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Any fixes? Plus no EU matchmaking? 92z PUBG, a game often praised for its weapon ballistics, is developed in a country with strict gun laws. Maybe if the developers didn't have ears, we wouldn't be having the sound issues we are today. Gyuszihu @ChernarusNew @DayZ @PUBG I've already said I play on public servers and I also play on private servers. Why is pubg not working? Support, I tried to claim the "Olive Riveted Backpack" from the pass during the steam outage the other day, and despite it saying "claimed", it's not in my inventory at all. Any way of getting it? PUBG. driving support / granular aiming works again. BlimeyWolfe @BirdmanTfg @PUBG @Xbox Once a player has that much latency issues, regardless if its a real network issue or the obvious here, they should be removed from the match. Unfortunately that is a game issue as well. Arnithian Gonna go live in the morning, My stream has been suffering a bit recently due to 'Jittering' on certain games like GTA5 and PuBG. If anyone is about in the morning, some feedback would be extremely grateful.

Meeru OnePlus lanti vaatitho em chesthaaru normal apps usage kakunda.

Deadby Daylight for the first time. Or I'm down for anything else. Lowkeydfc My internet clearly says no pubg. Looks like a steam issue actually, not a PUBG issue. Steam maybe doing an update? Support As a long time Super Fan of Pubg it's officially becoming a big pile of crap. 5ad Pubg network lag issues are the worst its ever been for console. Casual doubt, ma 14k redmi phone lo PUBG lantivi aadatham with no problems. Meeru OnePlus lanti vaatitho em chesthaaru normal apps usage kakunda. I think anavasaramemo flagship mobiles If you are not using their full potential. A1pH4W01v The fact that PUBG still has the worst performance problem, for me at least, for 2 years infuriates me. 600 hours of trying to endure the lag and crashes, but theyre still not properly advancing in making the performance any better for mid-tier specs. PUBG y you are not banning hacker from pubg mobile.

In there is an issue to ban I'd's just ban there ip addresses. Why is my discord not working? I died in my PUBG match coz of that. SixKillaGinga Major issues after upgrading to Mixer Pro. I apologize for the numerous notifications sent out of me going live I hope it didn't disturb anyone. Codester145 @PUBG I purchased a weapon skin last week before PUBG NA servers experienced intermittent connectivity issues. Several days later, I still do not have the skin. Who can I contact to resolve? 6 while playing PUBG my phone is not working properly there's too much lag and earphone gleech problem why this problem occurs can you please tell what really problem. I believe in you are not selling cheap phone on your branding name. SluggeroTV @PUBG What I read from @genexp most of the issues arose when converting the code towards the build used on live servers. Travisteez @SluggeroTV @PUBG Imagine fixing things the community is complaining about on the test servers before they go live. Then imagine communicating those issues to the community and giving us insight as to why the patch will be delayed.

Sounds are messed up and the game becomes more laggy.

What a world that would be. Support @PUBG I'm getting connected to EU server with 150ms ping and my usual SEA is getting 200ms Everytime. There is no problem with my internet, it started right after this failed update. Sounds are messed up and the game becomes more laggy. I'm disappointed with this patch. SluggeroTV @PUBG And what's the point of a TEST server, if when tested the patch proves to be broken yet they still push it to live servers? SluggeroTV There is nothing more disrespectful to your playerbase @PUBG as having game breaking patches pushed to LiVE servers, with known issues already expressed from the community on test servers. From my understanding, patches should be there to FIX, not break a game. Amit44208372 @JioCare it is so painful to told you that your Jio internet is not working well. I am facing to many problems.

My pubg also not working well due to bad jio network connection? Support @PUBG, there is still some hope! 11 @Twitter I have a problem I made a new twitter account and contact it with my PUBG account. I cant access my twitter account now because it asks for a phone call to verify. I didn't receive any calls. 1 @thommeread Processor power is also an issue. My Samsung tab won't load fortnite and pubg but my p30 mobile will. Tristan06196776 @kritikalmotion Have you had problems with Opening PUBG and sound cuts out? Support o god, the end is near, PUBG Support investigating Sound problems? BaghelHimanshu @JioCare Hello Mohit, data connectivity is fine i am able to play pubg without any time out error. Thanks to you and your team to fix the issue. I will reach out to you in case of any issue. 123 @r0han One the gaming lines:- iOS 13.1 has screwed up big time with pubg there are lag issues, switching weapons and in game options sudden high pings has drop down the gaming experience. Initially with 13.0 four finger controls were not working not sure if that is fixed. Support The point here is u want to play on live servers.

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That is where people have bought skins, items, have stats etc. You don't want to be forced to go to a TEST server because PUBG cannot test their own updates. 11 @Twitter i have a problem I made a new twitter account and contact it with my PUBG account. I cant access my twitter account now because I entered my phone number wrong. TyBamlin I've seen nothing from anyone @PUBG about this crap update and it's problems. 81Rocka @PUBG Please fix parachute Bug, where you can't fly forward but directly down (like holding Shift). How can such a bug hit Live Servers? Troubles0lver @PUBG @Hawkinz great improvement of loot spawns but at a great cost of desync issues and laggy servers.. OneTimeHeroii @shadoken @HiJoser yeah this is more of a work hazard from my experience. I had this issue with my wrist due to my posture during pubg/apex. I fixed my desk at home and then optimized my desk at work and I haven't had pain like that again. MikeP1212 @PUBG YOUR GAME IS BROKEN!

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