"Bang, this is how to make it, huh?

In the world of chatting, there are lots of slang that are often used. These terms are also often used not only by teenagers / young people, but by people of all age ranges. Apart from slang, there are also other terms. For example in Indonesian and English. Knowledge of these terms is actually not mandatory. But if we know, then we don't need to be confused, when someone uses special terms when we are chatting. Curious about anything? Let's discuss. This slang originated from the internet. Either social media, forums and chat applications. There are also terms that become viral because they are used so often, that they are often made into memes (Example: "kerad"). For now, the term 'Agan' is widely used everywhere. On social media, chat, buying and selling forums, and much more. Note, this is for men huh. But unlike Agan, who is devoted to men, Sista is more devoted to women. As for the origin, I don't know. But maybe the word sista comes from English, "Sister" which can mean sister.

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The origin of the word is Arabic. 'Ana' which means I. The origin of the word is Arabic. 'Anta' which means you. Buddy is more or less the same as Agan.. It's just that, my friend is often also used to greet people who are younger / the same age. Usually used to fellow men, and seems more familiar than Agan. The meaning of temperature here is not temperature. Temperature can also be used to call a junior to a senior (On the internet, yes).. "Elah, he's already temperature.. More or less the same as temperature. Abbreviation for cyber artist. ADM children, usually selfie & narcissistic hobbies. More or less pointing to meme children, whether they are meme lovers or meme creators. I don't understand this term. But some say, Zeeber is a combination of meme children and ADM. It means more or less pointing to people who like things from Japan. Pointing to people who like to play games. Someone who has a channel on the Youtube site and is active on that channel. He said 'it comes from the word hard that is put on. Meaning more or less: cool, beautiful and the like.

This joke refers to the type of person who has a unique style when typing.

"Bro, what kind of jokes do you think of this person? It can be interpreted as bored & lazy. If this I'm sure you already know. This joke refers to the type of person who has a unique style when typing. Abbreviation for 'Giving false hope'. On the internet, it means bad habit which is difficult to cure. Certain posts are usually aimed at seeking sensation. The stanza here can be interpreted as 'fishing'. That is, deliberately seeking people's attention through these posts. I mean add friends on facebook. The word "Yuk" is reversed. Can be interpreted "really" or "very". Example: "HQQ Luck". Can be interpreted as 'useless'. Popular words that designate today's children. Abbreviation for feeling. This term is usually associated with love problems and the like. It means more or less "want to know". It means Selow alias relaxed. It means strange or unusual.

Usually something absurd is funny because it's too unusual. Slang abbreviation for annoyed / "upset". Can be interpreted 'rise'.. Usually associated with problems of love and the like. Abbreviation for lack of updates. It can also mean outdated. A play from bro. There are also those who use the word 'Vro', or 'Bray'. Abbreviation of singles ngenes. Abbreviation for 'Thanks for likes'. Used on Facebook to thank you when someone likes what you post. Abbreviation for As Soon As Possible, meaning more or less 'as soon as possible'. Abbreviation for Correct me if I am wrong.. It means something like "Please correct me if I'm wrong".. Abbreviation for As Known As, meaning 'Alias'. Abbreviation for You Only Lived Once, meaning "You only live once". This term is commonly used by gamers.

Newbie means beginner. "Bang, how do you do this? Noob can also be interpreted as a beginner. But Noob has a much different meaning when compared to a newbie. Abbreviation for On The Way, which means on the way.. Abbreviation for Get Well Soon, which means "hopefully fast / get well soon". Abbreviation of Laugh Of Loud, which means laugh out loud / laugh out loud / laugh out loud. Note: The use of the word LOL itself for some Indonesians seems a bit harsh. So look at the situation first before using this word. Off.. It means laughing too.. Abbreviation for Rolling On the Floor Laughing.. More or less the same as LMAO, but the impression is even more hilarious. But this term is rarely used by Indonesians. Abbreviation for Do It Yourself. It means more or less like a handmade/homemade item. Abbreviation for Happy birthday / happy birthday. Abbreviation for Away from keyboard.. It means temporarily going away from chat activities.. BRB stands for Be Right Back.. It has a similar feel to AFK, but it means more or less 'back soon'. Abbreviation for For Your Information, meaning 'Just for information' or 'So you know'.. Abbreviation for In My Humble Opinion.. It means 'according to my opinion'. Unweighted Posts / Comments / Messages..

Or the same post in large quantities can also be regarded as spam. Short for Request. It means ask / ask. Short for Thread starter aka post creator / person who started the post first. This term is commonly used in social media and online forums. Abbreviation for I Don't Know.. Same with I Don't Know. Abbreviation for private messages.. Alias ​​private message (Or private chat). Usually this word is used in buying and selling transactions. "Bro, what is the price of this item? Inbox means inbox. Usually used in forums or social media. This word is also commonly used in buying and selling transactions. For example, it is more or less the same as PM Check above, so Check inbox. Abbreviation for Visitor Message.. Unlike PM which is private, VM messages can be seen by people who view your profile. For now, the term VM is rarely used. Abbreviation for Shipping Costs.. That is the courier cost that you have to pay when buying goods online. Abbreviation from Want to sell..

Usually used by people when selling goods online. Abbreviation for Want to buy. The opposite of WTS, WTB is intended when someone is looking for a certain item. Items are sold out. Can be interpreted as a price bargain. Review the experience of buying goods from the seller. And even the terms above I have not defined in detail. There are still a lot of terms that I haven't discussed yet.. One of them is the term Marketing world.. I think it's a must-know, especially for blogger friends or friends who are sellers of buying and selling online. If it's discussed here, it will be long.. In full, please read the following Online Marketing article.. Well, here's a list of slang and internet terms that are often used. The words above, on average, can almost be used on all sites to online games. As I write this, honestly, I feel dizzy because I have to remember this and that and search for terms that are often used on the internet. If you know another term, please enter it in the comment box below. Or if there is a term you want to ask, you can.

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