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JAKARTA - The most expensive iPhone in the world can indeed make people shake their heads. So expensive, as if to prove there is no limit to how the super-rich are willing to spend their money. Actually, the iPhone is super expensive not because it has super-sophisticated technology. The phone is the same. What is different is the case, which is made like a piece of jewelry with various precious stones. The first 3G phone was launched on June 9, 2008. And the iPhone 3G Kings Button became the first most expensive iPhone in the world. The official price is USD 2.5 million or IDR 37 billion. The iPhone 3G Kings Button case was designed by Austrian designer Peter Alisson. Made of 18 ct yellow, white and rose gold. White gold stretches across the edges of the phone. Then, there were one hundred and thirty-eight diamonds on it. And what's surprising is the Home button made of a very large diamond containing 6.6 carats. Imagine hitting a diamond every time you access your phone. That's why it's called the Kings Button. The Goldstriker 3GS Supreme is actually similar to the iPhone 3G Kings Button.

Namely, USD 9.4 million or Rp.

The difference is, the iPhone used is newer. Namely the iPhone 3GS. The designer embeds 271 grams of 22 carat gold in the phone. Imagine, it must be very heavy. Not only that, there are 136 diamonds on the edges. While the Apple logo on the back is studded with 53 diamonds. The Goldstriker also has a one-piece diamond for the Home button at 7.1 carats. When purchasing the iPhone 3GS Supreme Goldstriker, consumers will be provided with a luxurious granite case, decorated with premium leather and Kashmiri gold. Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition is priced at USD 8 million or Rp. 111 billion. This phone is very exclusive, because only 2 units were created. iPhone 4 body is made of gold, and 500 diamonds with a content of 110 carats. While the Apple logo on the back is decorated with 53 diamonds. The Home button uses one large piece of 7.4 carat pink diamond. Consumers also get luxury boxes in purchases. Stuart Hughes priced the iPhone 4s Elite Gold at a higher price. Namely, USD 9.4 million or Rp. 139 billion. The body of this phone is handmade, with 500 100 carat diamonds.

On the back, plated with 24 carat gold. While the Apple logo is covered with 53 diamonds. The Home button is made of 8.6 carat diamond cut. In fact, consumers also get a 7.6 carat diamond as a bonus, if the button is broken. Buyers will get a chest made of platinum and contains various precious stones. The Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond is the most expensive iPhone ever made. Reached USD48.5 million or Rp719 billion. This is equal to 500 units of the new Toyota Agya. This phone was released in 2004. The body is decorated with 24 carat gold, combined with pink diamonds behind it. The body is also plated platinum. Another plus is anti-hacking technology to keep the owner's information safe.

Are you planning to buy an automatic car? Or planning to ride it in the near future? Maybe you already know that the way to drive an automatic car is different from the usual car, which shifts the gears manually. Automatic cars have automatic transmissions, where the automatic car gearshift system is designed to be able to move without having to step on the clutch pedal. Automatic transmission has two types of systems, both of which are also known to be simpler and easier, namely semi-automatic and automatic systems. This is How to Check Jakarta Number Plates, Easy! Even though it's automatic, it doesn't mean that driving an automatic type car is just playing the gas and brakes. You also have to be required to have a good feeling in measuring engine power because automatic cars also have transmissions that you can adjust depending on your needs. You will meet the automatic transmission lever with the code P, R, N, D, D3, 2 and L. If you are a new player in driving an automatic car, you are definitely confused to see the letters and numbers that are rarely found. 9 Ways to Get Rid of Stickers on Motorcycles, Smooth Back Again! How to Check Vehicle Number Plate Owners Online, Easy! Complete Car Window Film Price List, Must Know! Well, to help you recognize a dead car gear, Qoala will explain in full about automatic car gear, from how to drive it, the meaning and function of each of the codes above and other information you need to drive an automatic car through this review.

If it's your first time driving an automatic car, you may be a little confused about how to drive it. Especially if you are used to using a manual car, which has a different way of operating the gear from the automatic one. This is because you don't have to adjust the clutch or shift gear because it's done automatically. You just need to stop and go without shifting gears or playing the clutch. But if you are not used to having to be careful, you might get confused between the brake pedal and the pedal or the wrong way to use the automatic car gear. Not infrequently heard of accidents because they are not familiar with how to shift gears automatic cars that are not familiar. Therefore you must know some important things in how to drive an automatic car below. As a beginner you need to be careful so that the lever is always in the correct position. First before starting the engine, the lever position must be in the P position or in the N position. Do not position the lever in reverse or R, these positions are used to reverse. If the lever is in the R position, the car will not start when it is started.

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  • USB 0. 9: released April 1995
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When you enter the key, do not immediately start the engine. You should wait for the needle to spin until the indicator is active or lit which indicates the electricity is ready. Some types of automatic cars provide an indicator in the form of sound when the car is really ready to be started. When first starting, it is recommended to step on and hold the brake pedal for safety reasons because you are afraid that the car will suddenly accelerate forward. Some automatic cars have an automatic procedure that keeps the engine running if you don't press the brake pedal, although some don't. When the engine is on and you want to start moving, the first step that needs to be done is to change the gear position of your automatic car which was originally in position P or N, to position R to go backwards or D to go forward. It is important to depress the brake pedal at the same time as moving the lever in gear. This method can prevent damage to the machine. The transmission lever aka gear or automatic car gear is an important component that affects the speed of the car.

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