This is the original religion of the Blackpink personnel?

At the beginning of its presence, TikTok was blocked by the Indonesian government by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology on Tuesday, July 3, 2018 because it received negative reports from the public, especially for children. One of them was Bowo, who was often scorned for being a tiktoker with the most followers at that time. But who would have thought that after a few years, exactly 2 years after the blocking, tiktok became the most viral application in the world today, even new artists have sprung up as a result of the tik tok application and have a lot of followers to reach a fantastic number of 13 million followers in Indonesia. To get tiktok followers is not easy, you have to be creative and have interesting content. Curious who the tiktok account has the most followers in Indonesia in 2021? Known as the King of Tik Tok Indonesia, the man whose full name is Sandy Saputra has a tiktok account with the most followers in Indonesia. Known as Cahyaniryn, the tiktok celebrity whose full name is Mega Dwi Canyani managed to gain 11.6 million followers on her official tiktok account. The woman who is usually called Caca was born on September 1, 1999, besides having a tiktok account, it turns out that Caca is also trying to become a youtuber and has gained 3.63 million youtube subscribers. It was observed from Cahyaniryn's official tiktok account, the likes that this beautiful woman managed to collect were 535.3 million likes. Until this article was written, Cahyaniryn's account was in second place with 11.6 million followers on the tiktok account. Who doesn't know Ria Ricis, her name has soared through the YouTube channel as one of the most successful YouTubers in Indonesia, having 23. 4 million subscribers, and his name is included in the 5 lists as the youtuber with the most subscribers in Indonesia.

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After Youtube, it turns out that ria ricis is also active on tiktok, this is proven by the content that is uploaded almost every day. According to official data from Ria Ricis's official tiktok account, this woman with the full name Ria Yunita has managed to collect 10.3 million followers on her tiktok account. And get 223.7 million likes from the total total likes of the content it has. Meanwhile, Ria Ricis managed to rank 3 as the tiktok account with the most followers in Indonesia. LATHIchallenge on his tiktok account which suddenly went viral. And since then Jharnabhagwani's tiktok account has now got 9.5 million followers. An interesting fact about the figure of Jharnabhagwani is a content creator on tiktok who is still relatively young at 18 years old, and is an MUA who is very good at changing his face. Presenting interesting content makes the account get 116.8 million likes from the total content of its own. Said has a partner named Dinda and is a very harmonious couple, many young people are made baper by their content on tiktok. Besides being active on tiktok, Said also often uploads content on his YouTube channel with his girlfriend Dinda Annisa. Meanwhile, Said has received 180.3 million likes on his tiktok account. Beautiful gamer named Lidiawaty Is a gamer, youtuber and a public celebrity who is on the rise, her name skyrocketed when she became a gamer at Evos E-Sport. With a name that is already known, it is easy for Notnot to get fans because in addition to being beautiful, he is also talented.

39;s tiktok account has received 147.2 million likes and will continue to grow every day.

Lidiawaty has 9 million followers on tiktok and will continue to grow every day. With interesting content uploaded, the tiktok account notnot8 managed to get 78.8 million likes. Did you know that Lidiawaty was an Ambassador for the Esports President's Cup for women. Not wanting to lose to her boyfriend said, Dinda Annisa is in 7th position with the most tiktok account followers in Indonesia by getting 8.4 million followers on her personal tiktok account. The content that is uploaded often makes the followers baper, the article often appears together with said in one frame and this tiktok couple is known to be so sweet by their followers. Until now, Dinda's tiktok account has received 147.2 million likes and will continue to grow every day. Famous for his funny dance, the name Dafa Atmaja is often heard and is widely known on the Tiktok application as one of the content creators who are creative in expressing, especially in appearance and dance style. No less far from Dinda, it turns out that Dafa has 8.2 million active followers on TikTok and that number will increase as content continues to be uploaded. Dafa has gotten 112.8 Million Likes on his official tiktok account. Many like Juy because he looks cute and is still young at 17 years old. But unfortunately Juy's account has not yet been verified, so many fake tiktok accounts claiming to be on behalf of Juy claiming to be the original official account. Seses Rapunzel is one of the tiktok artists who are often searched on google, no wonder besides being creative in creating content, Seses also has a beautiful and charming face.

