Not Registered on the Network What Does It Mean

This is certainly very disturbing, especially if it occurs for a long time and communication via the cellphone is very important. On that basis, it is necessary to understand how to solve it so that this problem does not drag on. Before discussing how to solve a SIM card not registered on the network, it's a good idea to first understand the cause of this problem. Broadly speaking, there are two possible causes. If it's not from the SIM card, it means the phone is the problem. There are at least 15 ways to overcome the SIM card is not registered on the network (not registered on the network). There are times when a SIM card that is not registered on the network can resolve itself. Especially if the operator in question is having problems with his network. Here we just need a little patience to wait, about 60 minutes. If after waiting this problem has not been resolved, try using another phone card. In addition to using your own, you can borrow from other family members or from friends. If using another phone there are no problems, chances are that your phone is damaged. Both because of hardware and software. There are times when the SIM problem has not registered net work because it has not been registered. So even though the signal is full, the SIM has not been given permission to use it. This also applies, if the SIM requires re-registration. So, make sure the SIM you are using is registered.

Wait a few moments, until the system finds several available carrier networks.

Don't let it, after buying it, forget to do it and just install it on a smartphone. How to register is of course very easy. When the SIM card is inserted into the phone, the system will automatically detect the network that matches the operator. If the network has problems, either network loss or a notification not registered net work appears. This problem can usually be resolved by changing the automatic network mode to manual. It's very easy. You just enter the settings menu, then select SIM settings, then select the SIM card you want to set. Next open the mobile network settings, change the automatic search mode to manual. Wait a few moments, until the system finds several available carrier networks. Make sure you choose the appropriate operator network used. Wait a few moments, until the network search is complete. If by doing this, the SIM card notification is not registered on the network no longer exists, you can change the network mode to automatic. Every SIM card installed on the cellphone, all of them will detect the network according to the location where the cellphone is located.

Wait a while after the mode is activated.

It can be 2G, 3G, LTE and even 5G if the cellphone and its location already support it. The SIM card is not registered in the network, it could be because of the network. To fix this, try changing the network mode to 2G or 3G and then dial the ussd code, or make a call. Airplane mode is one of the best ways, eliminating the not registered on network notifications caused by the network. By activating it, all cell phone networks will turn off. Wait a while after the mode is activated. After that, turn off airplane mode again. Then try to make a call, or dial a specific ussd code. Sometimes network problems that are not detected, can be resolved in this simple way. But not forever, especially if due to other factors. The next step you can do to solve this problem, is to change the network using a secret code for the network you are using. Please change the network code according to the one you are using, be it LTE/TD-SCDMA-UMTS or others. It is important to remember, not to choose LTE only. This is because its function is to lock the 4G network only, so even if it is used to check credit you will not be able to do it. There are times when problems that occur on the cellphone can be resolved simply by restarting it.

By doing this, the phone will restart so that it looks like it was just turned on. Just try this method, maybe it can help. In addition to restarting, sometimes this problem can also be solved by removing and reinstalling the SIM card. By doing this, the network on the SIM card can be reset again. The method is of course very easy. You just turn off the cellphone, then take the SIM card. Oh hey, if the brass part looks dirty, it should be cleaned first. You can use a pencil eraser, and rub it gently until it's clean. After the SIM card is inserted again, please turn on the phone. Wait for the network to appear. Then, please make a call or dial ussd. Whatever mobile operator you use, of course it has customer service (CS). Please contact the CS, to ensure that there is no problem with the SIM card you are using. If there is any, then the cellular operator will know it so they can help to solve it immediately.

Both by family, friends, co-workers, to potential customers.

But if it turns out that after checking there are no problems, there is most likely damage to your cellphone. One of the best solutions to solve any problem with your SIM card, of course, is to visit the nearest call center from the operator. Telkomsel users can come to Grapri, Indosat users can come to Indosat Call Center, and for XL users can come to XL Center. By visiting directly, if after checking your SIM it turns out that there is a problem then the staff there can help overcome it. If it turns out that the SIM card used is badly damaged, you don't need to worry. By coming directly to Graffiti or other number transfer places, you can change to a new card without having to change your cellphone number. This is certainly very helpful, especially if the number you are using is very old and well known. Both by family, friends, co-workers, to potential customers. If you've done all of the above, but the issue of not being registered on this network hasn't gone away, there may be a problem with your phone. One way that can be done is to flash the cellphone.

However, this method also does not guarantee it will work. If you don't understand how, there are many tutorials on how to flash a cellphone on Google or YouTube. But if in doubt, taking it to a service center is a wise choice. The Not registered on network notification that appears, can also be caused by an operating system that is not running properly. OS that is not updated, usually there will be bugs. In response to this, several variants of the latest smartphones are currently implementing OS updates. The goal is to fix system errors and increase phone performance. However, there are also those who cannot update the OS. Sharing problems on the phone can usually be solved by resetting the cellphone, so the settings will return to the way they were when you first bought them. However, various data and applications will certainly be lost, except for the factory defaults. Some people claim to have succeeded in overcoming the problem of not being registered on the network by resetting their cellphones.

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However, of course you have to be prepared to lose data in the device memory. Before doing so, you should first move some important data that can be moved. Either through a memory card, or a backup application on the Playstore. If the 14 things above haven't worked, the ultimate way you can do is take him to a service center. This is to anticipate, if there is a possibility that a cellphone component is damaged and must be replaced, or there could also be another way from a repairman to remove the notification not registered on the network, which has proven to be effective. Those are some ways that can be done, to overcome the SIM card is not registered on the network (not registered on the network). After it's resolved, don't forget to tell me in the comments column. Hopefully with it, other readers can be helped. Thank you, good luck with the spirit of various benefits for others! Receive blog courses to produce from various sources, Blog creation services, Websites, and Online Stores.

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