Let's start with Huawei first

IndiHome Internet Number is a customer ID in the form of a 12-digit number owned by an IndiHome user. The IndiHome number is very important to know because it is always used in every need. For example, to pay IndiHome bills, register for additional packages, make complaints to Telkom or even report internet problems, you also need our internet number. Unfortunately, we often forget our own IndiHome customer numbers. This of course results in us not being able to do the things above because we can't mention the number. There are at least 6 ways to check your IndiHome number. To make it easier for customers to find out their internet number, technicians usually write it on the modem. For example, on my modem or router there is a sticker containing the internet number and telephone number. Because I subscribe to the Triple Play package (Internet, Phone and UseeTV). So please look at the top of your router or modem. But if it doesn't exist then we can look at it in another way. Also read about how to check IndiHome FUP. The proof of last month's bill payment must include our IndiHome number. The proof of payment can be in the form of a receipt if you pay via offline such as Indomaret, Alfamaret, counter and others.

4. Enter your Account username and password for admin login then press Login.

However, if you pay online, for example through e-commerce (Tokopedia, Shopee, and others) then you can access the payment history from your account. But if you are a new user who has never made a payment, you cannot use this method. There are other ways that can be tried, namely through the router or modem administrator page. On our router or modem settings page there is information on the IndiHome number used to connect to the network. We can see the number in the WAN settings menu on each modem. There are 2 modems that are most widely used, namely Huawei and ZTE. Let's start with Huawei first. Here's how to check the indihome number on the Huawei modem administrator page. 1. Connect your laptop, PC or cellphone to the IndiHome WiFi. 2. Open Google Chrome or another web browser. 3. Open the modem admin page. 4. Enter your Account username and password for admin login then press Login. 5. Click the WAN menu in the top menu. 6. Click on the connection name that appears. Then the Basic Information will appear. 7. Check and see the number in the User Name section.

We should have got the IndiHome Number in the above way.

Well, for ZTE modem users, the method is almost the same. The only difference is the location of the WAN menu. Here's how to view indihome subscriber id on ZTE modem administrator page. 1. Connect your PC, laptop or cellphone to the IndiHome WiFi. 2. Open a web browser such as Google Chrome or others. 3. Open the address then press Enter. 4. Enter the Username and Password then click Login. 6. Then in the Connection Name select the connection that contains the word ppp or pppoe. 7. Then your internet configuration will appear. We should have got the IndiHome Number in the above way. Unless we do not know the username and password for the modem admin login. Usually technicians provide username and password information when installing the internet. But if you forget, try to look at the back of the modem. There is written the default username and password to login to the modem administrator. Also read how to find out who is using our indihome wifi easily.

3. After successfully logging in, click View details.

Previously you had to download and register on the myIndiHome application. In this application we will get detailed information about our services. Here's how to find out your IndiHome number from the myIndiHome app. 1. Open the myIndiHome application on your cellphone. 2. Click Login and then enter the cellphone number that you used when registering in the application. 3. After successfully logging in, click View details. 4. Then click View details again to access Service Info. 5. The Internet number will appear on the Service Info page along with the name, address and date of installation. Actually we can also access myIndiHome from the official IndiHome website. The steps are the same as above. If all the methods above don't work, then we can ask customer services through their official social media.

Then state your problem.

If you use Facebook you can contact him via his official Facebook Page at @IndiHome. Send your questions via the message menu. Meanwhile, if you are a Twitter user, you can mention @IndiHome and ask about your problem. Usually customer service will respond via DM. However, this method is quite slow because we have to wait for customer service to respond to messages or mention us. Once connected, we will be directed by an autoresponder. Then we can press button 1 for Indonesian. After that press button 1 to contact customer service. Then state your problem. From the 6 methods above, we should be able to find out our own IndiHome number. Even though it is very simple, this problem of not knowing or forgetting the customer id number can be a hassle if it is not resolved. If it still doesn't work, the last way is to go to the nearest Telkom plaza. This will help us to succeed.

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