Should Neo+ Apps Invite Friends

You can, see the following trick! Making money from apps has been known for a long time. Various money-making applications can now be found on the Google Playstore or AppStore. Of course, this is a breath of fresh air for fans of free money-making applications. Neobank is a banking application created to facilitate financial transactions by providing a variety of interesting features. The Neobank application itself was created by PT Neo Ecomerce, Tbk and has been officially registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Although basically Neo Plus is a banking application, this application still provides promos in the form of free balances to users who register for the first time in this application. Not without facts, I myself have proven that the Neo Plus application is proven to pay. But after trying it, I'm sure that this trick is still worth it until now. So, every new user will get free money in the form of Neo Rewards balance. Neo Rewards is one of the Neobank Application Marketing Programs to get customers by providing benefits (feedback) to new customers.

25 thousand rupiah if the customer fills in the minimum balance of BNC Savings 50 thousand rupiah.

You need to know, one way to get money from Neo Rewards is to use the Neobank application. 2 thousand rupiah if the customer successfully registers an account in the Neobank application. 25 thousand rupiah if the customer successfully opens a BNC Account in the Neo application. 25 thousand rupiah if the customer fills in the minimum balance of BNC Savings 50 thousand rupiah. So the total balance that you can get with the three conditions above is 52 thousand rupiah for free. Neo Rewards balance cannot be withdrawn! Who says it? At first I thought so myself too. Then I tried to transfer Neo Rewards balance. It turned out that the Neo Rewards balance was successfully transferred to the BRI Account.

Register an account in the Neobank app.

To be sure, I tried to check BRI balance mutations through the BRImo application. The money I transferred from the Neo application was recorded in the BRI mutation and my BRI balance turned out to be increased. In addition, I also received a successful balance transfer notification from the Neo Plus application. To get money from applications, developers generally require users to invite other people to use the same application to earn money. But not with the Neo Plus application. Yes, you don't have to invite friends to get free Neo Rewards balance. Register an account in the Neobank app. Fill in the Neo Now Balance. Go to the Neo Rewards page here. Then enter the HP Number, click Send OTP then fill in the 6-digit OTP code in the OTP code column and then click Retrieve. Then click Take Rewards and then Download the Neobank application.

After that, follow the complete guide here.

You will be directed to the NeoBank application on the Google Playstore or AppStore. Then click Register. On the Neo Login page, enter the Mobile Number, click Send OTP, enter the OTP Code and then click Register Now. If the mobile number is already registered, click Login and then enter the mobile number and password for the Neo Bank account. After successfully registering an account, then register a BNC Account by preparing your e-KTP. After that, follow the complete guide here. Fyi, opening a BNC account on the Neo app only takes about 5 minutes. The verification process includes an e-KTP photo and face verification. After successfully registering a BNC Account, then fill in the Neo Now Savings balance of at least 50 thousand rupiah.

The trick is to click the Add Balance menu and then select the type of bank and the amount of the balance to be filled. Then transfer the balance from the Bank via the available Virtual Account code. Finally, wait for the BNC balance to increase. Open the Neobank application then go to the Profile menu. Click the Neo Rewards menu. On the Neo Rewards page, click Withdraw Balance then fill in the Nominal Balance to be withdrawn into Neo Now then click Confirm. After that, the balance for Neo Rewards will move to Neo Now Balance. If the balance has been withdrawn, then you can use the balance. You can transfer balance to Bank Account, E-Wallet or pay Merchant via Virtual Account code. 50 thousand rupiah just by registering a Neobank account. After that, open a BNC Account and fill in a minimum balance of 50 thousand rupiah to get a free Neo Rewards balance.

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