses are also clear and can be contacted.

For this reason, consumers who are interested in applying for a loan need to use only online loans that are licensed by the OJK. One application that is licensed, registered and supervised by the OJK Financial Services Authority is Kredinesia. We try to apply at this fintech and share the experience. We'll see if Kredinesia is illegal, problematic, or spreading data. Kredinesia is safe because it is one of the online loans that has an official P2P Lending permit, registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Kredinesia's office and call center addresses are also clear and can be contacted. Kredinesia is a Fintech P2P Lending company officially licensed by the OJK. Owned by PT. INDONESIAN TECHNOLOGY CREDIT. Legally, it is clear, Kredinesia is not P2P or illegal lending. Also not a problem online loan. The loan application is made through an application that can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Open the Kredinesia application, register and fill in your personal data according to the instructions given. Also prepare an ID card and bank account number in the name of the borrower. Kredinesia provides cash in small amounts with a short tenor. In terms of ceilings and tenors, Kredinesia offers micro loans with short terms. Within 1 month, the customer must repay the loan. The tenor offered is quite attractive. Can borrow for a short time, only 2 weeks. This type of loan is suitable for those who need cash in a short time. For example, need emergency money, while waiting until the payday date. In banks, loans in such short terms are not available. The fastest KTA bank for a tenor of 6 months. The short tenor in Kredinesia means that the loan must be returned at once and not in installments. Composition of repayment of principal and interest. The ceiling and tenor, which will be finally offered to borrowers, can change depending on the results of the Kredinesia credit score.

After the data is filled in, then processed by credit scoring, the application will display the number of ceilings and tenors that can be taken. It could be that the offer is different from the one displayed at the beginning of the application. The use of applications on mobile phones allows fintechs to offer customized loans. It varies from person to person, depending on the results of the analysis and the profile of the borrower. Usually after the first loan, the ceiling on the second loan can be higher or lower, depending on the consumer's payment record. Therefore, consumers need to pay attention to the accuracy of payments in order to borrow again. The coverage area of ​​Kredinesia is now able to reach almost all regions in Indonesia. Users can check the application. If the area of ​​residence is listed, it means that you can submit an application. Kredinesia applies interest which is calculated per day. There is no upfront admin fee discount.

  1. The customer will receive a confirmation SMS no later than 2 working days
  2. IDR 6,500 per transaction for Real Time Online Transfer
  3. Solo Microwave
  4. Various cases of child poisoning occur due to vaping
  5. Problem with smartphone GPS
  6. Go to section being sent
  7. Enter your m-BCA PIN or transaction password, and click "OK"

The interest in Credinesia is 0.8% per day. This is in accordance with the provisions and regulations of the Fintech Association that the maximum credit interest that can be charged to P2P fintech customers is 0.8% per day. Note: according to the latest OJK and Fintech association regulations, the maximum loan interest in P2P is reduced to 0.4% a day. Kredinesia does not deduct admin fees in advance during disbursement. The customer receives a full disbursement to the account without any discount. Indonesian Citizen (WNI). The data match between the application in the application and the data in the bank account is an important requirement for the loan to be disbursed. Although the credit score has passed, but if the data in the bank account does not match the application, the fintech will not disburse the loan. Documents that are required to be prepared are only ID cards. Even that is enough to be taken with photos. There is no request to submit a payslip document. Not asking for a payslip greatly simplifies the application process. Fintech lenders carry out a verification process.

This check is to avoid fraud or misuse of data.

The purpose of verification is to ensure the validity of the data and analyze the payment capability of the prospective borrower. Verification is an important process in credit analysis. Verification results usually determine whether or not a credit application is approved. Verification to prospective borrowers is intended to ensure that the borrower does apply for credit. This check is to avoid fraud or misuse of data. Prospective borrowers must ensure that the contact on the cellphone can be reached. Because it is certain that Kredinesia will contact you for verification. The following parties who are also contacted are emergency contacts written in the application form. Kredinesia will contact and verify the existence of the prospective borrower. Therefore, make sure to provide an emergency contact number that knows the prospective borrower and the number is active. Many were turned down because emergency contacts failed to reach them.

The following is how to apply for a Credinesia through the application. Go to Google Playstore, please download the Kredinesia application. Once downloaded, go into it. Choose to apply for a loan to get fast liquid cash. Note that the application has the OJK logo listed which indicates that this company is registered and supervised by the OJK. The OJK logo is important to note because currently there are many illegal online loans. It is very dangerous to apply for credit at an illegal loan. Verify the HP cellphone number. Enter the OTP code sent to the phone. After downloading the application, consumers are asked to fill in the cellphone number, which is used to apply for a loan (this is mandatory), then Kredinesia will send a verification code to that number which the consumer must enter the code into the application. Consumers must use the same mobile phone to apply for credit and not change - change. Cell phone replacement may result in rejection of the application. To be able to apply, customers must agree to the Terms and Conditions contained in the application.

It is recommended that customers read these provisions before applying to understand their rights and obligations by taking credit at Kredinesia. After opening the account, then the application in Kredinesia displays the ceiling and tenor that can be taken. Start the submission process in the app. However, at this stage, the borrower cannot choose the ceiling and tenor. Why? The process at Kredinesia asks customers to fill in complete data, then the Artificial Intelligence (AI) credit scoring system will process and then determine how big the ceiling is and how long the tenor can be. It is important to note that Kredinesia requests access on the mobile phone to Location and Camera data. This data collection must be with the customer's approval and is allowed by the OJK in accordance with applicable regulations. Take a photo of your ID card using the phone where the Kredinesia application is installed. Make sure the photo of the ID card is taken in a bright, clear, legible condition and placed on the form provided. The photo ID card that has been taken will be read by the Kredinesia AI engine. The results are displayed and the borrower must confirm the correctness of the data. The first data that must be filled in is data about the borrower.

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