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How to loosen hair - Do you have hair type that is often fluffy, stiff, difficult to style, and feels rough? Take it easy, you are not the only one because there are many men and women who experience hair problems like this. However, it is usually more experienced by men because men's hair is actually thicker in strands when compared to women's hair. When someone has stiff hair it will usually feel uncomfortable because sometimes when the hair is pulled it will feel more painful. Therefore, many people want to loosen their hair to make it feel more comfortable. However, not everyone knows how to loosen his hair, so he feels confused what to do to make his hair limp. Basically, there are lots of ways to loosen hair that you can practice. Basically, there is no problem that can't be solved, here are some tips on how to loosen stiff hair. Perform routinely applying these steps, your hair will become limp and soft. Curious how? Check out the explanation below, yes! 13 Ways to relax hair that can be practiced1. So that Grameds is not confused about determining the right way to loosen hair, this article has summarized it into 13 ways to loosen hair that can be practiced. The first step you can take to loosen stiff hair is to change shampoo.

Because sulfates can dry out hair.

If your favorite shampoo has been making your hair stiff, chances are you are not compatible with this product. Therefore, every time you try shampoo, it's better to buy a small bottle or sachet first. If it fits, then proceed with buying a bigger bottle. Also make sure the shampoo does not contain sulfates, why? Because sulfates can dry out hair. By using a sulfate-free shampoo, your hair will be free from dryness. If your hair is not dry, it will not be stiff. Usually sulfate-free shampoos also contain natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, and others. The wrong way of shampooing is one of the causes of hair becoming too dry or stiff. Most people claim when the strands are dry it means their hair is dry. In fact, they also have oily scalps, and vice versa. Therefore, you should also recognize the various types of hair and our scalp. If you have dry ends, but with a scalp that tends to be oily, you should only wash your hair more regularly to clean your scalp.

Conditioner itself is needed so that you get soft and manageable hair.

You also need to use conditioner only on the dry ends of your hair after shampooing. Meanwhile, for those of you who have dry scalp, you should only shampoo 1-2 times a week and never skip conditioner. After shampooing, don't forget to use conditioner. Maybe if you're in a hurry, you can occasionally skip conditioner after shampooing. Even so, you shouldn't forget to use conditioner too often after shampooing. Conditioner itself is needed so that you get soft and manageable hair. If you don't have time to conditioner after shampooing, you can switch to leave-in conditioner. This product also has the same benefits as conditioner, only it is more practical because it does not need to be rinsed first. Leave-in conditioner you can use during the day or on the sidelines of activities to make hair weaker again. For those of you who like warm water when bathing, did you know that high water temperatures will cause your hair to become dry and more prone to damage? This is because hot water will attract the natural oils found in the hair strands. That said, hot water will also open the cuticle layer (the outermost layer) on the hair strands and cause hair health to be more easily disturbed. So, try to balance shampooing with cold water to make the hair cuticles flat again (closed). That way, the hair will be difficult to damage and become soft and limp. It would be even better, if you change your shampooing routine from rinsing with warm water to cold water. Still related to shampooing, for those of you who want to get softer and more limp and healthy hair, you should not do this shampooing ritual too often.

This is because washing your hair more often can make your hair drier. Especially if you are still using shampoos with sulfate content. Be careful, ok! If the type of hair and scalp is oily, just wash it 2-3 times a week. Meanwhile, hair owners with dry scalp are only allowed to shampoo 1-2 times a week. After shampooing, maybe you really want to rush to dry your hair, so most of you become powerless to immediately grab a towel and then rub it on your hair in the hope that it will dry faster. Unfortunately, this habit is not quite friendly with hair, you know. This can happen because by rubbing your hair too often using a towel, you will also unknowingly lift the natural protective hair oil. In fact, this oil will actually be needed to make hair soft, limp, and easy to manage. So, after shampooing try to reduce the water contained in the hair by using your bare hands first gently. Only then can you use a towel. The use of towels is not rubbed, but by pressing gently on the hair until the water is well absorbed in the towel. Do you often comb your hair while it's still wet or half wet?

That is, to stop is to stop using these habits.

Then, are you the type of person who likes to comb from the roots to the ends of the hair? If most of your answers to these questions are yes, then stop immediately. That is, to stop is to stop using these habits. There have been many hairdressers and hairstylists who suggest combing your hair using a wide-toothed comb when your hair is half dry or wet. Then, after the hair is completely dry, then you can use a fine-toothed comb or brush. This is also done in order to reduce damage to the hair roots that are easily pulled and pulled out. If you comb with a fine-toothed comb while your hair is still wet, your hair will become stiffer easily. In addition, also pay attention to the direction of combing so that it can look cooler. When the hair is dry, comb the hair using a fine-toothed comb from the ends of the hair to the roots of the hair and comb it from section by section. This method can be done from the side area which will keep the hair healthy to the roots, can also make the hair smooth afterward. Another easy way that you can use to treat dry, stiff, and damaged hair is to use hair care products. Even better, if the hair care product consists of hydrolyzed keratin. In Indonesia, these products may be found in products with claims of keratin to replace damaged hair proteins. Starting from shampoo, serum, hair mask, conditioner, or hair vitamins.

According to their purpose, this product range is specifically focused on repairing damaged hair proteins. After using these products regularly you will feel for yourself a drastic change in your hair which becomes softer, limp and easier to manage. Another way to loosen stiff hair is to use a hair mask. Indeed, creambaths and masks are the most powerful way to get softer and more manageable hair. Not only women, men are also allowed to do cream baths and use hair mask treatments at the salon. If you don't have time to go to the salon, you can also buy cream bath cream or mask cream and do various treatments yourself at home. Nourish your hair with cream bath treatment as a way to relax your hair that you can do once a week. You also have to set up a special time to mix the ingredients, as well as equipment to apply hair in 5-30 minutes depending on the condition of your hair.

Increase the nutritional needs and moisture in each strand from the inside. Makes hair limp, soft, and silky smooth. Makes hair look shinier. Controls frizz and frizz in hair. If you are not familiar with hair serum, this product is the nutrition your hair needs in liquid form in the form of oil. By using hair serum after shampooing and before styling, your hair is protected from hair damage and makes hair limp. In addition to choosing hair care products, there are also ways to make your hair weak and not stiff. The trick is to comb the hair specifically using a soft-toothed brush. The selection of a hair brush using the tips of small balls can effectively improve the texture of stiff hair to become as smooth as silk. This is also because the soft rubber pad at the tip of the brush is able to distribute the oil on the scalp evenly to the ends of the hair. The rubber material will also help reduce static due to friction with the hair strands. So, by simply changing the type of comb, you are now free to say goodbye to stiff hair!

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