Meanwhile, if the laptop doesn't want to turn off

All electronic items such as laptops of course sometimes have problems that arise. Yes, the name is also man-made, of course, it cannot be separated from shortcomings. One of the problems that arise on laptops and is often experienced by older laptop users is that the laptop cannot shutdown or turn off. This is certainly very disturbing, because based on the usage process, if we have finished using the laptop we have to turn it off through the shutdown feature that has been provided. This laptop can't shutdown problem mostly appears on Windows 7 laptops, but sometimes it happens on Windows 10 too. There are two types of laptop cases that cannot be turned off, the first is that the laptop cannot shutdown at all, and the second is that the laptop can shutdown but the engine, fan, and indicator lights are still on as if the laptop is still active.

4. If so, please click Change settings that are currently unavailable.

The causes themselves vary, but mostly due to errors in the Windows system. Windows laptop problem can't shutdown (turned off) this is mild. To fix this you may just need to fix the problematic system, restore the system or even if the cause is severe enough you have to reinstall Windows. Well, for a more complete discussion, you can read the review below! In some cases the laptop cannot shutdown, some are very easy to overcome by simply turning off fast startup. You can also try to overcome the laptop cannot shutdown (turn off) by disabling the Windows fast startup feature. This feature is active by default, but if we disable it, it's not a problem. R then type Control Panel and press Enter. 2. After that you will enter the main page of the Control Panel. In this section, please change View by to Small icons then select Power Options. 3. After entering the Power Options menu, please select Choose what the power buttons do on the left side of the page. 4. If so, please click Change settings that are currently unavailable. 5. Next on Shutdown settings, please uncheck Turn on fast startup (recommended).

Command Prompt (CMD) is a Windows default tool that has a lot of benefits.

6. Finally, please click Save Changes to apply the changes. After performing the steps above, the laptop will usually be turned off by shutdown. Please try turning off the laptop and turning it back on as usual, but don't be surprised if the laptop booting into the system takes longer than usual. This is because the fast startup that you have turned off before. Command Prompt (CMD) is a Windows default tool that has a lot of benefits. CMD is also widely used to repair Windows systems on laptops or computers. Well, to be able to make repairs via CMD you have to use a special command. One of these special commands can be used to solve the laptop cannot be turned off.

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2. After that, in the Open section, please type CMD then press Enter. 3. If so, the Command Prompt will open. In this section, please enter the command type shutdown.exe -s. 4. After that just press Enter. 5. Next you will find a notification message warning that windows will be turned off or shutdown. 6. Done, the laptop can be turned off. Viruses can indeed do various things that are very detrimental, one of which is deleting system files or the registry. Well, if the two files are missing, a problem will appear in Windows, for example, the laptop cannot shutdown (turned off). For that, please do a virus scan and clean the virus if any appears.

You can use additional antivirus software such as Avast, Avira, or others. However, if you don't use it, you can use Windows defender to clean viruses. 1. First, enter the Windows search menu. 2. After that, please type Windows Security, then press Enter. 3. If you have entered the Windows Security menu, please select Virus & Thread protection on the left, then click Scan options. 4. Next, select the desired scan method, but I recommend choosing the Full scan method. Then do a scan by clicking Scan now. 5. Wait for the virus detection process to complete, after that please delete the virus that appears after scanning. If after the virus scanning process as before and you find a virus that attacks your laptop, then there is a possibility that the Windows registry is damaged. Well, based on this, you need to repair the registry so that there are no problems with Windows. On the other hand, the registry was previously damaged by a virus, maybe there is one that has an impact on the laptop not being able to shutdown (turned off). For that, please do a registry repair using the CCleaner application. 1. First, please download the CCleaner application first. 2. After the download is complete, please install the application as usual. 3. When finished, open CCleaner.

Then on the main application page, please enter the Registry menu. 4. Next, please select the Scan for Issues option to scan a damaged or problematic registry. 5. Please wait for the scan process to complete, and after that please select Fix selected Issues. 6. If a message appears Do you want to backup the registry before making changes? 7. The next step is just waiting for the repair process to complete. Shortcuts in Windows are icons that are installed on the Desktop or Start Menu. When the shortcut is clicked, it will open a program or run a certain command. Well, here we can use a special shortcut to run the shutdown command normally in Windows.

1. First, please enter first on the main Windows page, then hover over an empty part of the page. 2. Next, please right click on the touchpad or mouse, then in the small window that appears please select New and then select Shortcut. 3. If so, the Create Shortcut window will appear. In the Type the location of the item section, please type Shutdown /s /t 0 then click Next. 4. On the next page, please enter any name in the Type a name for this shortcut field. In the example below I write Normal Shutdown. 5. After that, please click the Finish button. 6. Now, the shutdown shortcut has been successfully opened, then you just have to run it by double-clicking on the shutdown shortcut icon that was created earlier. 7. Good luck and hopefully this way the laptop can be turned off normally. When you have tried all the ways we wrote above and it turns out that the laptop still cannot be turned off (shutdown) then you may need to forcibly disable the laptop. Although this method is accurate, it is not highly recommended unless it is in a state of necessity.

The trick is to long press the power button and if it works, the laptop will turn off. Meanwhile, if the laptop does not want to turn off, please just remove the battery immediately. Although this method is very effective, but sometimes there is a risk of damaging the hardware if you make it a habit. If by doing all the methods above, you and the laptop still can't shutdown (turned off) normally, then there is a possibility that there is a problem with the Windows OS that you are using. In some cases, this problem is caused by corrupted program files that make shutdown not work at all. But unfortunately the damage is no longer detected and can't even be repaired by the system like by fixing the registry earlier. So the last solution is to reset or refresh the Windows you are using. Here we recommend doing a refresh first rather than reset.

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