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As one of the leading gadget manufacturers in the world, Apple does not stop launching various kinds of new devices. Many of them are still very popular even though they were launched a few years ago. One example is the iPhone XR. The phone is made by Apple which was launched on September 12, 2018. The presence of this smartphone device was immediately greeted with great enthusiasm by iPhone fans around the world. Comes with a price range of Rp. 16 million, of course you have high expectations for this smartphone device. Here are the complete specifications of the iPhone XR along with its advantages and disadvantages. One of the most interesting things about the iPhone XR series is in terms of its body. This smartphone carries very cheerful colors. For weight, this smartphone weighs about 194 grams with a thickness of 8.3 mm. The body is large enough to make this smartphone feel solid in the hand.

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Not only that, the iPhone XR also has quite capable screen specifications. This smartphone device is equipped with a 6.1-inch IPS LCD type Liquid Retina display. Despite having a smaller screen size than the previous series, the resolution of this smartphone is unbeatable. The display resolution offered by this smartphone screen is 828 x 1792. The resolution is satisfactory enough to accommodate your needs. In terms of performance, the iPhone XR has received quite a lot of praise. Apple pinned the latest type of processor at that time, namely the Apple A12 Bionic. To support the performance of the processor, this iPhone is also equipped with an Apple GPU type graphics card that is able to work optimally thanks to its 4-core graphics support. In addition, Apple also brings iOS 12, which you can upgrade to iOS 14.2 version. Thus, you can enjoy various kinds of the latest features of the smartphone. In terms of storage memory, the iPhone XR proved to be quite reliable. This smartphone device carries a RAM capacity of 3 GB. This RAM capacity can certainly help improve data processing performance when you open various applications. In addition, this smartphone also carries a fairly wide internal memory capacity. Phone XR comes with a choice of 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB of internal memory. This phone does not have a slot for external memory. So, make sure you choose the iPhone XR series with a choice of internal memory that suits your needs. Apple is always present with qualified camera specifications. The Phone XR is not an exception either. This smartphone device carries a 12 MP camera lens that is pinned on the back. Meanwhile, on the front, this smartphone is equipped with a 7 MP selfie camera lens.

Even though it was released in 2018, the iPhone XR still has a special place for iPhone fans.

In terms of battery, the iPhone XR carries a battery capacity that is quite capable. This iPhone device from Apple has a battery of 2942 mAh. For the size of an iPhone smartphone, the battery size is quite large. In addition, this iPhone is also equipped with Fast Charging features with 15W output power and Qi Wireless Charging. This feature allows you to charge in a short time. Even though it was released in 2018, the iPhone XR still has a special place for iPhone fans. This smartphone does have a number of advantages that make it one of the best iPhone series. Here is a review of the advantages possessed by the iPhone XR. The first advantage of the iPhone XR lies in its body appearance.

Meanwhile, in terms of screen, this smartphone is equipped with a 6.1-inch wide screen.

This iPhone device looks elegant with the appearance of the outer casing made of glass material with an aluminum frame. The variety of colors offered also makes this iPhone much sought after by the younger generation. You can express yourself by choosing from 6 color variations. Meanwhile, in terms of screen, this smartphone is equipped with a 6.1-inch wide screen. Although the screen size is indeed smaller than the previous series. However, this provides its own advantages. With a smaller screen, this iPhone provides easy access using one hand. This will certainly make it much easier for you to send messages or answer calls while multitasking. 326 ppi is a treat for your eyes.

Not only that, this iPhone is also equipped with an oleophobic coating.

The sharpness of the graphic quality of this smartphone device is also guaranteed by the True-Tone feature. Activities such as streaming movies or playing mobile games using this smartphone will feel more satisfying. In addition, the iPhone XR screen is also quite durable. This smartphone screen is equipped with a scratch-resistant coating that helps keep the screen from being scratched when accidentally dropped. Not only that, this iPhone is also equipped with an oleophobic coating. The coating helps prevent fingerprints from sticking to the screen while you are accessing content and apps. This allows the iPhone XR screen to stay looking as smooth and clean as new. Another advantage of the iPhone XR is the very powerful processor performance.

This phone has the A12 chipset which has the best performance. Equipped with 8 cores, this processor is able to process data more quickly and efficiently. This is evidenced by a performance test using the Geekbench application. Based on the calculation through the benchmark application, the Apple iPhone XR shows impressive single-core and multi-core scores. This figure shows the multicore performance of the iPhone XR is above the performance of the Apple iPhone X and iPhone XS Max. This phone also shows a fairly small difference compared to the performance of the iPhone XS which scored 11472. Meanwhile, the iPhone XR has a higher single-core performance. Not only armed with a reliable chipset. Phone XR is also equipped with a satisfying GPU capacity. This iPhone's graphics card uses an Apple GPU with capable 4-core graphics. Meanwhile, the onscreen benchmark test shows that the iPhone XR's performance is on par with the iPhone XS and XS Max with a score of 60. This means that the graphics performance of this iPhone is indeed very good. Not surprisingly, quite a lot of gamers are glancing at this iPhone XR device. In terms of memory capacity, the iPhone XR is no less than the latest series and the previous series. In terms of RAM memory, this smartphone carries a capacity of 3GB. With this capacity, you can run various light to medium applications very easily.

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