The data results show that Seses Rapunzel has 6.7 Million Followers and gets 71.9 Million Likes on his Tiktok account. Even though he lost to juy, the Seses tiktok account has been verified and there is a blue tick indicating that the account is officially official. With this acquisition, Seses became the 10 tiktok artist with the most followers in Indonesia. Faruk often creates slowmo content that makes his name attached to the effect. Faruk has 6.5 million active followers on tiktok and gets 92.3 million likes from successfully uploaded content. Although not many have commented on Moh Faruk's personality, he is quite famous on tiktok to have many fans. Carrying the theme of comedy, drama, daily life of young people on TikTok, Razor Fathanah has become one of the most successful influencers on TikTok. This is evidenced by the 6.1 million followers he has on tik tok and getting more than 93.5 million likes. Many think that Razor Fathanah deserves to be the next king of Indonesian tiktok because he has a handsome face. The tiktoker from the desert was also caught on camera often making collaborations with other tiktokers, one of which was cimoy. The man whose full name is Andy Raka Saleh is one of the well-known tiktokers today, although the media has not exposed Raka too much, his name is already well known among young people who like to play tiktok. Currently Raka already has 5.6 million followers and got 101.3 million likes on his tiktok account, but unfortunately the Rakarizkyz account has not yet received a verified bandage from tiktok. Who doesn't know Gisel, the beautiful artist who has been in the public spotlight at the end of 2020, turns out to have many followers on TikTok.

Gisel often creates content with great enthusiasm, so that many viewers feel excited about the appearance of the two women. Thanks to interesting content, Gisel has 5.5 million followers on tiktok and has 30.6 million likes. Gisel is one of the Indonesian artists who actively creates content on tiktok even though it is dominated by gempi content. Tiktokers, which went viral yesterday because they clashed with Reza arap, turned out to be quite active on tiktok to have 5.2 million followers and get 95.9 likes on his account. There is not much information about this one tiktokers and his name is often mentioned by several celebgrams because they are considered racist and become public attention until rpnzul has closed his Instagram account because it was reported by many Reza Arap fans. Beautiful Tiktokers Felicya Angellista is an artist and singer who has 4.9 million followers on tiktok and gets 29 million likes on her personal account. The content that is presented makes the adams melt, because Felicya has a beautiful face and is liked by many men on tiktok. Attahalilintar is the most successful YouTuber in the country because he has the most subscribers in Indonesia and is the representative of the YouTuber with the most followers in Southeast Asia who makes Indonesia proud. It turns out that Attahalilintar also has a tiktok account that was probably created for fun and got 4.6 million followers and 17.1 million likes. Among the influencers who present daily drama and comedy content, it turns out that there is one gamer who participates in the world of tiktok and this account has the username h3yimrobby.

Robby is a content creator from Indonesia that carries the theme of tutorials on how to make minecraft. 3yimrobby already has more than 4 fans. 6 Million Followers and 157.7 Likes on the tiktok account. For dangdut academy connoisseurs, the name jirayut may be familiar to the ear because the name is often viral on social media at dangdut academy auditions. It turns out that Jirayut is quite present in the world of communication and already has 4.5 million followers, and 21.8 million likes. Jirayut is quite active in filling out content on tiktok, monitored through the dangdut singer's official tiktok account. The viral Tiktoker with his tattoo makes Nadiazerlinda's name often come to the surface and be read by the public. Many netizens regret why her body is covered with tattoos, even though she is beautiful. Nadia is also a modeling fan. As observed from her official account, Nadia managed to have 4.5 million followers and got 19.2 million likes on her Tiktok account. Make Money From Google News, Really Easy! This is the original religion of the Blackpink personnel? Blink Must Know!

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