What are the 3 Liver Diseases

Liver disease or (psychoses) is a personality disorder characterized by deep mental (profound-mental), and emotional disorders that turn normal individuals into unable to regulate themselves to adapt to their environment. Two terms that can be identified with these psychoses are insanity and dementia. Insanity is an official term that indicates that a person is chaotic as a result of his actions. At other times the term dementia was used for most mental disorders, but is now generally interpreted as synonymous with marked mental disorder. Because they often do what they want. A person who is attacked by liver disease has a disturbed personality and then causes a lack of ability to adjust properly and is unable to understand the problem. Often people who are mentally ill do not feel that they are sick, on the contrary they consider themselves normal, even better, superior, and more important than others. In the Islamic perspective, heart disease is often identified with some bad qualities or despicable behavior (al-akhlaq al-mazmumah), such as envy, jealousy, arrogance, emotional and so on. In this context, the writer would like to emphasize four types of liver disease that stand out, namely: riya', anger, pride, envy and envy. Some of the despicable traits above have relevance if they are considered mental illnesses, because in mental health (mental hygiene) these traits are an indication of human mental illness (psychoses). So, one of the sufferers of mental illness is characterized by these bad qualities.

39;) by seeing the greatness of Allah SWT.

' there is an element of deception towards himself and others, because in essence he reveals something that is not in accordance with the actual reality. Riya' disease penetrates into one's soul subtly and imperceptibly so that almost no one survives the attack of this disease except the sincere and obedient wise person. In riya' there is an element of pretense, hypocrisy, all of his behavior tends to expect praise from others, is happy with greatness and power. Over acting, covering up his ugliness and so on. Such qualities are described in the Qur'an Surah an-Nisa': 142 and at-Taubah: 67 as well as the hadith of the Prophet: "What I worry most about my Ummah is riya' and hidden lust'. Islam provides therapy for riya'. This is by eroding lust little by little and instilling humility (tawadhu') by seeing the greatness of Allah SWT. Anger is essentially the peak of panic in the head, then takes over the brain or mind and finally to feelings. This kind of condition is often difficult to control. Furthermore, As-Syarqawi revealed that anger will lead to several outlets, for example verbally it will bring up insults, dirty / vile words and physically will lead to destructive actions. And if the angry person is not able to vent his actions above, then he will compensate himself by for example: tearing clothes, slapping his own face, slamming household furniture and so on.

Anger can also affect a person's heart, namely the nature of envy and jealousy, willing to see other people suffer, jealousy, likes to open other people's disgrace and so on. On this basis, the Prophet forbade an angry person to make a decision or decide a case as he said: "A person should not make a decision between two (disputing) people while he is angry". Al-Ghazali argues, that the way to deal with anger to a balanced extent is the mujahadah way to then instill a spirit of patience and compassion. In addition, the body's energy during anger will make people ready to take actions that will be regretted in the future. 1. Can maintain the ability to think and make correct decisions. 2. Can maintain physical balance, because it is able to protect from physical tension that arises due to increased energy. 3. Can prevent someone from being hostile to others, both physically and swearing, this attitude can also make themselves aware to always introspect. 4. In terms of health, anger control can prevent a person from various physical ailments in general. In this case the Prophet also highly praised the act of self-control against this angry emotion and considered him a strong person, as he said: "It is not said that a strong person is a person who is good at fighting, but a strong person is a person who is able to restrain his anger". The feeling of pride ('ujub) is slightly different from the feeling of pride (kibr).

According to al-Ghazali, kibr is a feeling that arises in a person, where he considers himself to be better and more important than others. While 'ujub is a feeling of pride that in its appearance does not require or involve other people. 'Ujub is more focused on admiration for oneself, likes to boast and stand out for oneself. Sometimes in some people this emotion is the dominant behavior in the personality and can lead to an attitude of arrogance, arrogance and condescension to others. 'ujub is a feeling of excessive pleasure. His emergence is due to the assumption that he feels the best and most perfect in everything. The attitude of 'ujub is a very dangerous mental illness, because its existence makes the heart freeze in accepting goodness, and always covers up mistakes, as Allah SWT says: "And when We give favors to humans he turns away and distances himself, but if he when calamity strikes him, he prays a lot." (QS. On the other hand, people who are proud of themselves have realized their personality and understand their faults, but are not interested in returning to the truth, but are desperate, remain in denial and even "averse" to do good and serve Allah.

Therefore this emotion is very complex, and consists basically of a sense of belonging.

Envy or also called envy are external symptoms that sometimes show feelings in the heart. However, these symptoms are not easy to know, because someone will try their best to hide the symptoms. In general, it can be said that envy arises due to one's failure to achieve a goal. Therefore this emotion is very complex, and consists basically of a sense of belonging. However, it cannot be said that envy is a collection of anger, possessiveness and low self-esteem, but more than that, it has its own characteristics. And among the symptoms that appear is anger in all its forms from hitting, criticizing, insulting, revealing other people's secrets, and so on.

2. Envy that breeds unhealthy competition (al-hiqd wal hasad). The first type of envy is a healthy competition to imitate the positive things that other people have without being based on evil interests in the context of fastabiqul khairat. This type of envy is something that is required of every Muslim based on the word of Allah: "So compete in doing good. Only to Allah will you all return, then he will tell you what you have disputed". While envy in the second type is more based on hatred for what other people have, both related to material and related to position/position. Envy in this category, according to As-Syarqawi, tends to lead to antipathy and even hostility towards others. Its emergence is more due to a sense of pride, pride, riya', and the fear of losing one's position. James D. Page, Abnormal Psychology: Clinical Approach to Deviant, New Delhi, Tata Mc. Zakiah Darajat, Mental Health, 1990, p. As-Syarqawi, Nahwa Ilm an-Nafsi al-Islami, p. As-Syarqawi, Nahwa Ilm an-Nafsi al-Islami, p. As-Syarqawi, Nahwa Ilm an-Nafsi al-Islami, p. As-Syarqawi, Nahwa Ilm an-Nafsi al-Islami, p. Usman Najati, Al-Qur'an and Psychology, Translation of Ahmad Rifa'i, Bandung, Pustaka, 1985, p. Usman Najati, Al-Qur'an and Psychology, p. Hasan Langgulung, Mental Health Theories, Jakarta, Pustaka al-Husna, 1986, p. As-Syarqawi, Nahwa Ilm an-Nafsi al-Islami, p. Al-Qussy, Fundamentals of Mental Health II, Trans. Zakiah Darajat, Jakarta, Star Moon, 1974, p.

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