Replace Acer Keyboard How Much

How much does it cost to replace the original acer keyboard? Especially if the keyboard you are using is broken. Generally, there are several problems with keyboard damage, the first is that the button doesn't work, then the button only functions partially and the last is the button pressing itself or when pressed once it becomes double. If your keyboard is experiencing this kind of thing then it means it's time to replace it. Damage to the keyboard itself is actually a common problem and we often experience. Given the keyboard's lifetime between 2 to 5 years and some can even be more. Depending on our usage, the usual thing that makes a keyboard damaged is exposed to liquids such as water or other drinks. Given the keyboard itself is made of a thin plastic layer called a membrane. In the plastic layer there is a black strip that functions like a cable. Well, the damage that occurs to the keyboard is generally the path that is disconnected or not connected. I don't know if it's old enough to be peeled off or exposed to dust. How to repair a keyboard with this kind of damage is actually quite easy. That is, just connect the damaged path using a thin cable such as a cable from a headset or earphone or you can also use aluminum foil. As long as the damage to the keyboard is not too severe, then that way we can fix it. It's just that to find out the damaged path is a little difficult because a multimeter is needed to detect it.

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Another way is to replace it or buy a new keyboard. I myself have experienced 3x replacement on the acer laptop keyboard that I have. Therefore, here I want to share my experience regarding the replacement of my acer aspire e14 laptop keyboard. The main question is when our keyboard is broken for the first time, how much does it cost to replace the keyboard? For the price of the original acer laptop keyboard is around Rp. 850,000 rupiah. This price includes the price of spare parts from the keyboard itself. The calculation is as follows, for keyboard spare parts it's around Rp. 676,500, - (exclude Tax 10%). This is the price I got when I asked the official acer service center via email.

Why so many? I rounded this number to 1 million because the price of the keyboard can vary.

The price of this keyboard spare part itself can change at any time and the price also varies depending on the acer laptop model that we have. If the above is the price of the acer aspire e14 laptop keyboard for the e5-475-5574 model. But I'm not sure whether the price of the original acer laptop keyboard is right or not. Because in the email itself the customer service incorrectly mentions the model of the laptop I have. Then next is the price for repairs or services, the price is IDR 165,000. So in total, the repair price for replacing the original acer keyboard is around 1 million. Why so many? I rounded this number to 1 million because the price of the keyboard can vary. Besides that, the cost is still uncertain, it could be cheaper but at least if you really want to replace the keyboard, it's better to prepare more money.

Please buy a keyboard with a big white circle on the power button.

What you need to know is that the cost of replacing the keyboard is the price if you replace it at an official service center. If it's in regular service, I think it's much cheaper. The total is around 300 thousand which includes the price of spare parts from your laptop keyboard. For service fees, it varies widely, which is around 50 thousand to 200 thousand. So if you want to know, you better ask the repairman himself. However, if you want it cheaper, you better buy your own keyboard separately. For only 100 thousand, you can already get a new keyboard for your acer laptop. My advice if you have an acer aspire e14 laptop with the same model as mine. Please buy a keyboard with a big white circle on the power button. If the original acer keyboard only has a thin white circle, right?

39;s just because the price is expensive so I just undo it.

Well, if you buy a keyboard, there are 2 types. Namely the symbol on the power button is similar to the original and there is also a different circle. My advice why choose a different circle? Because this concerns the problem of comfortable use of the keyboard. I use a keyboard that has the same model as the original but its use is not very comfortable. 2x I use a keyboard that is similar to the original but not made for typing. Whereas the previous one was really good but for some reason it only lasted 1 month. That's why I got curious and asked how much the original acer keyboard cost for the aspire e14 model. Because I want to replace this acer laptop keyboard with the original one so it doesn't get damaged quickly and is comfortable to use for typing. It's just because the price is expensive so I just undo it. Besides that, I also don't know whether the price of the acer aspire e14 laptop keyboard includes palmrest or not. What is this Palmrest? Palmrest is the top cover or top casing. Because actually the keyboard on this acer laptop is united with the top casing. So if it is replaced we have to peel off the plastic part that holds the keyboard itself. So don't be surprised if after replacing the keyboard, it feels a little different because your new laptop keyboard is a little deeper. But in my opinion the price of 600 thousand should include the price of the top cover of the keyboard itself.

If that doesn't mean it's really expensive, that's why I replaced the keyboard from my acer aspire alone. So the cost of replacing the keyboard that I spent was only buying spare parts. That is exactly 89 thousand only. It includes postage, but because I got free shipping, the price I had to pay was only 62 thousand. 7 thousand postage costs because the postage subsidy I got was only 20 thousand. Then it's hard to replace the keyboard, isn't it? In my opinion it is easy and difficult, the difficulty is when we do not know how to open our laptop. Because later to be able to replace the laptop keyboard, we have to remove several cables such as the fan, motherboard, cable to the touchpad, power cable, lcd cable, battery cable and others. So when opening this laptop for the first time we have to be careful. So that there are no broken cables, after that we just remove the existing keyboard holder. If it's new, we install it and return it again. Because everything is already using a flexible cable, the replacement of this laptop keyboard only needs to be disassembled like a PC. If you're not sure, my advice is to just replace your keyboard with a repairman. It's just that as a warning, please open the back cover of your laptop and take a photo of the ram and hard disk you have. If possible, take a photo of all the components. The problem is that there are some naughty repairmen who replace some of the components that we have. So if something has been replaced, you can know and protest.

Those are just a few tips and information about replacing this acer laptop keyboard. This actually applies to all brands including asus, toshiba, lenovo or hp. Although in some types the way to replace it is not the same. Looking for a list of the best business laptop recommendations, the best ones for creating logos, graphic design business ventures and more. Find a discussion about the best business laptops on Namatin which discusses various kinds of laptops complete with specifications and prices and the reasons why these laptops are best for business. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website.

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