MacBook Pro Introduced in January 2022

MacBook Pro is a series of Macintosh portable computers manufactured by Apple. The MacBook Pro was introduced in January 2006, replacing the PowerBook G4 and is also the second model to be launched after the iMac. The MacBook Pro is ranked as the most technologically advanced in the MacBook series. MacBook Pro uses aluminum as its main material and is divided into three sizes, namely MacBook Pro sizes 13, 3", 15, 4", and 17 "with different specifications. Initially the MacBook Pro which was launched on January 10, 2006 was the MacBook Pro size 15" at MacWorld Expo. The 17" type followed on April 24, 2006. At its first launch, the MacBook Pro had weaknesses in the FireWire 800 and S-Video ports. Changes from the PowerBook included the iSight webcam and MagSafe, a magnetic force connector designed to prevent detachment from the surface of the computer body. tote.

MacBook Pro 17" Apple launched the 17-inch MacBook Pro on January 6, 2009 at the MacWorld Expo.

The three most recent MacBook Pro sizes have bodies that are coated with aluminum. Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth 2.1 network. All types of MacBook Pro are also equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo components. Each MacBook Pro size is divided into several different specifications. MacBook Pro 15" MacBook Pro was first launched in 15" size on October 14, 2008 using aluminum material and a smoother shape like the MacBook Air. All available ports are moved to the left side of the laptop body. The SuperDrive device for playing CDs or VCDs or DVDs that was on the front has been moved to the right side. MacBook Pro 17" Apple launched the 17-inch MacBook Pro on January 6, 2009 at the MacWorld Expo. This type of MacBook has innovations in a battery that cannot be disassembled by the user. The battery is designed as a long-lasting battery that can last up to eight hours on a single charge and has a matte monitor display option. Unlike a glossy screen, a matte screen will not look glare (or mirror effect) due to sunlight or very bright lights. MacBook Pro 13" 13-inch MacBook Pro is the latest MacBook Pro introduced on June 8, 2009. This MacBook Pro is equipped with the latest innovations from the previous series. The latest MacBook Pro is designed to follow the iMac and MacBook Air with changes, such as the shape which is thinner than its predecessor although wider due to a wider screen display.The Multi-Touch trackpad has been widened for the convenience of its users.

39;s standard format. The MacBook Pro battery is not the same as a typical laptop battery.

The entire trackpad can be used to control the cursor, while the lower two-thirds are used as buttons for clicking. The keys on the keyboard or keyboard are still equipped with lights as lights, allowing users to type in the dark. The difference between the new keyboard or the keyboard when compared to the MacBook Pro that was produced earlier is that the buttons are now black in Apple's standard format. The MacBook Pro battery is not the same as a typical laptop battery. The MacBook Pro battery is shaped in such a way as to leave no free space on the MacBook Pro body. In addition, the battery that can last up to eight hours can not be disassembled like most portable computer batteries. Disassembling or removing the battery may reduce or even invalidate the applicable warranty. All newly manufactured MacBook Pros now have this technology. The difference is that the Macbook Pro 13" and 15" batteries can last up to seven hours while the MacBook Pro 17" has a battery life of eight hours. Some sources also report that the MacBook Pro 13" and 15" have a battery life of eight hours when use is not forced. Battery life can also last a long time, up to five years, when recharging or charging is done properly.

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