What are the characteristics of Istihadhah blood?

Istihadah blood is blood that comes out of a woman's genitals outside the usual month (menstruation) or outside the time of menstruation, and is not caused by childbirth. In general, women feel istihadhah for 40 days. A woman who feels istihadhah is prohibited from leaving her worship, such as prayer, fasting and other worship. In terms, there are several definitions among scholars. However, it may be concluded as follows: Istihadhah is blood that comes from broken/broken veins and the discharge is not during menstruation or parturition (mostly), but sometimes also comes out during periods of time since menstruation and parturition. Because he is the blood of a disease, therefore he will not rest flowing until the woman is healed of him. For this reason, this istihadhah blood sometimes never comes out at all and sometimes it only rests for a day or two a month.

He said: "I will show you to find out.

In contrast to menstrual blood, istihadhah blood has the following characteristics: It is red in color, smells like normal blood, comes from broken veins and when it comes out it thickens immediately. 1. Color difference. Menstrual blood is generally black while istihadlah blood is generally fresh red. 2. Soft and hard. Menstrual blood is hard while istihad is soft. 3. The viscosity. Menstrual blood is thick while istihad blood is the opposite. 4. The smell. Menstrual blood smells bad/rotten. Istihadhah is an uncertain event afterward. This is not a barrier for Muslim women to carry out their worship every day. Women who feel istihadhah must continue to pray, fast and other worship. From Aisha ra. he said: Fatimah bint Abi Hubaisy "O Messenger of Allah, I actually feel excessive istihadhah. What do you think? I have been hindered because of that from praying and fasting". He said: "I will show you to find out. Use cotton to cover your genitals because it will block your blood flow" He said the blood was too heavy. Then in the hadith the Prophet said: "Verily the blood is kicks of the devil, so your menstrual period is six or seven days based on the knowledge of Allah Ta'ala. Then take a bath when you see yourself clean (from your menstruation) and fast" (HR. Ahmad, Dust Dawud, At Tirmidhi and he authenticated it.

39;anic manuscripts, as decided by the majority of scholars.

A woman who bleeds istihadhah from her genitals is still required to pray 5 times a day. Because istihadhah blood is neither menstrual blood nor postpartum blood, so it is not true that it is forbidden for her to pray. Likewise with the obligation to fast in the month of Ramadan, it must still be done, if what comes out is only istihadhah blood. Fasting qadha 'for the days left in the month of Ramadan, if it is really a debt, it must also be done, if what comes out is only istihadhah blood. Tawaf and Sa'i require purity from minor hadats as well as major hadats, but because the blood of istihadhah does not cause major hadats. Therefore, it is sufficient for a woman who is receiving istihadhah blood to wash her genitals (istinja) to clean the blood that comes out, then gag it with a sanitary napkin, then perform ablution' and be allowed to do tawaf and sa'i. A woman who feels istihadhah bleeding is allowed to touch the Qur'anic manuscripts, as decided by the majority of scholars. Of course, after ablution first.

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And reciting the verses of the Koran is not a prohibition for women who get istihadhah blood. As long as he had cleaned himself of the blood stains that would contaminate his body. Women who are istihadhah are also allowed to enter the mosque. Of course after cleaning himself and his clothes from bloodstains. Because even though it is permissible to enter the mosque, polluting the mosque with blood coming out of the body is certainly a prohibition. Because the basic law is that the mosque is a holy place, which is forbidden for us to read unclean objects into it. Her husband can have sex with her even if the blood flows out. This is the argument of the scholars because there is no evidence that forbids it. "If you can only pray, what else can you have intercourse with?" In addition, it is true that Ikrimah bint Himnah had intercourse with her husband in a state of istihadhah.

3. Can have sex with her husband.

Unlike a woman who is menstruating, a woman who receives istihadhah blood is not forbidden and is as innocent as her husband to divorce her. 1. Mubtadi'ah Mumayyizah: this is the first time that blood comes out of her womb, but it is wise to distinguish between menstrual blood and istihadhah. 2. Mubtadi'ah Ghairu Mumayyizah: this is the first time that blood comes out of her womb, but it is not wise to distinguish between menstrual blood and istihadhah. 3. Mu'tadah Mumayyizah: have experienced menstruation before, then it is holy, and know the rate of menstruation that comes out and the number of holy days. 4. Mu'tadah Ghairu Mumayyizah: had experienced menstruation but was unable to distinguish between menstrual blood and istihadhah. Therefore, let him hold on to his past habits. 1. You should perform ablution every time you pray. 2. Before performing ablution, he must clean things that are related to blood impurities (remains of blood) and stop the bleeding by plugging it with a bandage or cloth. 3. Can have sex with her husband. Meaning: They interviewed you about menstruation. Say: "Menstruation is a filth". Therefore, keep away from women during menstruation; and do not approach them until they are holy. When they are pure, then mix them in the place Allah has commanded you. Verily, Allah loves those who repent and loves those who purify themselves. Atiqah Hamid (2013). Complete Book of Women's Fiqh. Anshori Umar Sidatel (1986). Women's Fiqh.

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