Then, what are the advantages of WordPress Hosting?

In developing a website or blog, hosting is definitely needed so that the website or blog that is managed can be more optimal. But hosting also has several types, you know. One of them is WordPress Hosting. Maybe you've heard of hosting or WordPress hosting itself but don't know what it means and what are its advantages. Therefore, all of them will be discussed in this article. Listen carefully, my friends. Before you know about WordPress Hosting, it's a good idea to know about Hosting first. Hosting is a place where the files and data needed by the website are stored and can be accessed and managed via the internet. Website files stored on hosting include images, videos, emails, scripts, applications and important databases. This data can be accessed by the audience on the internet. Hosting also has its own storage capacity according to the needs of its users. For example, hosting that is used personally for blogs, company websites to e-commerce websites for online businesses. Whatever your needs, hosting will store all the data you need.

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There are several types of hosting offered, namely shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting and finally WordPress hosting. To find out the complete types of hosting, you can read this article. WordPress hosting is a web hosting service for websites that use the WordPress platform as a CMS or Content Management System. The website itself is currently using a platform with the W logo because of the many conveniences it offers. Not only as a blog but WordPress can be used for portfolios, company websites, to e-commerce or online stores. For those of you who also use WordPress as a CMS for your website or blog, then you will need WordPress Hosting. And Exabytes also provides the best WordPress Hosting that can be tailored to your needs.

There are so many advantages of WordPress Hosting that you need to know.

Maybe right now you are wondering, about when should you use or switch to WordPress Hosting? Many people are still waiting or hesitant to move or upgrade to WordPress Hosting. If you are experiencing the signs above, it means that you really need to move or upgrade your hosting to WordPress Hosting. Because a slow website will make website visitors leave and if the website is hacked, then you will lose trust. Whereas a website that has good and optimal performance can help you make more money and increase credibility in the eyes of website visitors. If you think that hosting is only for data storage, that's not entirely true, you know. There are so many advantages of WordPress Hosting that you need to know. Then, what are the advantages of WordPress Hosting?

The first advantage is a large resource. Each website has its own needs regarding the required resources and memory. This resource is used to store the necessary data on the website. Therefore, you really need to use hosting from now on so that your website can work optimally. By using WordPress Hosting, you don't need to worry about its security because it is guaranteed by the hosting provider company. So you don't have to worry about sudden attacks such as malware, viruses or cybercrime. It is certain that by using hosting, the speed also increases. Website page loading will be faster than using shared hosting, you know, even though the website traffic is busy. If your website is fast, visitors will be happy and comfortable to be on your website. When your website has a lot of visitors or clients, it is very important to manage it regularly. By hosting your WordPress website, you can easily set it up without having to do much. So you can save time and can develop a better website. By using hosting, you don't need to bother doing updates anymore because this is already automatic, you know. Starting from the latest WordPress versions, PHP updates to theme and plugin updates. Not only updates but can also perform automatic backups. Depending on the hosting package you buy, some offer daily, weekly or monthly backup services. Of course this is very easy for users. Websites that are down are indeed a problem for some website owners. But if it is down continuously, you will lose visitors and they are reluctant to come again because it is considered bad.

This will really help you if you have problems at any time or to optimize your WordPress.

With hosting, this problem can be solved even though the traffic is busy. By using this hosting, you can get trusted and responsive expert support from the hosting provider company. This will really help you if you have problems at any time or to optimize your WordPress. The price for WordPress Hosting is indeed more expensive than shared hosting but with many advantages provided, of course this will save you money. This can be a win-win solution because your website can be downtime free, safer and faster by using hosting. If you are currently thinking about using WordPress Hosting, especially after reading the information above, you can use the best quality WordPress Hosting from Exabytes with many advantages. WordPress Hosting at Exabytes comes with the Plesk Obisidian feature.

Plesk is one of the most popular hosting control panel applications, especially among European hosting providers. This tool effectively enables application development by providing access to a simpler and more secure web managed by the hosting company. No need to worry about downtime anymore, your website will work super fast with just a few clicks, you know. Plesk has used best practices from WordPress security experts and the WordPress Codex to protect your website. So you don't have to worry about the security of your website anymore. Now it's really easy to manage multiple sites on a WordPress website, plugins, WordPress themes to email accounts too. No need to bother editing the website directly, with this feature you can duplicate your WordPress and build staging to change the appearance of your website. No need to worry about malware, DDoS attacks or viruses because it is equipped with the Patchman feature which will keep your website safe. NGINX is a web server technology that is trusted to handle high-traffic websites or leading e-commerce.

With HTTP/2 support, your website will be 300% faster than other websites that still use HTTP technology. Free SSL certification will be very easy to activate and help encrypt pages and website visitors also get a sense of trust and security. There is no need to bother anymore if the website is down because at Exabytes always routinely perform downtime monitoring. Every 5 minutes, our server will check to make sure the WordPress Hosting used is running optimally. So your website will be free of downtime. Goodbye slow websites because by using the best Exabytes WordPress Hosting, you will not experience it. Thus this article about WordPress Hosting and its advantages. Hopefully this article can help you understand about this type of hosting and can convince yourself to use WordPress Hosting from now on. Exabytes Indonesia also provides the best WordPress Hosting that can be a solution for your website. Visit the Exabytes Indonesia page for more information.

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