Reset IPhone is Data Lost

When you are carrying out activities using your iPhone, it is possible that there are obstacles. Some of the obstacles on the cellphone are, it is less responsive, slows down, and even stops suddenly. Well, these obstacles will certainly interfere with your activities, right? To fix this, you can do a reset on the iPhone to return it to its original settings or factory conditions. This reset is also very important to do if you plan to sell your iPhone, you know. There are several ways to reset the iPhone which are fairly easy to do. Pay attention to the types, functions, and tutorials on how to reset the following iPhone. How to reset the iPhone can be done through several types. Before following how to reset iPhone, you need to understand the type first. This is important considering the data on your iPhone will be lost either partially or completely.

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You can do this type of reset when the iPhone is still reacting or responsive. How to reset an iPhone with this type is done if you want to reboot quickly. The method for doing this method varies depending on the type of iPhone you have. A soft reset will not delete the data on your iPhone. Force restart is done if your iPhone is unresponsive. Another type that you need to know before doing the iPhone reset method is a force restart. This type is done if your device freezes or won't turn on, you need to take more serious steps. You will not lose any data by performing the force restart method. You will just force the iPhone to power on and on. How to reset an iPhone with this type can also vary depending on the type of device you have. So it's important for you to know how to reset iPhone by force restart on your cellphone. Need a more extreme type? Factory reset or factory reset is a step you can do. However, this type is not something you can do easily because it will delete all the data on your iPhone. A factory reset will return your iPhone to the state it was in when it was freshly removed from the factory. This means that it will delete all account info, apps, media, and data stored on the device. This type allows you to completely wipe the device so you can sell it or give it to someone else. In addition, this method of resetting the iPhone may be able to solve the problem that occurs in your device. Reset iPhone serves to repair software.

Restoring the initial settings is one of the right solutions if you experience software damage.

Performing an iPhone reset has an important function for you to know. As you already know, by using a factory reset, it will be returned to the original factory settings. Restoring the initial settings is one of the right solutions if you experience software damage. Deleting data and settings stored on iPhone is very useful if you are planning to sell your phone. Buyers will get iPhones with new settings. If your iPhone is unresponsive you can do a soft reset or force restart where you don't have to worry about losing data. Both processes will not delete any data or settings on the phone. How to reset the iPhone can be different depending on the type of phone. Want to clear data and reset settings? Knowing the tutorial on how to reset the iPhone is an important thing that you must understand. Well, you also need to understand that the different types of devices affect how you reset your iPhone. The first step on how to reset an iPhone with this type is to press and hold the bottom volume button and the Sleep or Wake button at the same time.

The bottom volume is located on the left side of the iPhone, while the Sleep/Wake button is on the top edge of the device. Hold and press both buttons until the Apple logo appears. Immediately release both buttons once the Apple logo appears. If successful, your iPhone can be run again normally. However, if it doesn't work, you can charge your device for about an hour before trying again. The first step is to reset iPhone 8 by pressing the volume up button. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the right side of iPhone. It's important for you to know how to reset iPhone above not only applies to type 8, but also 8 Plus, XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, and SE (second generation). Performing a hard reset is one way to erase data and settings on your iPhone. If you want to do this method, don't forget to back up first.

This is done so that your data can be kept safe. The next way to reset the iPhone is by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button at the top end of the iPhone as well as the Home button at the same time. Hold down both buttons until the Apple logo appears. Once the logo is displayed, release the button. Your device will be able to run normally if successful. By knowing how to reset an iPhone, it is hoped that you will have no trouble doing it. Either when your iPhone is unresponsive or want to sell it. Also understand the types and tutorials on how to reset iPhone for various types of devices. Different types of devices can affect how the iPhone reset is done. Apart from EKRUT Media, you can get interesting information and tips from EKRUT on EKRUT Official YouTube. Come on, develop your career with EKRUT! Sign up EKRUT right now, so you can get various job opportunities that match your interests.

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