Not Just Changing the Hero's Appearance

Rare skins in the Mobile Legends (ML) game are in great demand by the players. Not just changing the appearance of the hero, the skin is also a matter of pride for players who have it because they have to take part in certain events, even to the point of spending a lot of money. Here are the rare skins that are most in demand and sought after by ML players, from beginners to pros. This rare skin is the most wanted skin for ML players. At first, Moonton only specifically displayed this skin for players in the Philippines on condition that they attend offline events. The reason this skin is so rare for ML players is because Layla's design is cool and looks futuristic. You can see from Layla's appearance, which is designed like a cyborg. This rare Blue Specter skin also turns Layla's bazooka into a sophisticated looking bazooka like a robot. The combination of Layla's costume and her robot mask, purple and light blue gradations make ML players want to have this skin. This rare skin can be obtained for free by ML players in event 515. By playing classic mode with your friends and sharing this event on social media, you will be able to have this Gatotkaca skin. The Arhat King skin coats Ghatotkacha with gold and several other effects that you can use when fighting in matches.

You can use the heroes Selena, Chou and Brody who look like DJ and street punk.

GamingYourWay at VCGamers. Join Now Here! If you don't have this skin yet, you have to wait again for the 515 event to release this elite skin Ghatotkacha. Gatotkaca Spark is included in the rare skin that is sought after by ML players. This skin, which was released during the 2019 presidential cup, can actually be purchased on a limited basis. The appearance of the Gatotkaca hero wearing red clawed gloves automatically changes the color effect of his skill when used. If you don't have time to buy this skin, you have to look forward to its release again who knows when. This rare skin shows a change in the appearance of the heroes of Selena, Chou and Brody, which is different from what ML players usually play. This skin is specially present from May to June at the 515 E-Party event. You can use the heroes Selena, Chou and Brody who look like DJ and street punk. Selena looks like a DJ using a hoodie and her hair style is tied in a ponytail.

The shortpants used by Selena also add visual appeal to players who have them. Brody looks like a DJ too, playing turntables with Eddy Gordo's hairstyle from Tekken and his Headset and Vest. Chou is shown as a freestyle skateboarder with his hairstyle and clothes. What's interesting about this rare skin for ML players is the visual display of each skill used by Selena, Chou and Brody. Stun writing from Brody's attack, disco light from Selena's attack and Chou's blink skill on his skateboard looks cool and contemporary. As an ML player, you have to wait patiently for another event if you still want to have this rare skin.

39;s visual design which is usually dominated by black clothes.

This Layla skin is also considered rare by ML players because it only exists at certain times. This skin features Layla with a dominant gradation of dark blue complete with her black-blue outfit. The color of the bazooka also has light shades of light blue and silver. If you're lucky, you can buy this rare skin in the game with the diamonds you need and participate in the mission. This rare skin is also quite in demand by ML players because it changes Pharsa's visual design which is usually dominated by black clothes. Indigo Aviatrix features Pharsa in light blue and white gradations, changing the color of her eye patch to dark blue with light blue gradations and lighter wands. This rare skin is present in the shop and you can buy it by exchanging diamonds. However, you have to wait again if you haven't gotten this Pharsa skin. This skin is quite rare because it was present in 2018, especially at the MSC event. Jawhead looks like an astronaut complete with a robot that Ailee rides in is dominated by gray with light blue gradations. On the shoulder of the robot is also written the MSC logo. This skin has also become rare, especially for ML players who want to complete their collection, so they have to wait for the release of this skin at another time. This rare skin is almost similar to the STUN edition which is famous among ML players. This is because the Cyborg Werewolf skin changes almost all visual aspects of Roger's skills.

You might have to wait for a special event from ML if you want this skin.

There are gradations of light purple and dark purple every time Roger activates skill 1, 2, or his ulti. Roger's werewolf appearance also changes according to the dominant purple color. The appearance of the skull mask also adds to the coolness of this one hero. Last March, this skin was sold for 629 Diamonds. Keep an eye on your in-game shop so you can buy this rare skin when it's released again. This skin is arguably rare because it is only available exclusively for ML players who logged in during the last 15 season. This skin changes Sun's appearance, especially the color gradation of his skin which is crossed by the white color of his hair. Sun's wand color also has a purple tint. ML players who logged in last season 15 had the opportunity to have this rare skin for free or buy it at the shop. You might have to wait for a special event from ML if you want this skin. Especially for this rare skin, ML players must collect points in national level tournaments. The tournament is titled Conquest of Dawn and has a high level of difficulty.

For the appreciation of the collection of points, you will be rewarded with a rare Uranus skin. Uranus is displayed in a futuristic style and is designed with light blue and gray gradations. Uranus' visual ulti also has different effects that make this skin interesting and cool to have. This skin was also actually present in the shop in 2018. If you manage to buy it from the shop, then you're lucky because other ML players don't necessarily have this rare Uranus skin. ML players who often use Aldous really need to have this rare skin. This skin can be obtained during the M1 tournament only and has a different visual design effect from the usual Aldous. Aldous was wearing a flaming gold colored armor and on his hand was written M1. The visual effect of his skills also changes to be cooler. This limited and rare skin was released by Moonton for ML players to enliven the 2018 World Cup. You could say if you don't have this skin now, then you won't be able to have it again for a long time. This skin features Harley wearing a referee costume in a speak ball.

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Maybe if you don't get it, you have to wait for the world cup again, okay? Just like Pharsa's rare skin, this skin can only be purchased during the last 16 season by ML players. This skin only changes Lolita's appearance with several color gradations. However, this skin is rare because it is not yet available in the shop. If you are an ML player who collects Lolita skins, there is no harm in hunting for this rare skin. This rare skin captivates ML players with its cuteness. However, you will not get this cuteness easily. Nana, who is dressed in a kimono, is displayed in shades of pink and white. Unfortunately, this is only available during MPL and you can't buy it in the shop. Rafaela Biomedic is a rare skin for ML players because of the many requests for re-release of this skin. As you know, Rafaela is one of the mages besides Nana that is widely used for support. This skin is an Elite skin and was only presented in tournament events in 2018. Rafaela is dressed as a nurse with her wand turned into an injection. Just like Rafaela Biometric, this skin is also rare and much in demand by ML players. This skin was released in 2019, featuring Lesley in a pirate style. Lesley is also an annoying hero in the match but also a mainstay of the players. This is the reason they requested that this rare skin be brought back. Those are rare skins that many ML players have been waiting for. If you want to get the skin, you can wait for their presence while waiting for the diamond to collapse.

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